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Website management includes many peculiarities, hard to understand for non-specialized users. Its internal qualities and the design should be provided due to the specific algorithms, making it attractive and suitable for the customers. CMS simplifies the development and makes the owners change the content without addressing the agencies. Its principle of use includes two main aspects:

  • streamline the website administration with the help of specific panels.
  • provide frameworks, which include everything required for creating the necessary websites.

In the case of online marketing, the entrepreneurs usually choose Magento, one of the most powerful CMS for sales. The services of Magento development companies help install the system, entirely use its functionality, and create a new highly-efficient platform. What else do the companies provide, and why are they popular nowadays?

What does Magento Development Company Do?

Magento is a CMS that primarily suits online stores and helps increase its relevance by implementing the essential characteristics. Working with such an eCommerce platform is complicated because of expanded access to different files for management. Magento website development companies take over the complete process and help deal with the following tasks:

  • Creating new functionalities for product management.
  • Developing a website using Magento and providing the first steps of its promotion.
  • Providing a client interaction system depending on the website specificity.
  • Improving the performance and network parameters of the website.
  • Maintaining the website during its life cycle.
  • Creating additional places for data storage.

Indeed, the experts from Magento web development companies master special skills such as widget development, programming, eCommerce integration, primary and specific SEO, etc. Therefore, hiring the services gives you the entire required options to create a highly competitive website.

Magento Development Company Services

Magento eCommerce development companies’ services include the procedures that help the website reach a high level of relevance and implement the characteristics to attract clients. The services mainly include the following:

  • Magento consulting. If you have used Magento before, ask the specialists to share their experience with your platform’s modernization and make it innovative.
  • Multistore development. Many companies help create several online shops, which are easy to manage with one Magento panel.
  • Ecommerce app development. You can get a highly efficient Magento application with custom user interfaces and learn how to promote it correctly.
  • Magento migration. If your current website is managed with another platform, you can migrate it to Magento with the help of the development companies.
  • Magento improvement. In the case of the online stores that work on the old Magento 1 platform, it can be improved to the latest version.
  • Regular support. The company will provide quick fixing of any inconvenience and update the functions.

With the help of Magento web development companies, you can get everything that makes your online store innovative and improve its marketing parameters.

Top 8 Magento Development Companies

Here you can find the list of the best Magento eCommerce development companies, which prove their efficiency by implementing innovative characteristics to various online stores and working with many highly trusted partners. Notably, these Magento programing agencies have already earned respect worldwide, and they continue to improve. This is why we’ve included them in the top list.

Brainvire Infotech Inc.

Magento Development Company-01

It is a Magento development company in the USA, created in 2000 by Chintan Shah. The organization works with world-famous brands such as Walt Disney, Landmark Groups, FreshDirect, Entrepreneur, Micromo, etc. The staff includes more than 1,500 employees specializing in different digital niches. The primary services are the following:

  • Ecommerce: Magento development and migration.
  • Microsoft: ASP.NET and SharePoint development.
  • Cloud services: Amazon web and Google engine services.

The positive reviews confirm the high professionalism of the company:

“The team entirely understands what you need and make the job excellent” – Kevin Clor, CIO at ABC Hardware.

Sapphire Software Solutions

Magento Development Company-02

The Magento website development company is located in India. It was created by Kumaril Patel and Rajendra Patel in 2002. The company’s approach is a high responsibility, continuous learning, and leadership. Sapphire Software works with Bayer, American Express, LafargeHolcim, Adani, and other highly trusted organizations. In addition, it helps clients with the following services:

  • Digital marketing and product development.
  • Cross-platform app development.
  • IT outsourcing.

The Clutch reviews tell about the efficiency of the company’s services:

“The team can complete any task ensuring the quality of their work” – Kamal Mistry, Occupational Health Physician at MG Motor.


Magento Development Company-03

The company was created by Alex Melen and Michael Melen and has provided its services for over ten years. The clients satisfied with the result are Anderson Advertising, Perfect Dashboard, PEST Elimination, Home Ally, and Chess Max Academy. The Magento development company provides the following services:

You can learn about the company’s efficiency from the reviews:

“They are always ready to discuss the ideas with the client and do their work perfectly” – Chloe Guillerm, Web Marketing Manager at Mansion US Inc.

Emizen Tech

Magento Development Company-04

The Magento web development company was created in 2013 and acquired more than 400 clients worldwide. Amit Samsukha is the co-founder and CTO at Emizen Tech, who gathered a team of more than 200 employees, of which 50% is the senior and expert staff. Caripa, Colour Pops Beauty and Cosmetics, Smart Parking, TC Cars, and MyCuts are the company’s clients. The services are the following:

  • Magento migration and responsive theme development.
  • Shopify app development and integration services.
  • Web development with PHP, Python, etc.

Most reviews tell about the company’s reliability and good performance of their solutions:

“They’re committed to meeting our timelines and goals” – Nick Cokas, Owner at Cokas Corp.

Absolute Web

Magento Development Company-05

The organization was founded by Roman Yoffe in 1999 and is considered one of the best Magento eCommerce development companies. It works with famous brands such as Jenny Yoo, Focus, University of Miami, Glo, Capezio, Swire, etc. The company provides the following services:

  • Magento configuration and maintenance.
  • eCommerce reporting.
  • Web development and optimization.

Most Clutch reviews from different clients of this Magento development firm are positive:

“They respond quickly and are easy to work with” – Brittaney Myrick, Marketing Manager at Big Wall Decor.

Rave Digital

Magento Development Company-06

The Magento development company was founded in 2006. Ravi Mittal is the president and irreplaceable leader of the organization. L’oreal, Nestle, Yamaha, and Library of America are high-trusted clients of Rave Digital. The services which help reach the high competitiveness level are the following:

  • Magento maintenance, support, and marketing.
  • WordPress development and WooCommerce.
  • iPhone and Android app development.

Rave Digital provides services at the highest level, and the Clutch reviews confirm it:

“They are the best Magento partner to work with” – Pawan Malhotra, CEO at Kreativ Trendz.

Northern Commerce

Magento Development Company-07

This is probably the greatest Magento development company Canada can boast of. Michael Delorenzi created the company in 2015. The main principle is “Innovation, community, and excellence.” The Magento web development company partners are Purolator, Boathouse, Canadian Tire, Andrew Peller, Cineplex, and others. Each of them got the perfect result after hiring the company’s services:

  • Magento website development.
  • UX/UI design.
  • Digital commerce strategy.

The clients leave good feedback about their experience of working with Northern Commerce:

“They’re very versatile and nimble compared to other similar companies” – Ivan Yao, Manager at WSIB.

Narola Infotech Solutions LLP

Magento Development Company-08

An outstanding Magento development agency. Ashish Narola founded the company. It includes more than 250 IT experts in its team. It works with brands such as Souqways, Zocular, Credit Border, Keybee, Epal, The Wedding Expo, etc. The highly efficient services of Magento development company are the following:

  • Magento, Laravel, and WordPress development.
  • Cross-platform mobile app creation.
  • Testing and QA.

Different reviews on Clutch tell about the favorable opinion of cooperating with Narola Infotech:

“They are true to their word and always do everything they promise” – Jason Buyer, Founder of Need A Reader Actor App.

It was the list of the top Magento developers carefully selected by the Plerdy team. We hope that you will find in it the right company to cooperate with.

To Sum Up

Overall, each Magento development company has its approach to providing highly efficient services, which help online stores reach high competitiveness. If you need to create an efficient website considering the most innovative conditions, hire a professional team to do it properly. Which one is up to you? Nevertheless, each from the list is worthy of working with.

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