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Unlike YouTube and Twitter, TikTok doesn't provide natural abilities to make money. TikTok Influencers can only find collaborations and gain popularity. Also, TikTok doesn't have official tools to build statistics and see the profile's appearance. This is where TikTok money calculators can help.

It is not only a counter – this software brings you closer to the audience's understanding and allows you to see the account's progress. It can even improve your blog style and attract more followers. Keep reading and learn how to apply it right!

How To Make Money On TikTok?

Do you already have a large audience, or are you just gaining it at the moment? There are many schemes for earning impressive sums of money on TikTok. Depending on your content and skills, you can choose the most suitable type.

Collaborations with Brands

As soon as TikTok appeared, companies started using it as an advertising platform. They make collabs with popular TikTok bloggers and shoot funny videos with them. Brands need different kinds of partners. You will fit one of the next categories:

  • mega-influencer – more than 1 million followers;
  • macro-influencer – 40,000 to 1 million followers;
  • micro-influencer – 1,000 to 40,000 followers;
  • nano-influencer – 1,000 followers or less.

Enterprises work with huge accounts and film professional advertising clips. Smaller brands usually need local promoters with certain kinds of audiences. A TikTok influencer money calculator will help you to determine how much and from who you can earn.

For example, you have an account about fashion and make-up with 10,000 followers. Small brand of cosmetics can send you their products. In exchange, you will make a TikTok video with feedback and tell your audience about this firm.

Improving Your Profile

To earn money via TikTok, you must constantly grow your audience. You can reach a certain number of followers and become a nano-influencer if you apply these win-win strategies:

  • Follow the trends. Creating a video with a popular template will attract viewers through recommendations and hashtags. A TikTok views money calculator will help with choosing the best format.
  • Make a recognizable profile. A short name, a beautiful photo, and a clear description will catch the eyes of new visitors in a second.
  • Add new videos regularly. A new day – a new TikTok. This is how famous bloggers live. Regular updates help to improve statistics.
  • Stay in contact with your followers. Record Q&A videos respond to their comments. Interaction helps to build an active community around you.

After making your TikTok profile famous, you can sell it. Use a TikTok creator fund money calculator to define the cost of your account.

Other Strategies

Not everyone likes advertising. If you have your shop or do something with your hands, you can show and sell the products. After reaching 1'000 followers, you can stream live broadcasts. 

Viewers can donate to streamers and give virtual gifts. Then you can convert them into money. Bloggers often criticize this method because TikTok keeps 50% of the money earned. Use a TikTok live money calculator to understand if this way is profitable for you.

How to Calculate TikTok Money?

Before making money via TikTok, you should assess the possibilities. A TikTok money calculator will help to do it. We've made a list of the most precise and efficient applications.

  1. Exolyt TikTok Money Calculator. This platform is free-to-use and has excellent features. Exolyt takes different factors into account. It stresses the importance of location, influencer marketing, and target audience. It tracks your growth and assists with building strategies.
  2. TikTok Influencer Earnings Calculator has developed a formula to define the engagement rate. It provides probable guidelines and ways of further development. With their instruments, you can understand your viewers' preferences and behavior. An influencer marketing hub TikTok is free.
  3. Likigram – TikTok Revenue Calculator. It operates with all widespread social nets. Tools for TikTok money calculations consider hearts, engagement, and followers. You receive earning potential analytics based on these factors. Moreover, you can increase real-time engagement with additional TikTok money calculator services.
  4. Ninjaoutreach's software is a tool for marketers and small businesses especially. It helps to find bloggers to collaborate with. It is not a usual TikTok money calculator but a great tool to develop your account and find partnerships. It offers a free trial but doesn't give direct interactions.


Now you understand how your account is functioning. After calculating, you can build new strategies and understand how much money you might earn on the current level. Different TikTok money calculators open new abilities for collaborations and development. Keep filming videos and make your hobby moneymaking!

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