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The outgrowth of the online market requires the growth of costs spent on promoting web resources. Online business owners should maintain many processes to create a highly reliable and efficient online business. Placing advertisements becomes an important part of improving online attendance. So, a suitable tactic is required for placing online advertisements correctly, and pay-per-click agencies can help with it.

Pay-per-click is a widespread algorithm of contextual advertising. It is based on content juxtaposition to force users to click on the necessary object with a hyperlink to get to the advertised website. The method is effective for both primary promotions for startups and global campaigns. So what are the main aims of pay-per-click marketing agencies, and which are considered the best?

Goals And Objectives Of The Pay Per Click Agency?

Awareness about online resources is an important factor, which depends on many reasons. Pay-per-click advertisement agencies try to reach the required level of targeted politics. Usually, the main object used by most PPC projects is a keyword. However, it can also be a graphic banner or other specific types of advertising code.

The strategy depends on optimizing particular parameters, which most pay-per-click ad companies and agencies aim for. They are the following:

  • Cost per click – the sum given by the advertisers for each press on advertising objects. Reducing this parameter increases the efficiency of marketing strategies.
  • Return on ad spends – the indicator of advertisement’s profitability. It shows the objective benefit, which the PPC brings to your website.
  • Return on investments – the general parameter, which shows the matching costs spent on advertising to its efficiency.

Such a strategy is helpful at each stage of web promotion. It helps mainly those types of small and medium online businesses, which have the following specificity:

  • Services niche;
  • Entertainment niche;
  • Mass media and informational niche.

Pay-per-click marketing agencies always consider the specificity of the website services to choose the most suitable elements of the websites for contextual ads placement. In addition, defining campaign metrics and goals helps build the tactic with the most practical efficiency.

Best 7 Pay Per Click Agencies

Best pay-per-click marketing agencies have confirmed their effectiveness by years of context advertising placements and management. As a result, highly trusted companies use their services to reach a high level of attendance and customer confidence.


KlientBoost is a multi-channel pay-per-click advertisement agency. Besides paid advertising, it provides SEO and conversion rate optimization and email marketing for various companies worldwide. For instance, the latest profitable cases are:

  1. Excedrin got a 1,500%+ increase in organic leads.
  2. Fashionphile got a 28% increase in ROAS.

The customers of KlientBoost value high professionalism and objective work efficiency:

«The solutions of KlientBoost saved our time and money. They are simple, helpful and attractive» – Brandon Carbol, CEO in the online business.

The company is trusted by Just work, Segment, Bloomberg, and other massive brands.

Disruptive Advertising

It is an agency that builds up businesses with efficient dynamic PPC marketing strategies. The company provides website analytics, creating exciting ads, design and app provision to make online companies suitable to most client requirements. Its portfolio contains:

  1. Successful strategies and test learnings for the Telehealth company.
  2. Decrease of the Insurance firm’s CPC.

The reviews confirm the high efficiency and reliability of Disruptive Advertising:

«The team that is never content with previous success» – Jane Gamble, administrator at Generations Home Care.

Digital Awesome, Appetizer Mobile, and other companies trust the pay-per-click services of the agency.


SmartSites is an agency, which provides search engine optimization, PPC, and website development. The objective indicators confirm its civility:

  1. 200% of SEO campaigns get double traffic within six months.
  2. More than 700 websites were launched with the help of SmartSites.

The reliability level increases after looking at the reviews:

«An impressive level of PPC services, which help to increase the client’s lead volume» – Alex DeLeon, CEO in Anthogs Productions.

The agency has been a partner of Google, Facebook, Microsoft for many years.

Instaboost Media

It is a pay-per-click marketing agency, which helps online businesses to reach a high authority with the help of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Local SEO. Orange County on Clutch considered Instaboost Media one of the best 2020 SEO companies. The company helps customers increase their income by more than 500,000 $ with specific tools. The reviews confirm it:

«Only a few online advertising companies have such a level of respectability as Instaboost Media» – Kegan Stephans from STOP Restoration Albuquerque.

A lot of companies worldwide confirmed the efficiency of the Instaboost promotion and optimization support.


The company uses Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Amazon Ads, and Facebook ads account management in their marketing tactic. The objective parameters of paid and organic search are well optimized, which brings more targeted traffic for the online resources:

  1. Prepared Video Ads on Google resulted in the 8x increase of Jura Coffee Machines ROAS.
  2. 255% increase of Battery Mart conversion volume.

The reviews truly confirm the high professionalism and effectiveness of the services:

«JumpFly has been a responsive and proactive partner with efficient strategic solutions», – ShadeFX told us about the company.

The pay-per-click agency is a certified partner of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Online Marketing Gurus

The company specializes in SEO, PPC and social media advertising. The services are efficient, which is proven by the latest cases:

  1. Zitsticka got picture-perfect results with SEO optimization procedures.
  2. 250% more organic revenue of Physician’s choice

The reviews also look promising:

«My business was successfully launched into outer space with the help of Online Marketing Gurus» – Jennifer Bradley, founder of Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics.

PBJ Marketing

It is a pay-per-click, SEO, and social media advertising agency trusted by famous worldwide companies, such as Volkswagen, Bayer, Natural Area Rug, etc. The confirmations of high professionalism are the following:

  1. MedStar Health got a 200% increase in AdClicks and a 48% reduction in CPC.
  2. On the other hand, arrow Lift acquired a 70% decrease in CPL and YoY Sales up 22%.

The reviews are a confirmation of the high efficiency of the provided services:

«They are professionals because whether it’s a step forward or backward, they’ll communicate the truth about each condition clearly», – Pete Newstrom tells us about PBJ Marketing.

The pay-per-click marketing services provided by the agency are entirely focused on clients’ inquiries to reach the result efficiently without spending a lot of time on it.

To Sum Up

As we see, pay-per-click agencies aim to provide modern contextual advertising algorithms. To optimize the significant parameters of the resource, learn about the current condition of the website relevance and attendance. Then find the company, which may help you to optimize them.

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