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With online marketing becoming more competitive, small businesses are looking for the best ways to target their respective audiences. For instance, studies have shown how Facebook and Google ads have increased over the past months. Such is because more businesses are coming into the digital world. It has only increased the cost of advertising by around 200% within such a timeframe ?

One way to overcome these problems is to use SEO tools to generate accurate data that can improve companies’ websites. Although it is technical, businesses can benefit from the results for years. SEO is one of the most reliable ways to make your small business website dominate the search engines with time ?

There are lots of SEO software businesses can take advantage of while marketing online. In this post, I’ve gathered the best SEO software that small businesses could successfully use. These SEO tools have earned numerous positive reviews over the years from small business owners. Let’s consider them in detail! ?


Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 01

Regarding search engine optimization, it is fair enough to say that Plerdy is one of the best SEO tools, as it has helped many companies grow over the years. Gone are those days when businesses did SEO manually. With an SEO Tool Like Plerdy, any business can automate the process and start ranking for even the most competitive keywords.

One of its most valuable features small businesses can take advantage of is keyword auditing. This tool helps to analyze website pages. Also, it will check their H1, descriptions, and titles daily. SEO is super easy with the Plerdy tool.

Numerous SEO tools have been developed for small businesses to benefit from SEO. However, Plerdy is one of the complete tools to optimize websites for better ranking by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Successful eCommerce companies like Softserve, Samcart, SUBARU, KredoBank, and Honda use this SEO tool. Some of its features:

  • It detects missing keywords.
  • It can accurately analyze keywords.
  • Its website audit is fast and accurate.
  • It displays information about the health of a website.
  • And more.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about Plerdy collected by

What do you like best?

Plerdy offers a ton of functionality! I replaced HotJar with Plerdy when Hotjar made changes to their plans and moved a bunch of features around. I think Plerdy is lighter weight so it doesn’t bog our site down as much but they include so many SEO and performance tools that Hotjar doesn’t that I’m still discovering new ones and how to best utilize the software.

What do you dislike?

The number of features is overwhelming. I’m still discovering new functionality and how to use it (as well as integrations) and feel I’m really not using the software to its potential…

(Mark E., a small business founder & CEO)

Rank Tracking Tool: Rank Ranger

Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 02

Rank Ranger should always be mentioned among SEO tools that have proven to help businesses rank on search engines. This software is potent. Once used the right way, it has the potential to catapult any business to greater heights. In addition, clients can track their website rankings with a click of a few buttons.

Furthermore, this SEO software generates ranking reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Also, it can accurately analyze on-page elements for better ranking. There aren’t too many SEO tools in the market that can rival Rank Ranger. Nevertheless, its features and functionalities have helped businesses like Aspire Resources Inc., Colewood Internet, Cendyn Corporation, WebPals LTD., and 180Fusion.

This SEO software has some uncompromising features any business can use to grow. These are:

  • Making comparisons of search engine rankings.
  • Keywords grouping & tagging.
  • Monitoring of website visibility.
  • Tracking of fluctuation in landing pages.
  • Link manager.
  • Social analytics.
  • Keywords finder.
  • And more.

It comes with a free trial option that enables small businesses to test its features without making any financial commitment.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about Rank Ranger collected by

What do you like best?

Customer support is provided by the rank ranger team members is the most appreciatable thing… It is a very simple and easy way to present, see, and analyze search data to my company CEO… Rank Ranger is great for those who are new to SEO.

What do you dislike?

Reporting issue – Its keyword performance tool is not helping me much as the SEMrush position tracking is helping me get the position for my website. It would be great if its position tracking tool can fetch ranking for State-wise keywords.

(Ajit S., Search Engine Optimization Executive)

Keyword Research Tool: UberSuggest

Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 03

UberSuggest is one of those SEO tools companies need to take advantage of for better rankings. One of the reasons why websites struggle to rank on search engines is the failure to find the right keywords. In most cases, small businesses are chasing highly competitive keywords. This brings about frustration and disappointment since their websites rank differently from what was expected. They lack the right tools to make progress.

UberSuggest is a software developed to help solve such challenges. It helps companies find many keywords for which their websites can easily rank. Also, it is an excellent SEO tool for analyzing competitor websites.

All you need to do is to enter your company’s URL and let UberSuggest do the rest. Its founder, Neil Patel, has done an excellent job having developed such a comprehensive tool. Apart from keyword opportunities, this tool can also analyze SEO errors on any website. It is currently being used by brands like Adobe, Salesforce, Centene Corp, and Signal Corp.

Some features of this SEO tool are:

  • Its keyword coverage is very comprehensive.
  • It provides SEO metrics like search volume, cost per click, and keyword competition.
  • It shows the keyword difficulty score.
  • And more.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about UberSuggest collected by

What do you like best?

Earlier I used Href for keyword research for the targeted audience. But I switch to Ubersuggest due to cost issues. Ubersuggest is pocket friendly for everyone and easy to use. It helps in growing my website at less cost. There are lots of features in Ubersuggest which help in analyzing the competitor’s website.

What do you dislike?

Ubersuggest is a great SEO and keyword-researching tool at a low cost. There is nothing to dislike. It would have been better if there were more payment methods.

(Vanshika T., Software Engineer)

Technical SEO Tool: Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 04

Dan Sharp is the founder of Screaming Frog SEO Spider, an extremely powerful software that helps companies get organic rankings. It isn’t one of those SEO tools which litter the Internet. Instead, it is advanced and innovative enough to help small businesses grow. For instance, it gives users access to fast and advanced SEO tools. Such can make a huge difference for businesses planning to generate traffic via search engines.

Screaming Frog can help companies crawl their websites. Whether it scans large or small websites, this tool will still do a great job. It is the tool many successful businesses use for their website auditing. These are Amazon, Google, Disney, Seer, and Apple.

Some features of Screaming Frog SEO Spider are highlighted below. It helps:

  • Analyze page titles and metadata.
  • Locate broken links on a website.
  • Spot duplicate content on a website.
  • Compare crawls, staging and other URL structures.
  • Evaluate a website’s structure.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about Screaming Frog SEO Spider collected by

What do you like best?

Its website crawler helps us improve onsite SEO by extracting data & auditing for common SEO issues.

What do you dislike?

Its Limitation to download and crawl 500 URLs for the free version. In the case of e-commerce or big website, we need to purchase a license to remove the limit and access advanced features.

(Gaurav K., SEO Consultant)

Analysis Tool: Google Search Console 

Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 05

There aren’t many free SEO tools like Google Search Console. It helps businesses strive in the competition for search engine optimization results, including better ranking, higher positions in the search, etc. Monitoring website traffic is one of the most complicated things to do. However, it is crucial as it helps companies to know which traffic to focus on. This is what the Google Search Console tool is all about.

This tool can help web specialists analyze their traffic and impressions. Also, it can display a website’s position on Google searches and clicks. This tool allows brands to carry out proper SEO analysis without any guesswork. Some of its features are:

  • It shows the keywords websites are ranking for.
  • It helps in monitoring and resolving server errors.
  • It provides the details necessary to make websites interactive and engaging.
  • And many more.

This tool, provided by Google, may be easily accessible, as stated above. However, it has some premium features to help businesses stay on the first pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about Google Search Console collected by

What do you like best?

It’s a first-party Google product that lets you improve your SEO and provides functionality to monitor and resolve site and security issues. It is the main platform for analyzing indexing issues etc.

What do you dislike?

For low-ranking and traffic websites, some of the metrics eg, position ranking data can be pretty minimal. To be fair on most proper websites with decent traffic a lot of charts and data is actually provided.

(Shane M., Paid Media Operations Associate at Jellyfish Academy)

On-Page SEO Tool: Moz On-Page Grader

Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 06

When it comes to detailed on-page analyses of websites, very few SEO tools can compete with the Moz On-Page Grader. This software makes the process of website on-page SEO very easy. For instance, it helps to provide information about keywords a website is targeting. Also, it gives clues about how you can optimize the website for higher rankings.

Businesses can also use this SEO software to analyze their respective competitors properly. The goal is to discover how they can outrank them by doing more of what such businesses have done. Using a powerful tool like this can improve a small business’s SEO to a great extent.

Using this SEO software is very easy. It is all about inputting a website URL. After doing so, it will receive an on-page optimization score, including recommended fixes. It ensures web specialists can fix errors on their pages for better rankings. Some of its features and benefits are:

  • Businesses can use it for keyword research.
  • It is perfect for rank tracking.
  • It is helpful for website audits.
  • Businesses can use it for page optimization.
  • And more.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about Moz On-Page Grader collected by

What do you like best?

So many features and very easy to use. Can’t wait to learn more so I can use it to its full potential.

What do you dislike?

At times too many features and not enough description to understand the information provided.

(Katherine O., Lead Event Manager)

Monitoring Tool: WebCEO

Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 07

WebCEO is a premium software used by many companies. The SEO reports the tool generates for clients are very accurate and detailed. Furthermore, it comes with over 20 SEO tools to ensure clients aren’t looking elsewhere. The number of in-depth SEO reports it produces for clients is over 90. With over 1.5 billion businesses using its features, there is every reason to believe it is one of the best software for proper SEO.

Some of its reputable clients are ENT, Thetinkthank, Oltech Solutions, Agnew Group, and Juniper Research. Besides ranking websites, WebCEO is also ideal for SMM and PPC campaigns. So whether it is a small business or an SEO agency, this tool can make a huge difference in their services.

Some of its features are:

  • It comes with a lead generation widget.
  • Users receive notifications whenever there is a change in SEO metrics.
  • It has about 23 tools like backlink monitoring and SEO audits.
  • It generates customizable reports.
  • And more.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about WebCEO collected by

What do you like best?

I love Web CEO because of all the api integrations they offer. Instead of having multiple logins to multiple platforms, Web CEO pulls it all into one easy-to-use platform. Oh, and the competitive analysis is second to none!

What do you dislike?

The only thing at this point I would change would be the custom reports. Even when simplifying it, it is too complex for the majority of my customers. They would prefer them to be more like the GMB reports, ie, Phone Calls, Website Visits, Clicks… very simple, easy to read and understand.

(Ed M., SEO Coach)

Content Creation & Optimisation Tool: Surfer SEO

Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 08

Since 2017, the Surfer SEO tool has been helping web specialists get their desired content without breaking a sweat. Its founders are Kazik Piętka, Tomasz Niezgoda, Michał Suski, Lucjan, and Sławek Czajkowski. Given its potential, it is incredible what this software can do. Content optimization is not as easy as many experts think. Thus, the right SEO tools are required to stand out.

There are lots of technicalities involved. For instance, companies must strike a balance between providing SEO-related content and engaging posts. This is not an easy task to accomplish for most web experts. However, these are the problems that Surfer SEO has been developed to solve. As a result, it is one of the best SEO tools for content optimization that small businesses should use.

Although there are many on-page SEO tools around, Surfer SEO is a unique software. For example, it can analyze written content such as articles, blog posts, and others. Generally speaking, it allows websites to achieve better SEO positions via such content.

Square, Shopify, and FedEx are some of 500+ thriving businesses using their SEO features to rank higher. These are:

  • Next-generation AI which helps to write readable articles.
  • Ability to write content in any language.
  • Checking content for plagiarism.
  • Numerous integrations such as Jasper, WordPress, and Google docs.
  • And more.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about Surfer SEO collected by

What do you like best?

The content editor is the best feature of Surfer SEO. I really find it helpful that it analyzes the top performing pages in a SERP and gives me the keywords that I should include in my content in order to rank. I like it that it also gives me the frequency of the keywords that I should use in headings and content body.

What do you dislike?

Surfer SEO has several features that I don’t use. Because of that the price point is a bit higher as well. I would prefer that I could divide my credits to the features that I like most.

(Erkki M., Senior Product Manager)

Link Building and Outreach Tool: SEOJet

Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 09

One of the significant requirements for SEO rankings is backlink building. This is an area where many businesses have failed in the past. They struggle to build backlinks which can help them rank high above their competitors on search engines. With SEO Jet, this challenge is solved effectively. It helps to build backlinks automatically. This tool can help to grow any business.

Whether a business is targeting competitive or long-tail keywords, backlink building is one of those SEO strategies which can hardly be ignored. Even when a website ranks without it, such won’t stick for long. SEO Jet remains the perfect solution for such a problem. Also, businesses can track their SEO progress.

There are not so many SEO tools like this one on the market. This software is capable of helping any business rank on the first page of Google without stress. It can also neutralize anchor ratios. This software will help to manage backlinks for businesses without any guesswork. Some of its features are:

  • Every page has customized anchor text.
  • It has an anchor text planner and generator.
  • There is a guest post feature.
  • It provides competitor analysis for ten pages.
  • And more.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about SEOJet collected by

What do you like best?

It’s more than just an SEO tool, it provides analytics behind everything which is awesome! It ensures you build links properly.

What do you dislike?

It’d be cool if there were volume discounts!

(Chris K., CEO)

Backlink Analysis Tool: Ahrefs 

Best 10 SEO Software for Small Businesses 10

Ahrefs remains one of the most effective backlinks-checking SEO tools on the Internet. This software checks the backlinks of a website and analyzes them as expected. SEO is a process that requires a realistic approach. Backlinks are not built at random. Instead, they need to be analyzed to ensure better rankings for a website. This is what Ahrefs is all about. This software helps to build targeted backlinks.

For example, this tool displays the backlinks which are pointing to a particular website, subdomain, and more. It can even help businesses to analyze their competitors’ backlinks. Ahrefs is a software developed to help businesses overcome SEO stumbling blocks. Some of its features are:

  • It shows key metrics such as search volumes, competitors, and CPC.
  • It can show whether backlinks are growing or declining over time.
  • It displays traffic estimations for the first ten pages.
  • And more.

Ahrefs is the complete SEO software for every business which wants to get more organic traffic. Some of its clients are eBay,, Mayoclinic, Gizmodo, and TechCrunch.

Here’s one of the customers’ reviews about Ahrefs collected by

What do you like best?

Ahrefs is a user-friendly interface that provides a significant amount of data regarding a website’s SEO, conveniently organized into reports. The backlink and organic keyword reports are my faves.

What do you dislike?

The data quality is not always the most accurate; you must take their search volumes and traffic estimates with a grain of salt. Like almost every SEO tool, it’s essential to look at the data holistically and not make decisions based on one data point.

(Evelyn A., Marketing Coordinator)

These are the best SEO tools to help small businesses rank well on search engines like Google and Yahoo. They can make any business competitive.


Despite numerous SEO software developed and released into the market, the above-mentioned options are tested and proven. These tools will consistently deliver and help websites rank well on search engines. Small business owners should choose the SEO tools perfect for their offers. This is the only way to get ultimate results while using them.

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