13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024

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In 2024, Instagram’s not just a platform – it’s a powerhouse of marketing magic. And in this bustling digital bazaar, finding the right mentors can make all the difference. That’s where our hand-picked list of the 13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts comes in. It’s more than just a list; it’s your ticket to mastering the Instagram marketing scene.

  • Eco-friendly Brands: Watch their green campaigns bloom with up to 40% increased engagement.
  • Fitness Influencers: Witness how they flex their marketing muscles for maximum impact.
  • Local Artisans: See their niche charm translate into big-time followers.

13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 01

These accounts have cracked the code of Instagram marketing, blending eye-catching visuals with compelling narratives. They don’t just post – they resonate with their audience, driving engagement and loyalty. Their strategies are proof that with the right approach, your account can be more than just a page – it can be a story, a journey, a destination.

And here’s a pro tip: Plerdy’s tool is your secret weapon for CRO & UX analysis. It’s not just about looking good – it’s about understanding your audience, boosting conversion rates, and making every click count. By following these trailblazers and leveraging tools like Plerdy, you’re setting yourself up for Instagram success. So, dive in – the world of Instagram marketing awaits!

Brief Explanation of Instagram’s Role in Digital Marketing

Instagram has cemented its place as a powerhouse in digital marketing – a dynamic hub where brands turn followers into customers. As a visual-centric platform, Instagram enables marketers to craft compelling narratives through photos and videos, making every account a potential touchpoint for audience engagement. The app isn’t just a social network; it’s a vibrant marketplace, teeming with opportunities for businesses to showcase their brand identity and connect with their target audience.

Marketers leverage Instagram accounts to:

  • Showcase products using high-quality imagery and storytelling.
  • Engage with their community through comments, direct messages, and Stories.
  • Drive traffic to websites via bio links and product tags.
  • Collect user-generated content to foster a sense of community and trust.

Instagram’s algorithm rewards engagement, prompting marketing professionals to create content that resonates with their audience. With each post, story, and reel, marketing efforts transform an Instagram account from a static page into a lively conversation – a branded experience shaped by the community that follows it. Successful Instagram marketing hinges on understanding the audience and delivering exactly what they crave, be it educational content in the tech niche or behind-the-scenes peeks in the fashion industry.

An Instagram account is more than just a collection of posts; it’s a curated exhibition of a brand’s story. Each swipe reveals more chapters, each image a deeper connection. In the fast-paced avenue of digital storefronts, Instagram stands out by providing marketers with robust tools – insights, analytics, and advertising options – to fine-tune their presence and track performance in real-time. From a local bakery to a global tech giant, Instagram accounts serve as a beacon, guiding potential customers through the customer journey – from discovery to purchase.

The Benefits of Curating your Feed with Top Marketing Influencers

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Curating your Instagram feed with top marketing influencers is like stocking your toolkit with the best gadgets – each account adds value, sharpens your strategy, and keeps you in the loop. It’s no longer just about following; it’s about strategically selecting accounts that propel your marketing knowledge forward and inject your feed with insights, trends, and actionable advice. Tapping into the expertise of established Instagram marketers offers a wealth of benefits:

  • Stay on top of trends: With content that cuts through the noise, these accounts spotlight emerging patterns in consumer behavior and digital engagement.
  • Learn from the best: Marketing mavens on Instagram often share case studies, tutorials, and live Q&A sessions, providing free, yet priceless education.
  • Spark creativity: Their innovative campaigns can serve as a springboard for your own content, helping you to break through creative blocks.
  • Network effortlessly: Commenting and engaging with influencer posts can open doors to collaborations and build valuable industry connections.

In niches from fashion to fintech, Instagram marketing influencers showcase how diverse strategies work in real time. A fashion influencer’s account might burst with color theory applications, while a tech guru’s feed breaks down complex concepts into bite-size reels. By following these accounts, you absorb not just content but context – understanding why certain posts drive engagement in one niche may not in another.

Curating your feed with the crème de la crème of marketing accounts ensures that every scroll through Instagram is an opportunity – to learn, to connect, and to apply fresh, innovative tactics to your own marketing efforts. It’s a move that transforms your account from a passive gallery to an active learning hub.

List of Best Marketing Instagram Accounts

Diving into the “Best 13 Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024,” it’s like striking gold in the vast mine of social media savvy. Each account is a treasure trove of marketing genius, offering a kaleidoscope of strategies that can catapult any Instagram profile from zero to hero. It’s clear these accounts are not just riding the wave of trends, but are setting the pace, making them must-follows for anyone serious about mastering Instagram marketing.


13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 02

In the bustling digital marketplace, Plerdy stands out as an essential tool for Instagram marketing aficionados. This powerful software is a game-changer for anyone looking to amp up their Instagram account’s performance. Plerdy’s suite of SEO and usability tools arms marketers with the insights needed to fine-tune their strategies and skyrocket user engagement.

Instagram accounts thrive on user interaction, and Plerdy’s heatmaps zero in on what captivates your audience. By understanding these interactions, marketing professionals can tailor content to the audience’s preferences, ensuring every post resonates and drives engagement.

Marketers harness Plerdy to:

  •  Analyze click patterns to optimize Instagram feed layouts.
  •  Track conversion goals to measure account performance.
  • Gather feedback to refine marketing strategies.

With Plerdy, every facet of your Instagram marketing approach is honed to perfection. For instance, a beauty brand can pinpoint which product posts garner the most attention and adjust their marketing spend accordingly. Plerdy isn’t just another tool; it’s the silent partner to your Instagram account’s success, delivering data-driven results that speak volumes.

Digital Marketer

13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 03

Harness the power of ‘Digital Marketer’ – a robust tool set to revamp your Instagram marketing strategy. This platform empowers your account with cutting-edge techniques, making it a hub of engagement and innovation. Digital Marketer equips you with strategies that hook followers and transform your Instagram presence.

Key features for your Instagram account:

  • Tailored content recommendations to elevate your feed.
  •  Insightful analytics that track your marketing impact.
  • A/B testing to fine-tune every campaign.

Imagine a fashion brand leveraging Digital Marketer to skyrocket its Instagram account’s appeal. Through meticulous analysis and curated content strategies, the brand’s Instagram marketing efforts pay off, witnessing a surge in follower engagement and conversions. By using Digital Marketer, you can make sure your marketing message is heard above the noise on the internet by carefully curating your account to attract a loyal audience.


13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 04

Step up your Instagram marketing game with Hootsuite – the go-to tool that streamlines your social media management. It’s the ace up your sleeve, ensuring your account stays active and engaged without tying you down. Imagine scheduling posts, tracking engagements, and sifting through analytics all from a single dashboard.

With Hootsuite, your account can:

  • Schedule posts to maintain a constant marketing presence.
  • Monitor multiple streams to engage with your audience promptly.
  • Analyze performance data to sharpen your marketing strategies.

Take a local café’s Instagram account. By leveraging Hootsuite, they plan a week’s worth of mouthwatering posts and stories in one sitting – coffee art by morning, sandwich specials by lunch. Engagement data flows back, tailoring their next move. It’s not just about posting; it’s about posting smarter. In addition to managing your Instagram account, Hootsuite turns it into a marketing machine that is in sync with the rhythms of your target demographic.

Neil Patel

13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 05

Elevate your Instagram marketing strategy with insights from Neil Patel – a maestro of digital marketing whose account bursts with actionable tips. His Instagram feed is full with marketing tips that can boost your account’s engagement.

Following Neil Patel, you gain:

  • Expert advice on growing your Instagram reach.
  • Strategic marketing tactics to boost account visibility.
  • Analytical insights to shape your content strategy.

For a budding e-commerce brand, applying Patel’s tactics could mean revamping their account aesthetics, leading to increased followers and, ultimately, a spike in sales. It’s about channeling his expert marketing prowess right into your Instagram strategy. Neil Patel’s guidance turns your Instagram account into a story of success – post by post, reel by reel. Harnessing his wisdom, your marketing efforts won’t just thrive; they’ll set a benchmark for excellence on Instagram.


13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 06

Transform your Instagram presence with Marketing360 – a versatile tool that redefines your account’s marketing narrative. By syncing up with this all-encompassing platform, you unlock a suite of features designed to amplify your account’s engagement and reach.

Marketing360 equips you to:

  • Craft compelling content that resonates with your Instagram audience.
  • Schedule and manage posts, streamlining your account’s activity.
  • Analyze in-depth reports to tweak your marketing tactics for better outcomes.

Picture an artisan coffee shop using Marketing360 to brew up an Instagram strategy that tempts coffee lovers citywide. They dish out captivating posts and stories, all scheduled for the perfect time, sparking conversations, and driving foot traffic. Your Instagram account isn’t just managed by Marketing360; it’s imbued with the spirit of sophisticated marketing, guaranteeing that each post advances your brand’s recognition and devotion.

Ad Week

13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 07

Dive into Ad Week and elevate your Instagram marketing strategy. This pivotal resource packs your account with industry insights and breakthrough trends that cut through the digital noise. With Ad Week, you’re not just following an account, you’re stepping into a circle of marketing elites.

Key Ad Week takeaways for your Instagram account:

  •  Break down successful marketing campaigns to apply their strategies.
  •  Tap into expert analysis for content that drives engagement.
  •  To maintain the relevancy and freshness of your feed, use creative ideas.

Consider a boutique agency that leans on Ad Week insights to hone their Instagram account’s aesthetic and messaging, resulting in a surge of engagement and an uptick in followers. Ad Week fuels your Instagram marketing efforts, transforming your account into a hub of inspiration and innovation. It’s about crafting stories that not only captivate but also convert, ensuring your brand not only participates but stands out in the bustling Instagram marketplace.

Semrush13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 08

Leverage Semrush to thrust your Instagram account to the forefront of digital marketing. This comprehensive tool doesn’t just track analytics – it’s an arsenal that sharpens your Instagram marketing tactics with precision.

Key benefits Semrush offers your account:

  •  Analyze competitors’ Instagram strategies to stay one step ahead.
  •  Discover high-impact keywords to elevate your content’s reach.
  • Gauge your account’s performance with in-depth metrics.

Imagine a burgeoning travel influencer employing Semrush to identify trending hashtags, allowing them to skyrocket their account visibility just as summer travel peaks. By integrating Semrush into your Instagram marketing approach, your account becomes a data-driven powerhouse, resonating with followers and outshining competitors. It’s a strategic move that converts likes and follows into tangible growth and brand success. Semrush turns Instagram into a hub of smart, engaging content that meets marketing goals.


13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 09

Harness the organizational prowess of Latermedia to streamline your Instagram marketing. As a visual content planner, Latermedia turns your account into a curated masterpiece, ensuring your Instagram marketing resonates with precision and flair.

Empower your Instagram account with Latermedia by:

  •  Scheduling content that aligns with peak engagement times.
  •  Crafting a cohesive aesthetic for your grid to captivate followers.
  • Tracking performance metrics to refine your marketing approach.

Picture a boutique brand harnessing Latermedia to plot out a month’s worth of Instagram posts, each resonating with their unique brand voice, each strategically timed for maximum impact. By incorporating Latermedia into your Instagram marketing toolkit, you transform your account into a beacon of engagement, turning scrollers into followers, and followers into advocates. Latermedia doesn’t just support your marketing strategy; it elevates your entire Instagram presence, positioning your account as an authority in your niche.


13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 10

Elevate your Instagram marketing to new heights with HubSpot. This all-in-one platform brings a suite of tools to your marketing arsenal, streamlining your account management with ease and efficiency. With HubSpot, your Instagram account becomes more than a gallery – it’s a strategic asset.

Key HubSpot offerings for your Instagram account include:

  • Centralized content management to keep your marketing on point.
  • Detailed analytics that shed light on your account’s growth trajectory.
  • Automated publishing tools to ensure your Instagram marketing never sleeps.

Take a health and wellness coach, for example, using HubSpot to orchestrate a series of inspirational post-workout meal images. They plan, execute, and review their Instagram marketing efforts through HubSpot’s detailed dashboards, enhancing their account’s performance with every post. By leveraging HubSpot, you’re not just posting; you’re nurturing a vibrant Instagram community around your brand.


13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 11

Ignite your Instagram marketing narrative with Copyposse, a toolkit designed to perfect the art of digital storytelling for your account. It’s about spinning words into gold – and with Copyposse, every caption and comment is crafted to captivate.

Copyposse helps your Instagram account stand out by:

  •  Crafting compelling copy that hooks followers from the first word.
  •  Strategizing content that aligns with your brand voice.
  •  Engaging your community with calls to action that spur interaction.

Consider a niche boutique leveraging Copyposse to weave stories around its products, turning each post into a mini-campaign that boosts their account’s allure and drives sales. With Copyposse, your Instagram marketing doesn’t just speak to your audience; it sings. This tool isn’t about filling space with words; it’s about filling your Instagram account with purposeful marketing that resonates, engages, and converts.

Adam Mosseri

13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 12

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, is a pivotal figure in the evolution of Instagram marketing. He’s the captain steering the platform’s strategic direction, ensuring that every account has the potential to flourish with new features and algorithms.

Key influences of Adam Mosseri on Instagram marketing:

  • Championing changes that shape the way marketers engage with their audience.
  • Introducing features that amplify account visibility and interaction.
  • Driving innovation that keeps your marketing strategy ahead of the curve.

For example, when a fashion influencer leverages Instagram’s latest algorithm update announced by Mosseri, their engagement rates spike, directly benefiting their marketing objectives. Under Mosseri’s guidance, Instagram has rolled out tools that have become staples in effective account strategies — from IGTV to Reels. Marketers are wise to keep a close eye on Mosseri’s updates — his insights often signal new marketing opportunities, propelling Instagram accounts toward greater heights of digital success.


13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 13

Canva has revolutionized Instagram marketing by equipping accounts with the ability to create eye-catching graphics effortlessly. This design tool has become indispensable for marketers aiming to catch the eye of scrolling users and convert them into followers and customers.

With Canva, your Instagram account gains:

  • Access to a vast library of templates tailored to Instagram’s format.
  • The ability to customize visuals that align with your brand identity.
  • A streamlined process to roll out consistent, quality content.

Imagine a small business owner crafting their Instagram marketing campaign on Canva – with just a few clicks, they whip up professional-grade posts that echo their brand’s vibe, setting their account apart. Canva doesn’t just dress up your Instagram account; it arms your marketing with visual consistency and flair, turning every post into a showcase of your brand’s story.

Sprout Social

13 Best Marketing Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2024 14

Sprout Social is a powerful Instagram marketing tool that turns your account into a hive of activity and insight. This platform gives marketers a commanding view over their Instagram landscape, offering deep dives into analytics that guide content strategy.

Key Sprout Social benefits for your Instagram account:

  • Streamline post scheduling to keep your feed fresh.
  • Dive into engagement data to tailor your marketing approach.
  • Harness rich analytics to fine-tune your account’s growth strategy.

Consider a boutique agency that taps into Sprout Social’s prowess to track the performance of a client’s Instagram marketing campaigns, using real-time data to adjust tactics, ensuring that every post contributes to growing the account’s reach and influence. By creating an Instagram experience with Sprout Social, you’re doing more than just posting; you’re differentiating your marketing in the crowded digital market.


Alright, let’s wrap this up! We’ve journeyed through the Instagram marketing landscape of 2024, spotlighting 13 standout accounts that are really shaking things up. These aren’t just any accounts – they’re your blueprint for smashing it on Instagram. Whether it’s racking up likes or nailing that perfect post, these accounts show you how it’s done.

Now, you’ve got the names, the inspiration, and the examples. What’s next? It’s all about taking action. Remember, it’s not just about following these accounts – it’s about applying what you learn to your own Instagram marketing strategy. Break down their tactics, pick out what resonates with your brand, and put your own spin on it. That’s how you’ll stand out.

And hey, while you’re at it, why not give Plerdy’s tools a whirl? They’re pretty nifty for analyzing user behavior, optimizing for conversion rates, and getting your Instagram account to work even harder for you. Think of it as having a marketing guru in your pocket – always there to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into these accounts, soak up their genius, and start applying those lessons to your own Instagram strategy. It’s time to take your Instagram marketing to the next level – let’s make 2024 your year to shine on Instagram!

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