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You've probably heard of ROAS, or return on ad spend. It is one of the fundamental marketing principles that can help you maximize your ad spending and achieve the desired results. We will discuss the benefits of using ROAS, tips for increasing ROAS, and how to optimize your ad spend with Calculator.

Benefits of Using ROAS

ROAS is a key performance indicator (KPI or OKR) that helps you measure ? the success of your advertising campaigns. ROAS is a key performance indicator (KPI) that helps you measure the success of your advertising campaigns. Nick Theriot, using the ROAS calculator, you can make better decisions about your digital marketing budget (for Google or Facebook ads).

  • It allows you to measure the success of your advertising campaigns. You can compare various campaigns' performance to determine the most effective (which types of ads, bans or keywords give more conversions).
  • ROAS can be used to identify areas where your ad spend can be improved. Alternatively, you can identify areas with a low return on investment and focus on improving those areas.
  • It allows you to track the performance of campaigns over time. You can see how your campaigns perform over time and make changes as needed.
  • ROAS helps ? you understand which marketing channels (SEO, Social, Display, etc.) are most effective for the company. You can use ROAS to determine which channels are the most effective, then allocate your ad spend accordingly.
  • It helps you in setting realistic expectations for advertising campaigns. You can set realistic goals and measure progress against those goals.

Whatever you say, you need to measure everything and build the right hypotheses based on the data.

Tips for Increasing ROAS

Now that you know the benefits of using the ROAS calculator, let’s look at some strategies for increasing ? your ROAS. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your ad spend:

  • Focus on delivering quality content. Quality content (VERY important, this is the right message for the target audience) is the key to success in any advertising campaign. Make sure that your content is relevant, engaging and informative.
  • Use different types of ads. Don’t rely solely on one type of ad (Search, Display, YouTube Video, Shopping, App, Local, Smart, and Performance Max). Instead, try out different ads and see which ones work best for your company.
  • Take advantage of targeting options. Targeting is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal. Ensure you fully utilize targeting options to reach the right ? people with ads.
  • Keep track of your progress. Make sure you track results to make informed decisions about your ad spending.
  • Test different ad variations. Test different ad variations to see which ones are most effective. This will help optimize ad spending and get the most out of your campaigns.

Depending on the situation, you should contact a mentor or an expert from an agency that will help you improve your advertising campaigns.

How to Optimize Your Ad Spend Using ROAS

Now that you know the benefits of using ROAS and tips for increasing ROAS let’s look at how to optimize your ad spending using ROAS:

  • Use a ROAS calculator. A ROAS calculator can help you calculate ROAS and optimize ad spend. You can input your ad spend ? revenue, and other metrics to calculate ROAS.
  • Monitor ROAS regularly. Make sure that you are monitoring ROAS regularly to ensure that you are getting the most out of ad spending.
  • Adjust your budget based on ROAS. If ROAS is lower than expected, adjust your budget accordingly. This will help you optimize ad spending and maximize your ROI.
  • Focus on campaigns that have a high ROAS. If certain campaigns have a higher ROAS than others, focus your ad spend on those campaigns.
  • Experiment with different strategies. Experiment with different strategies to determine the most effective for business.

You should also analyze the conversion in Google Analytics and, of course, separate data in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other advertising platforms.

How to Calculate ROAS?

The formula for counting ROAS Calculator is the following:

ROAS = income/expenses If you need it in %, then: ROAS = income/expenses х 100%

The calculator shows:

  • revenue - the total amount that was received due to the advertising campaign;
  • expenses - marketing promotional venture costs.

Nota bene: When counting the indicators, keep the budget for launching and maintaining campaigns in mind. However, only include extra costs such as payment for the services of a designer, copywriter, PPC professionals, and others, as well as delivery and product costs. An example of a ROAS calculator is Facebook: you spent $500 on promotion and SMM optimization of the company's official social media profile. This action provided 200 registrations for $5 each. The comings from the advertising campaign are as follows: 200 × $5 = $1000. Now let's count the payback advertising rate: $1000 / $500 = $2. This means that 1 dollar spent on advertising brought you $2 of profit. A good ROAS indicator is more than 1.


ROAS is an important metric and data for evaluating the effectiveness of different advertising campaigns. Using ROAS data, you can better understand the return on your advertising spend and make the right decisions. I hope that the discussed benefits of using ROAS have given you new information.

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