Which Asset Is Used To Build A Remarketing List?

Answer: Google Ads Optimized List combines a few audiences from open sources.

  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Report
  • Custom Segments
  • Custom Metric

Together they get united in one remarketing list. To create this list, you should connect to at least one data source on the Audience Sources page.

The list contains Custom Segments with specific characteristics. For example, you can add customers with an asset in the cart who didn’t finish the purchase. Based on these segments, you can create more concise audience messaging.

How to Create a Remarketing List in Google Ads?

You create a remarketing list in Google Ads by setting up data segments. Here is a short guide on doing it.

  1. Click the button Shared Library in the section Tools & Sections of your Google Ads account and select an Audience Manager option in the appeared list.
  2. Click the Plus icon on the new page to add a list of website visitors. Give a name to this group on your remarketing list.
  3. In the section of List Members, you can choose the type of users you want to add here.
  4. Now go to the Visited Page section and choose a more concise division by certain factors.
  5. Select a list size and then click on the Create Audience button.

Congrats! Now your remarketing list will be added to Google Ads.


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