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Marketers are able to build bridges between marketing people while enlarging the network significantly. Additionally, each digital marketing conference is the opportunity to get new insights and find out the most hot-topic practices inspirationally. This event is always about innovations and the transformation of traditional tactics in digital marketing into enhanced ones.

If you are interested in fruitful interactions with like-minded people and new strategies digital marketing conference attendants can share, take a closer look at the list of the most attractive events for marketers in 2021.

Digital Marketing Conference: Top Events

Taking part in such events as digital marketing conferences is also about grasping new ideas for your own strategies and ever-changing campaigns. Marketers can find more helpful information not only in the context of digital marketing insights but peculiarities of this or that market sector and business project.

Traffic and Conversion Summit

The summit takes place in San Diego, CA, USA.
In-person plan costs $1,995 (retail price is $2,595). There is an opportunity to attend the conference virtually. The online entry pass is $495 (retail price is $595). The summit is presented by Digital Marketer, ActiveCampaign, and sponsored by Scalable, Kajabi, ClickBank, and other companies.

This digital marketing conference in San Diego (Convention Center, September 15-17) is notable for its well-known speakers: Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Ryan Deiss, Marie Forleo, April Dunford, and others. A T&C summit is devoted to the content marketing strategies and tactics that bring conversions and sales.

Minnesota Marketing Summit

The summit takes place in Minneapolis, MI, the USA. It is presented by ICMAX and sponsored by Dann Solutions, ICF NEXT, SITECORE. Summit (digital marketing conference) ticket costs $480.

The Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel welcomes entrepreneurs and marketers on the 14th of September to share insights and ideas about all types of marketing (digital, print, brand, experiential). Among the top speakers of the B2B digital marketing conference are Joel Swanson, Sofya Vannelli, RJ Devick, Joe Lusso, Shandra Zurn.

Digital Summit Detroit

The conference takes place in Detroit, MI, the USA. Summit (digital marketing conference) pass costs $595 (with the LASTCHANCE promo code the price is $300). It is presented by NAYLOR and sponsored by Ideas Collide, Sprout Social, Semrush, and other top companies.

The Detroit-based digital summit lasts 2 days (15.09 -16.09). Numerous marketing workshops and in-depth masterclasses are planned. Among headliners are the following speakers: Steve Keller, Elizabeth-Ann Pandzich, Michael Brenner, Desiree Martinez, Juntae DeLane.

Product Marketing Summit San Francisco (2022)

The conference is located in San Francisco, CA, the USA. There is early registration pricing for three types of entry passes:

  • Silver: $795
  • Gold: $995
  • Platinum: $1,195.

Product Marketing World presents the event. The main sponsors of the PMS are Highspot, Crayon, Showpad.

The digital marketing conference in San Francisco will take place on the 14th and 15th of September in 2022. The summit is devoted to insights on customer retention, content marketing, and product positioning. Top speakers of PMM Summit are April Dunford, Priya Doty, Julie Triolo, Carol Carpenter, and Jennifer Schulze.

Digital Summit Portland

The summit takes place in Portland, OR, the USA. The pass costs $595 (with the LASTCHANCE promo code the price is $300). The event is presented by NAYLOR and sponsored by Genius Monkey, Marketo, Semrush, and other companies.

The digital marketing conference in Portland lasts 2 days (21.09 -22.09). Exclusive marketing workshops and in-depth practicing sessions are planned. Among the top speakers are Jon Youshaei, Thea Neal, David Shing, Eric Thomas, Tanu Javeri.


The conference takes place in Dallas, TX, the USA. The entry pass costs $1,295. There is an opportunity to attend SubSummit online – the ticket is $199. SUBTA presents the event. The main sponsors of SubSummit are FedEx, FlexPay, Grand Husky Logistics.

The 3-day conference (September 21-23) is about e-commercial innovations, business optimization tactics, and other digital marketing insights that will be discussed. Top-5 speakers of the conference are Tien Tzuo, Jamie Lavy, Simran Dua, Nick Sharma, and Alex Chahin.

Ohio Marketing Summit

The event is arranged in Columbus, OH, the USA by ICSMAX. A ticket costs $480. The conference is sponsored by Adept, XCentium, SITECORE, and other companies.

The Hilton Hotel in Columbus welcomes willing attendees on the 22nd of September to share insights and new practices in digital, print, brand, experiential marketing. The top speakers of the event are Tim Marshall, Julie Gilliland, Nicole Losi, Rob Krohn, Karen Reynolds.

Digiday Publishing Summit

The publishing summit is arranged in Miami, FL, the USA by DIGIDAY. There are two types of tickets for attendees: entry-level ($3,395) and premium pass ($5,195). The main sponsors are ADPUSHUP, Cafe Media, Insticator.

This is a top digital media marketing conference with a focused view on building and running a media company in 2021. The publishing summit is planned for the 27th-29th of September. The headlining speaker is Daniel Belton.

Loyalty Expo

Loyalty Expo takes place in Sheraton, NC, the USA. The event planner is LOYALTY360. The main sponsors of the Loyalty Expo conference are Cheetah Digital, Loyalty Methods, Kentico. The early-registration pass costs $1,999 (instead of $2,299).

A 3-day conference (October 25-27) is devoted to the challenges and solutions related to customer loyalty. Among featured speakers to get insights from Yan Côté, Victoria Dravneek, Nancy Flowers, Andrew Pine, Theo Holloway.


The event is arranged by Smash Solutions. The conference takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA. The ticket costs $1,695. Attane sponsors smash, Further, G5, and other companies.

This digital marketing conference (Las Vegas) is devoted to care sales and marketing insights. The summit will last 3 days (October 18-20) to give marketers and entrepreneurs an exclusive opportunity to listen to the best speakers: Ardath Albee, Amy Bobcheck, Melissa Brown, Leff Bonney, Cathay Berry, and others.

Digiday Media Buying Summit

The summit takes place in Miami, FL, the USA. There are two types of tickets for attendees: entry-level ($3,195) and premium pass ($4,995). The event planner is the DIGIDAY company.

The 3-day summit (October 18-20) is devoted to key trends in the media buying sector and factors that impact the media industry. The list of speakers includes reputable personas like Dario Raciti, Josy Amann, Josh Palau, Lisa Torres, Jason Carrasco.


The Leadscon location is in Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA. The event planner is Access Intelligence. Among Leadscon sponsors are PX, Digital Media Solutions, INFUTOR.

Leadscon is an exclusive 2-day (21-22 October) conference with a focus on new business connections and marketing networking. There are many top companies that are among attendees and speakers (Wells Fargo, Gannet, Yahoo!, etc.).

Affiliate Summit West

The summit takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA. The event is presented by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward and sponsored by AWIN, IMPACT, Matterkind, and other companies. There are three main types of tickets:

  • Networking pass ($380 for early registration instead of $600);
  • Networking Plus ($480 instead of $750 if you register now);
  • VIP (the early-bird price is $840 instead of $998).

The summit aims to help brands to build new partnerships and improve their affiliate marketing campaigns. Among high-reputable companies that attend this 2-day digital marketing conference (November 2, 4) are DealMoon, BuzzFeed, Forbes, etc.

Healthcare Internet Conference

The conference is arranged in Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA by Greystone. The HCIC event is sponsored by Coffey Communication, Mercury Healthcare, Podium. There is an opportunity to attend only some of the planned workshops and masterclasses (in-person pass is $1,275). The full-conference ticket costs $1,420. There is an HCIC Premium pass ($1,619) with the VIP service plan.

This 3-day conference (November 2-4) is devoted to healthcare marketing and digital-driven solutions for this market niche. The list of HCIC keynote speakers includes Hank Capps, David Avrin, Eliott Parker, Debra Jasper, Lori Turner.

App Growth Summit Austin

The AGS company arranges the conference in Austin, TX, the USA. With the invitation requested on the App Growth Summit official website, entrance is free. The main sponsors are Remerge, Smadex, and WinClap.

The summit takes place on the 16th of November in Zilker Lodge (Austin). It will be devoted to mobile digital marketing and the latest insights in mobile app marketing. Among the featured speakers are Vivian Chang, Rijaa Grar, Caroline Hubbard, Vivek Girotra, Alex Kozachenko.

Droidcon SF

Droidcon (SF) takes place in San Francisco, CA, the USA. The ticket costs from $295 up to $495. The event planner is Droidcon Global HQ. The main Droidcon sponsors are Monzo, Velos, Button.

The 2-day conference in San Francisco (December 13-14) is devoted to Android app development. But it will be helpful for marketers who advertise Android apps in the digital space. The list of speakers has not already been formed. Headliners of the event are Ty Smith and Joaquim Vergès.

NRF: Forward Together

The conference is arranged in New York, NYC, the USA by the NRF company. The ticket costs from $500 up to $2,500. It is worth noting that entry is free for the press.

The biggest retailers’ digital marketing conference (NYC, January 16-18) is about all the latest insights in the industry. The list of speakers has already been announced. Among headliners are Jenny Ahlen, Geof Alexander, Pano Anthos, Corie Barry, Andrea Bell.

Final Word

Digital marketing is a new normal in today’s reality. It brings an exceptional way of connecting with customers. However, the most notable feature of digital marketing is its flexibility and innovation-driven approach to each strategy and campaign.

The list of the most hot-topic events includes digital marketing conferences with the trendiest and the most efficient marketing solutions for nowadays businesses. Visit one or even each of all the meetings presented in the list to improve your professional background.

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