What is Native Advertising?

How does native advertising work? The answer is not as apparent as you may think. Market researchers define native advertising as an ad that fits the media format where they are published, whether it is a website, a video, or something else. It usually shares the theme, the form, and the function to be seen in the same way as the main content.

You can find it in newspapers, social media, websites, and other media formats. So, where to place your paid content efficiently? What does an excellent native advertising example look like? Keep reading to find out the answers.

How Do You Spot Native Advertising

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Native ads often involve links and can be written in a more promoting way than all other content on the web page. But, more importantly, a banner often tells you that the content here is paid or sponsored. For example, Google shows such content with a small “Ad” sign.

Good native advertising fits the source where you see it. It has the same design, text style, and a very close theme. Unfortunately, it means that the best native advertising is tough to spot. Its primary purpose is to show advertised content to users without distracting them from the content itself.

Pros And Cons of Native Advertising

So should you use native ads constantly now? Check whether it would fit your needs and abilities at first. Native advertising is almost a must for every modern company. Marketing professionals recommend it because of:

  • attracting the most interested audience;
  • boosting marketing strategies;
  • higher views and click-through rates;
  • higher audience engagement.

Summing up, native ads cost less and attract more users. This is how they become the most efficient type of advertising.

However, there are a few cons to native advertising examples. The main problem is in choosing the platform and creating appropriate content. It would help if you had time and experience to find the best industry options. Creating a powerful promoting instrument takes not a single day and effort. Finally, it isn’t easy to measure the efficiency level. At the start, you will hardly know which campaign achieved the result exactly.

Despite there being enough minuses, pluses overweight for many famous businesses. But, usually, the effort brings serious success, and this type of promotion is worth trying.

Types of Native Advertising

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There is no single native advertising definition. Types are many, and each one can work for your business. The type you choose will depend on native advertising platforms and their possibilities.

  • Paid search units are placed at the top of search engine pages and fit the request theme. It is also called native advertising by Yahoo & Google.
  • In-feed units look like regular posts in social media feeds and appear while you scroll through the news.
  • In-ad with native element units (also known as Display Ads) has the form of a regular banner, but its contents are tightly connected with the page.
  • Recommendation widgets appear at the sides, in the heading, and at the bottom of articles. In addition, many websites say “you may also like” or something similar.
  • Promoted listings commonly appear in online shops. When you pick your favorite product, there are some organic suggestions. However, they fit very well, making it difficult to call them paid.
  • Custom ads type includes all other native advertising examples. Imagine a sponsored Instagram or Snapchat filter or a TikTok sound. It can be anywhere!

As you may expect, different businesses apply various strategies. For example, a cafe or restaurant cannot use the same method as a car producer. Experiment with types and platforms to find your ideal one.

Native Advertising Examples

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  1. Hotel Nutella by Ferrero. They’ve turned a chocolate paste into an actual hotel with fitting interiors and dishes, including Nutella. But, unfortunately, it has been open for only a weekend, and guests participated in a competition to spend a night there.
  2. Mercedes Benz presented a program called “The rise of a superhuman.” Here they’ve shown how cool a person can become with biotechnologies. It was closely related to the new features of E-class vehicles.
  3. Land Rover made a beautiful Dragon Challenge campaign. A Formula 1 driver tried to climb the Heaven’s Gate stairs by car. Land Rover constructed a unique vehicle and filmed a fascinating short video.
  4. Game of Cookies by Oreo increased their targeting up to 20%. This is how the audience choice matters. They filmed credits from Game of Thrones with cookies and succeeded!
  5. Another great collaboration was the particular design of Spotify for the Stranger Things series in 2017. Users could see a personal playlist based on their music taste and related to a show character.

Native advertising means not to show your product but to entertain a consumer. It is your chance to create a positive appearance for your brand. It requires a lot of work, but the result is usually worth spending.

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Oliver Maximovich

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