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Can we say that in 2022 a blogger can provide himself with at least a decent income by promoting his YouTube channel? Yes. Moreover, video blogging can already be considered a decent way to earn extra money.

Of course, not every blog will make money, not every blog will be successful, and not every video will gather a million views. So new bloggers will have to start with small successes and gradually grow their project until it becomes interesting to users and advertisers. But how do you calculate in advance the projected profit from the channel? You can do this by using a Youtube money calculator.

What is Youtube Money Calculator?

The YouTube money calculator can help predict your earnings. Several such services give calculated figures based on an analysis of the success of other channels with similar parameters. But, of course, they make only approximate forecasts and allow you to calculate, on average, what you can be guided by.

Why is Youtube Money Calculator Important?

The YouTube money calculator is very important because it allows you to plan the future of your Youtube channel. So, you should use a Youtube money calculator because:

  • The YouTube earning calculator is a great tool to help you estimate your channel's earnings.
  • It allows you to find out how much money you can make on YouTube.
  • It allows you to estimate your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly channel earnings.
  • You can also check the data on any channel or video on YouTube.

The figures provided by any YouTube money calculator are approximate and are subject to change from time to time.

How does Youtube Money Calculator work?

To show you how much you can earn on a Youtube channel, the YouTube money calculator takes into account:

  • The number of views. More precisely, the number of commercial plays, i.e., those views when the viewer was shown an ad. Many people have various add-ons installed in their browsers that block ads, and some people simply close videos if they see ads - such views won't bring any money. In other words, they pay you for the ad impressions, not for the views themselves.
  • The number of clicks on ads. Everything is clear here: different ads have a different cost per click. If a user clicks on the ad, you will get the money for the click. In some cases, the money will not be counted if the user has immediately left the advertised site, closed the browser, etc.

All this YouTube money calculator takes into account to determine the income of your channel on Youtube.


How much a particular blogger earns, how many views another channel needs to get the same income - all these questions are more speculative than substantive. This is because YouTube pays different channels differently for advertising, views, and likes. The average cost in the Europe segment is $2 per 1,000 views. The owners of promoted channels in popular segments can receive $7 and higher.

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