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A marketing calendar template is how businesses plan and organize their marketing projects. It resembles a roadmap where all your marketing activities are outlined. You can easily plan your campaigns through these templates, including the dates they should be delivered. They are also helpful in optimizing overall business performance. For instance, use the calendar templates when scheduling content for your marketing campaigns, such as videos, articles, blog posts, and podcasts. Imagine your marketing decisions being based on carefully planned and outlined strategies.

Having seen the benefits that a marketing calendar template enables you to experience, there is something you must know. This is the fact that such benefits can only be possible when you are using the best template for marketing campaigns. The problem is that there are too many options on the Internet. This makes your task to spot the best more complicated.

Discover The Best 6 Marketing Calendar Templates

This article will list out theBest 6 Marketing Calendar Templates. You will be blown away by their amazing features. Check them out below.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Template

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Anne Crowe deserves lots of credit for this amazing marketing Calendar template. It is a crucial template when your business targets a particular audience during the holiday season. You must be aware of these periods. Such knowledge will enable you to know the right offers potential customers/clients can respond to. This marketing calendar template will help you solve such a problem without hassle.

It lists every holiday and significant event in a year. Apart from that, you can easily import Google calendar. With this template, be rest assured that you will skip no holiday or season. For instance, there are weekly observances, days, and months sections. It doesn’t matter which period of the year is your favorite holiday. This marketing calendar template takes care of everything.

Finally, the blocks and sections are almost endless to help you launch successful marketing campaigns during the holiday season. There are sections to launch your landing page, build an email list, launch giveaways, contact journalists, launch ads, target influencers, and more.

Editorial Calendar Template

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Creating the right content that builds trust and credibility comes with stress and work. You could get overwhelmed by the entire process. There is no need to be worried because an editorial calendar template can help to ensure your performance is optimized. You will create and publish content easily using this template. This is because it is effective in helping you schedule your work on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Meeting your content creation deadlines just got easier.

Its sections and blocks are quite detailed and comprehensive. For instance, it lists out sections for product launches, holidays, budget specifications, SEO factors, distribution sources, target audiences, and many more. Developing the right content at different year periods is much easier with this template by Smart Sheet. Given its features, creating content consistently is now a complete walk in the park.

Nonprofit Marketing Calendar Template

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Do you run a nonprofit organization or have limited funds to start one? It isn’t an easy task since you must consider many variables. The good part is that Donor Duck’s nonprofit calendar template can simplify the entire process. It has sections for storing ideas you stumble upon, upcoming conferences & events, and scheduling email campaigns to aid fundraising appeals, initiatives, and goals for big projects.

Probably, you have been wondering how to monitor your fundraising projects without hassle. This calendar template helps you take care of such a process. It also enables you to plan content creation. The best part is that this template is highly editable. It means you can add more sections and blocks as you deem necessary. This will help you to maximize existing resources in subsequent fundraising events in the future.

Email Marketing Calendar Template

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Email marketing can indeed be very profitable. However, you need to understand that it can also be very frustrating, especially when it isn’t done correctly. It happens when your messages aren’t getting the expected responses. Email marketing calendar templates from Smart Sheet help to put an end to such a nightmare. If you are an Internet marketer, this is one of thebest 6 marketing calendar templatesto take advantage of.

It ensures that your email campaigns are not just effective but also highly profitable. This simple and extremely powerful template takes the guesswork out of the way. It will help you create the best email campaigns that are 100% result-oriented. It has sections for dates emails are sent, their subject lines, titles, and type of content. Now, you can easily automate all of your email marketing efforts by using this useful template.

2022 Marketing Calendar Template

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This calendar template has been designed by Constant Contact, a very popular company in the field of email marketing. The goal is to give you an edge over marketers due to carefully outlined plans for your email marketing activities. Planning these campaigns during holidays can be very stressful because you must identify all the holidays and events for every week and month. But you won’t have to do it, as they have already been identified and stated in this 2022 marketing calendar template.

It also has a separate monthly section where you can write some notes. This helps you remember special ideas. It is great for brainstorming and jotting down.

Marketing Calendar Template

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Entrepreneurship In A Box has undoubtedly done a great job putting this marketing calendar template together. Every marketer’s dream is to simplify marketing most efficiently. However, successful marketing is more complicated than you think. There are many aspects you need to consider.

Among them are tracking your marketing cost, measuring your efforts within a period, and setting goals. With this marketing calendar, you will easily achieve all of these without struggle. Its sections include budget, target market, acquired customers, marketing cost, potential customers, and more. It even has a section to record whether such campaigns will be successful or not.

Conclusion about Marketing Calendar

There is no doubt that you must be eager to start using any of thebest 6 marketing calendar templatesexplained above. The truth is that they are capable of transforming your business and putting it on steroids for maximum profits. Imagine generating as many sales as possible while minimizing costs during such a process. These calendar templates enable you to achieve such a feat. Furthermore, they will ensure your marketing campaigns are very successful. Regardless of the kind of business you are currently running, the templates can take it to the next level. You will be amazed at what they can offer.

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