ROMI Calculator

Business development leads to innovative counting and planning methods. Some formulas can help to create efficient strategies. ROMI is one of them. It stands for the return on marketing investment. It is a measurement that helps to define the business value. In general, it helps to understand if a marketing campaign is succeeding.

Businesses apply ROMI calculators in various situations. It helps to select the best promotional initiatives and ways of development. Next, it is an excellent instrument for short-term planning and creating strategies. Marketologists analyze previous ROMI measurements to build other charts. Keep reading to learn more about counting and applying ROMI calculators to speed up the process.

How to Calculate ROMI?

All professionals still approve of no united methodology, and different formulas are applicable. The most popular counting method looks like that:

ROMI = (Campaign Uplift / Marketing Cost) x 100%.

You can always use an online calculator. However, for better understanding, you can learn how to count ROMI manually. We present a short explanation of how to receive the required meanings. You'll need some preparatory calculations.

  1. Start with finding the Baseline Profit. Deduct the Baseline Cost of Goods Sold from the Baseline Revenue.
  2. Then, calculate the Marketing Campaign Profit by deducting the Cost of Goods Sold from the Revenue.
  3. The next step is to find out the Profit from Marketing Campaign costs. Use this simple formula: Profit - Marketing Cost.
  4. To finish, find out the Campaign Uplift by subtracting Baseline Profit from the Profit with Marketing Cost.
  5. In the end, you should apply the ROMI formula with the data you discovered.

The easiest practical way for fast counting is a ROMI calculator. It is a simple algorithm on one of the financial websites. Here you should tap measurements in $ or £ systems. For example, on a Forbes Baxter website, you will find several formulas for different economic situations: during normal business and marketing activity.

What Is a Good ROMI?

Now you must evaluate your success. The ROMI is effective if the number is positive. 50% return on marketing investment means that the money is paid off in half. The purpose of the campaign is to receive the highest possible results. If a company is unprofitable, the number will be less than 0%.

Please don't forget that there are short-term and long-term results. You cannot rate them equally, especially in different niches. In some fields, customers need more time to make a decision. A long-term effect in the real-estate niche is more significant and useful than in the food industry.


Using new techniques in business can often provide a new way of seeing your market niche and developing a company. Despite ROMI being popular for 20 years, tactics of counting this measurement change constantly.

Functions of ROMI spread wider and wider. Firstly it was a short-term predictions instrument. Now it has transformed into a strategy for building long-term companies and making deep conclusions. Use our recommendations, apply calculators, and make your campaigns successful!

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