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Getting the objective profit becomes the essential factor when creating an online business. The entrepreneurs want the customers to visit their websites and interact with all the possible functions their services primarily prescribe. A conversion rate calculator is an automatic tool that counts how much website visitors provide profitable actions such as purchases or interactions with necessary website elements.

However, sometimes even the elaborately made ads strategy and perfect business model can’t guarantee marketing success. The website conversion rate calculator objectively represents how the business works and if all the company functions perform well. Therefore, let’s discover why such a specific instrument is essential for modern companies.

What is the Conversion Rate?

It is an essential marketing parameter that shows how many visitors reached the necessary goal on the website among those who only visited it. If such an indicator is high, most visitors consider the services efficient and become ready to cooperate with the company. If not, the entrepreneurs should change their marketing strategy and find alternative methods to attract customers. The sales conversion rate calculator may immediately represent the necessary results.

The conversions can be counted for general website traffic and other channels. For instance, the email conversion rate calculator shows how many people clicked the link leading to the website after getting the email. The marketers mainly use it to understand the efficiency of the ads.

Why is Conversion Rate Important?

Counting the parameter with the conversion rate calculator is the most efficient method to know if there are any flaws in the company’s performance. Overall, it helps get information about the following aspects:

  • PPC ads. It shows if the budget for advertising is adequately distributed and if it should be increased.
  • Landing page. The conversion rate calculator may help eliminate landing page structure flaws.
  • Email campaigns. The entrepreneurs understand if they should pay more attention to attracting customers through mailings.
  • Financial savings. Understanding the objective conversion rate allows stopping paying a lot of money for useless campaigns.
  • Acquire partnership possibilities. Optimizing the conversion indicator helps to improve the brand’s recognition and authority and acquire new cooperations.

Counting the conversion rate with the calculator opens new opportunities, helps understand the brand’s marketing condition better and improves its quality.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

There are different variations of the specific formula, but the typical one is the following:

“(Number of the conversions/Number of the website visitors)*100 = Conversion Rate in %.”

However, before using the conversion rate calculator formula, the primary aim of what is counted should be defined. For some, the conversion means only a percentage of purchases, while the leads play a decisive role for others. Therefore, the indicators in the formula may be changed onto:

  • clicks on PPC advertisement;
  • unique sessions on the website;
  • clicks on the specific links on the page or in the email;
  • downloading the particular content.

So, the critical aspect is that each marketer chooses the most important indicators for the company and plugs them into the conversion rate calculator formula.

To Sum Up

Overall, counting the conversions with the conversion rate calculator helps the marketers understand if their tactics for attracting customers work well. It is essential nowadays because it’s a highly efficient method to reach high marketing competitiveness.

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