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My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, you will get to know why it is important to collect SEO data every day.

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First of all, you may be wondering why you need SEO at all? I`ll give you two main reasons:

1. Organic Search is Most Often the Primary Source of Website Traffic, especially for the online stores. That’s how potential customers can discover you and become your buyer.

2. SEO Builds Trust & Credibility – websites that establish a strong foundation for a beautiful website with a clean, effective user experience always increase buyer commitment. On the other side, websites that don’t invest in SEO lose their positions in the eyes of search engines and buyers as well.

Imagine a typical online store. It is getting high traffic volumes. There are a lot of visitors. The team is working on analyzing the performance and improving the website. They are constantly adding something new, replacing, removing elements, etc.

During this process, it might have happened that a developer during these changes by accident removes the title, description, H1, H2, and some important keywords so that you don’t rank for relevant search terms anymore.

At first sight, those are minor changes, but their influence can be very big and decrease website traffic. If the important tags, keywords disappear, you easily lose your top position and getting it back is not that easy.

That’s why it is extremely important to check the SEO data regularly so that we can quickly flag issues like that and fix them before they cause any harm to our website.

In the Plerdy account, you will find the SEO checker – your number one tool for analyzing the SEO of your website. In the next videos, I will tell you more about each of the reports and instruments in the SEO checker, but

That’s all for now! Let fewer mistakes happen on your way, and even if they happen, with daily SEO analysis, you will be able to fix them quickly:)

Take care, bye!

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