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What is A/B Split & Multivariate Test Duration Calculator?

A/B testing is a marketing method that can influence conversion rates, stimulate sales and increase the profitability of a website. Multivariate testing refers to a more complex version of A/B testing, in which multiple variables are tested simultaneously to determine which combination of variables works best. Thus, multivariate testing allows you to:

  • Find out the impact of individual page components on user behavior
  • Eliminate subjectivity in decision-making and possible risk factors
  • Concentrate financial and labor resources on the elements already working for your audience
  • Improve the website's conversion rate and economic metrics (revenue, average check, etc.)

The mechanism of the multivariate testing is simple - you divide all visitors to the resource into groups and direct them to two different website pages. To understand how much time you need for multivariate testing, you can use the test duration calculator.

How to Calculate Cart Abandonment?

You need to run multivariate testing as long as it takes to get statistically significant results. A test duration calculator can help you with this. The key is the number of user sessions on the website. If 1 million users visit a website page per day, A/B testing will show precise results in a few hours. A website with two users per day may take a year to get statistically significant results. User behavior usually changes in a week, so we recommend A/B testing for at least a week. And test duration calculator will significantly help you.


Multivariate testing allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of changes to web pages. This marketing method has an applied value. You need to use an A/B split & multivariate test duration calculator for better results.

You need to create new page versions and save the old ones to test changes. After that, you should use one of the services for experimentation, such as Google Optimize. Evaluation of the results can be carried out at least two weeks after its launch. You can use an A/B split & multivariate test duration calculator to understand how much time you need.

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