CTR Calculator


A CTR calculator is a quick way to determine what percentage of those who see your ads click them. It instantly displays the click-through rate based on the data you enter. Thanks to this, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisement and see whether it generates leads.

Even though you can calculate CTR rates manually, CRT calculators are more convenient. They save lots of time since you don’t have to apply formulas yourself. You can immediately obtain the result to see how your advertising campaign works to compare results over time. Most importantly, such software saves you from miscalculations and mistakes. You can be sure that the data you rely on is accurate.

What is CTR?

CTR (click-through rate) is a customer behavior metric that shows how many times users click on a specific ad or link to arrive at the necessary page.

When CTR rates are high, a large share of people who come across your content interact with it. Hence, we can assume that this marketing piece reaches its goals by making people react. On the other hand, low CTR hints that the ad doesn’t perform well.

Let’s analyze an example to see why CTR matters. Suppose you invest money in designing a beautiful ad and placing it online. When users view it but don’t convert, they don’t visit your website page to make an order or complete any other required action. As a result, your marketing effort doesn’t pay off.

How to Calculate CTR?

Web calculators considerably speed up everything. CTR calculation with an online tool takes three consecutive steps.

  1. Determine the number of clicks on your advertisement or content. Enter it in the Clicks field of the calculator.
  2. Learn the number of impressions by tracking your campaign in Google Analytics. An impression is every time a user sees an ad. Once you collect this data, enter it in the corresponding field.
  3. Use the result generated by the tool to estimate the success of your advertising efforts.

How to do it manually

Even though we recommend using the software as a more handy approach to check CTR rates, you can do the same calculations yourself.

Just like in the first two steps of the previous section, you have to get the number of clicks and impressions. Then, you use the following formula:

CTR = Total Clicks/ Total Impressions * 100%

For example, if the ad was clicked 10 times and had 120 impressions, the CTR rate is 8.33%.


Now you know alternative methods to calculate CTR and why this metric matters. It should be easier to track your advertising campaigns and measure their outcome.

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