Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2024)

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Navigating the vast landscape of SEO in India? Dive into our detailed roundup of the top 17 SEO companies lighting up the Indian digital scene in 2023.

? From eCommerce giants to budding startups, businesses are tapping into expert services to boost their online visibility. Here’s a snippet of what’s inside:

  • Expertise in niche sectors like healthcare, fintech, and fashion.
  • Cutting-edge strategies tailored to the Indian audience.
  • Stellar track records in driving organic traffic growth.

With India’s digital boom, countless companies claim to offer top-notch SEO services. However, few truly understand the nuances of search engine algorithms and adapt swiftly to market shifts. Our list showcases firms that not only excel in their craft but are also forging innovative pathways in the industry.

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How we made our list of the top SEO companies

Crafting this robust list of top SEO companies in India required rigorous research and analysis. Our team delved into a myriad of elements that define the best SEO service providers, ensuring we captured an accurate snapshot of the market in 2023.

We embarked on this journey by compiling a long list of potential contenders. With a specific focus on companies based in India, our team hunted for those specializing in SEO service delivery. We sifted through digital platforms, professional networks, and industry-specific forums.

Then we shifted gears – focusing on specifics:

  • Company Experience: We scrutinized the number of years each company had in the SEO industry. Companies with extensive histories frequently have a thorough understanding of search engine trends and algorithms.
  • Portfolio: We analyzed their past work, giving us a glimpse into their ability to improve website visibility and organic traffic.
  • Client Testimonials: We examined the feedback of clients who’ve used their services. Success stories and positive reviews reaffirm a company’s prowess in SEO.
  • Industry Recognition: We checked for any awards or recognition each company has garnered in the SEO arena.

Through this comprehensive, step-by-step approach, we successfully curated a list of top-notch SEO companies. Each one serves as an example of a high-caliber SEO strategy that is reliable and effective.These companies are not only dedicated to their craft but also capable of driving impactful results for their clients. Whether you need local SEO, e-commerce SEO, or global SEO – rest assured these Indian companies deliver excellence in service.

List of Top 17 SEO Companies in India

1. SEO Experts Company India

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 02

SEO Experts Company India remains the go-to entity for search engine optimization needs. They leverage a thorough understanding of algorithms, keyword analysis, and rich content creation to elevate websites’ rankings, making businesses more visible on the global stage.

They excel in:

  • E-commerce SEO: By enhancing product pages and descriptions, they amplify the appeal of online stores.
  • Local SEO: They focus on optimizing for local search results, driving footfall for brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • International SEO: For companies seeking to break borders, they optimize for different languages and regions.

They have offices in the center of India and provide services that are superior to those of their rivals. Their clients, ranging from tech startups to retail giants, all witness tremendous growth in website traffic, a testament to their proficiency in the SEO industry. Their adept team offers continuous website audits, relevant backlink creation, and meaningful engagement with users, creating an undeniable impact in online visibility.

Hailing from a diverse range of backgrounds, their expertise crosses multiple sectors. Their portfolio showcases impressive improvements in site rankings across various industries, like healthcare, fashion, food, and technology.

By choosing SEO Experts Company India, businesses don’t just benefit from top-tier SEO services. They gain a long-term partner dedicated to their online success, one who continuously evolves with the shifting trends in SEO, always ready to offer unparalleled service. With them, your online growth isn’t just a possibility—it’s a promise.

2. ROI Minds

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 03

Merging strategic acumen with formidable technical finesse, ROI Minds embodies the quintessence of a top-tier digital marketing agency in India. This SEO service heavyweight has been instrumental in catalyzing rapid growth for businesses globally – manifesting in tangible metrics.

A snapshot of their staggering achievements:

  • Facilitated over $200 million in revenue for eCommerce stores
  • Amplified organic traffic by 204.20%+ in a mere three months for an eCommerce client
  • Engineered a 15x ROAS in three months utilizing Facebook Ads for a sports equipment store

ROI Minds excels in delivering impactful SEO services that drive growth. They blend algorithmic comprehension with strategic innovation to maximize the organic visibility of businesses online.

The agency’s robust offerings encompass:

  • Google Ads (PPC) services: optimizing campaign management to yield amplified revenues
  • Social Media Management: Harnessing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to boost sales and visibility
  • SEO Services: Implementing exhaustive SEO recommendations to propel free traffic and improve online ranking

By partnering with India SEO Company ROI Minds, businesses unlock the opportunity to capitalize on comprehensive digital marketing strategies – fine-tuned for profitability. They commit to creating campaigns that pivot businesses from being ‘just another player’ to becoming an influential force in their respective industries.

From aiding a private jet charter booking brand in generating 700+ leads per month to driving a staggering $1.25 million in revenue in 3 months via Google Ads, ROI Minds’ accomplishments underscore the potency of their expertise.

Their central ethos, “Helping Businesses Grow”, underscores the agency’s relentless pursuit of client success. They’ve left an indelible mark in the realm of SEO and digital marketing services in India and beyond, proving that numbers don’t lie when it comes to ROI.

3. WDI

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 04

Situated in the heart of India, WDI has steadily ascended to the rank of premier mobile app development company – a reflection of company consistent dedication over 20 years and a testament to her unique blend of design, development, and optimization expertise. Backed by company committed team, company offer an all-in-one package: from meticulous in-depth research and product consultancy to scaling and growth services.

WDI’s signature strategy hinges on a data-driven approach infused with the revolutionary potential of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science. WDI innovative practices enable us to extract valuable insights from data, automating and refining processes to heighten mobile app user experiences.

Company service catalog encompasses:

  • Mobile app development
  • iOS and Android app development
  • Custom and eCommerce website development
  • Native and hybrid app development

With WDI adept utilization of top-notch technologies such as Flutter, Laravel, React, and AWS, strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible. As champions of innovation, they also facilitate the journey of startups, guiding them from idea inception to MVP launch, ensuring their concepts flourish in the market.

Company comprehensive engagement models cater to diverse project requirements, ranging from fixed price quotes and time-and-material plans to dedicated team assignments. They take pride in prioritizing transparency and predictability in business relationships.

No challenge is too big for India SEO Company WDI. Strive to build astounding digital products fuelled by a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. Elevate your business trajectory with WDI – where dreams intersect reality.

4. ThatWare LLP

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 05

Unleash the potential of your business with India SEO Company ThatWare LLP – the first-ever company globally to intertwine SEO with the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Originating from India, this award-winning company has set a bold footprint in the SEO service landscape, clinching high-profile accolades from esteemed organizations including Forbes, Clutch, The Times of India, and the CEO Magazine, amongst others.

With ThatWare, the impressive SEO statistics speak for themselves:

  • 4,638,120 qualified leads generated
  • A staggering $93,757,480 in revenue chalked up via SEO

Such astounding results stem from ThatWare’s one-of-a-kind AI and advanced SEO services that promise a guaranteed 1st page ranking. These unique offerings have made ThatWare a household name, recognized and awarded by over 20+ organizations globally.

Here’s a taste of ThatWare’s magic:

  • Intelligent Guidance: ThatWare LLP exclusive AI SEO algorithms generate intelligent guidance that rivals lack. Precise surgical instructions maximize on-site optimization, backlink building, and content creation – the three core aspects of SEO work.
  • Faster Results: Using 83 proprietary AI algorithms, implement SEO tactics that quickly improve SERP results.
  • Navigating Google’s Algorithm Changes: Google amends its algorithm over 600 times each year. Agency use AI to help clients adjust smoothly to these changes.

In addition to the core SEO offerings, ThatWare provides a suite of other services:

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Link Building
  • AI-based Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding, Paid Marketing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Managed Search Engine Optimization
  • One Time Search Engine Optimization
  • Reseller Search Engine Optimization

Whether it’s for a start-up or a Fortune company, ThatWare’s AI-powered advanced SEO systems and wide range of services make it the global leader. Join hands with ThatWare to take your online marketing game to an unprecedented level.

5. SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 06

Established since 2000, SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd. sets the benchmark in the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in India. As a prominent SEO company, they’ve skillfully conducted over 7,590 campaigns spanning across 59 countries. Housing a dedicated team of 108 professionals, they consistently serve 1,077 active clients and secure a remarkable 11,793 top-10 rankings every month.

SEOValley has exemplified its expertise across varied niches:

  • Fitness companies, such as Gymsportz Fitness, gaining prominence in the market.
  • Real estate firms like Panama Realtor securing a firm foothold in the industry.
  • E-Learning providers building solid Google rankings, with one experiencing a 30X organic traffic improvement.
  • Global furniture brands capturing significant market share with SEO strategies.
  • Local brands like Bottle Barn, from Santa Rosa, CA, enhancing their brand visibility through paid marketing campaigns.

The SEO campaigns are powered by exhaustive research and development that adapts to Google’s ever-evolving algorithms. As a result, SEOValley has successfully maintained high customer satisfaction rankings while serving renowned brands like HCL Technologies, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Styloko. The company’s focus extends beyond mere rankings. They target high-ROI search phrases that align with potential customer needs, ensuring the generated leads are viable and beneficial to the client’s bottom line. India SEO Company SEOValley doesn’t just provide traffic, they deliver visitors who are prepared to purchase their clients’ offerings.

SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – the epitome of results-oriented SEO service in India, focusing on quality, transparency, and delivering measurable outcomes.

6. IndeedSEO

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 07

IndeedSEO, an esteemed SEO firm hailing from India, takes pride in its rich tapestry of services. This business, a pioneer in the field of SEO, acts as a pivot for businesses by increasing their web traffic and visibility.

India SEO Company IndeedSEO empowers businesses through three key facets of SEO – On-page optimization, Off-page optimization, and Technical SEO.

  • On-page optimization: Tailoring the structure of your website for improved exposure, encompassing a plethora of distinct processes aimed at optimizing your website’s structure.
  • Off-pageoptimization: Tuning your website’s ranking in search results through modifications made off-site. This includes aspects like link building and local citations.
  • Technical SEO: An integral procedure of ensuring your website complies with modern search engine standards for improved organic rankings, involving aspects like crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture.

Further to these, IndeedSEO has a knack for generating appealing topic ideas that resonate with your consumer persona, transforming these ideas into captivating written or visual content. Adept in utilizing analytics, they keenly monitor website performance metrics to keep their strategies in check and maintain a steady flow of progress.

In a nutshell, IndeedSEO infuses your business with a unique digital character that brings forth higher ranking, improved customer engagement, and a higher return on your marketing investment. The company helps businesses turn SEO into a long-term investment that pays dividends in the form of growth and online credibility. A collaboration with IndeedSEO is not just about service delivery – it’s about building partnerships that lead to digital success.

7. RankOn Technologies Pvt Ltd

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 08

Established in the vibrant city of Lucknow, India, RankOn Technologies Pvt Ltd distinguishes itself as a digital marketing company committed to facilitating unparalleled business growth for its clients. With a decade-long heritage of excellence, RankOn stands out for its specialized expertise in a diverse range of services:

  • Adept SEO Services: Their skilful team, well-versed in white hat practices, utilizes advanced SEO tools and conducts comprehensive keyword research, giving your website a competitive edge in SERPs.
  • Result-Oriented PPC Services: To boost sales, leads, and conversions, RankOn’s PPC services offer an expedient solution with bespoke campaigns run under expert supervision.
  • Engaging SMM Services: Recognizing the influence of social media, they foster connections with target audiences, ensuring active engagement.
  • Pristine ORM Services: Online reputation management at RankOn holds prime importance, presenting your business in a positive light.
  • Exceptional Content Writing Services: Their writers, proficient in SEO and content creation, deliver captivating, interactive content aligning with business objectives.
  • Website Design & Development: As a reputable web design and development company, RankOn crafts user-friendly websites for an enhanced user experience.

RankOn Technologies Pvt Ltd has assisted over 500 businesses globally, their customized strategies bolstering digital presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more. With over 20 skilled team members and a client-centric ethos, they provide digital marketing consultation at affordable rates, cementing their place as one of India’s premier digital marketing companies.

8. Zebra Techies Solution (ZTS)

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 09

Revel in the power of data-driven digital marketing strategies offered by Zebra Techies Solution (ZTS), a leading SEO company based in India. ZTS champions a 360° approach to brand growth—tailoring SEO services, maximizing social reach, and enhancing revenue through solid leads, all underpinned by a staunch commitment to data.

  • Leverage tailor-made SEO services to achieve targeted goals. Embrace an array of whitehat activities expertly steered by ZTS to bolster your business performance.
  • PPC Marketing, kickstarting from $150/Month, optimizes your investment by targeting the right audience and converting them into viable leads.
  • With ZTS comprehensive Digital Marketing services, starting from $599/Month, uplift businesses of all sizes across various verticals globally.
  • Delve into competitive Web Development services, starting from $15/Hour. Benefit from CMS and Ecommerce website development, all delivered with superior quality.
  • Web Design solutions, kicking off from $699, epitomize the fusion of cutting-edge design technology and real-time feedback to meet your brand requirements.

ZTS credentials speak volumes for competency—a staggering 100% job success rate, 91% client retention rate, and the trust of over 7000+ clients. At ZTS, SEO consultants employ up-to-date knowledge to elevate your brand, be it for ecommerce stores, application-based sites, or SaaS-based applications. As your reliable partner, ZTS empowers your brand to grow its online footprint, construct lasting brand credibility, and generate qualified leads.

Experience the ZTS Approach to Digital Marketing Solutions:

  • On-site Strategy and Optimizations
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics and Conversion Growth

With India SEO Company ZTS, say goodbye to guesswork, and embrace result-driven digital marketing solutions.

9. EZ Rankings

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 10

Welcome to EZ Rankings, an SEO service provider from India, impeccably designed to bolster your digital footprint. Agency don’t just comply with the Google Panda and Penguin updates, thrive on them. Exclusive SEO plans adhere to these updates, protecting your website from potential pitfalls while giving it the leverage it needs to shine.

  • The Bronze Plan, a compact strategy for a 5-page website, includes 10 carefully selected keywords and 5 diversified keywords, spanning a 6-month timeline for $125.
  • Opt for Silver Plan if you have a 15-page website. It offers 15 keywords, 8 diversified keywords for $299, implemented over 6 months.
  • The Gold Plan, designed for a 50-page website, pumps 50 targeted keywords and 15 diversified keywords into your website for $449 over 6 months.
  • Lastly, Professional Plan is the ultimate SEO arsenal, providing unlimited website service with 100 keywords and 25 diversified ones over 6 months, costing you $699.

EZ Rankings trategies are not only robust but also offer a variety of options. Every plan is carefully crafted for various website sizes, each encompassing diverse keywords to effectively capture the essence of your brand. Company work diligently, diving deep into your industry niche to ensure SEO strategies align with your goals, driving the right traffic, and cementing your online authority. India SEO Company EZ Rankings is all about forging a path to success, illuminating your brand’s brilliance in the vast digital landscape.

10. Techmagnate

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 11

Techmagnate, based in India, is an esteemed digital marketing and SEO service company dedicated to empowering your business through an effective online strategy. Recognized for its proficiency in SEO services – ranging from Enterprise SEO to Local SEO, App SEO to Video SEO – Techmagnate leads the digital marketing industry with a 15-year track record of success.

Dedicated to driving transformative growth, the company’s mission is to augment the digital performance of 250 clients by 2025. Some of the dynamic services offered by Techmagnate include:

  • Comprehensive SEO strategies: Audits, on-page SEO, link building and beyond to ensure top ranking on Google Search.
  • Pay Per Click services: As one of only 60 Google Premier Partners in India, Techmagnate excels in lead generation and sales boosting.
  • Website Design and Development: Crafting first impressions to seal your deals.
  • Online Reputation Management: The SEO experts at Techmagnate protect and elevate your online reputation.
  • Ecommerce Solutions: Combining expertise in design, hosting, and search engine marketing to boost sales.
  • App Store Optimization: Ensuring your App ranks high for your target keywords on Play Store and Apple Store.

Experienced and innovative, Techmagnate not only provides top-notch SEO services in India, but it also stands out for its transparency, cutting-edge strategies, and dedication to client growth. The company is lauded as an award-winning SEO service provider, with more than 1000 satisfied clients globally and an ambitious vision to continue setting the bar in the industry. The robust digital marketing solutions offered by Techmagnate are driven by the latest technology, ensuring their clients are always a step ahead in the digital landscape.

11. Conversion Perk

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 12

Pushing the envelope of success – this encapsulates the ethos of Conversion Perk, a premier SEO company located in India. Striding boldly in the digital marketing landscape, deliver unrivaled SEO services aimed at businesses poised to adapt, grow, and thrive in the online sphere.

As a trusted companion in your digital journey, agency are eager to share how we’ve amplified the market position of various niches:

  • Startups: Ignited the spark for fledgling firms, initiating marketing campaigns that accelerate the acquisition of initial clients or sales momentum.
  • B2B Agencies: White-label solution – managing everything from strategy to audit reports under stringent non-disclosure agreements – suits agencies that need an extra hand.
  • Industry Experts: For stalwarts in Healthcare, Photography, Legal sectors and beyond, we’ve created paid marketing campaigns, resulting in a flood of new leads.
  • eCommerce Vendors: Online sellers have benefited from the approach, seeing their sales multiply regardless of the platform – be it Shopify or Amazon.

Commitment to excellence is mirrored in achievements:

  • 53% of clients have collaborated with us for over a year.
  • A significant 4 out of 5 clients recommend Conversion Perk marketing services.
  • 78% is the average YoY revenue growth we’ve generated for company clientele.

Services encompass Pay-per-click Management, Social Media Management, eCommerce Management, and of course, crown jewel, Search Engine Optimization.

On the strength of rigorous research, focused strategy, and expert execution, ensure that clients benefit from the best of what digital marketing in India has to offer. Discover the India SEO Company Conversion Perk advantage and let your business thrive in the digital realm. Adapt, grow, thrive – that’s the Conversion Perk way.


Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 13

Incorporating transparency, flexibility, and affordability, SEOFIED IT SERVICES PVT LTD represents a significant industry player in the SEO and digital marketing sector in India. With a rich decade-long experience, this company masterfully harnesses the power of SEO to propel businesses into the digital future.

Pioneering software development, growth-driven web design, and inbound marketing strategies, SEOFIED has built a robust reputation on three key principles:

  • Strategic Partnerships: A recognized Google, HubSpot, and Facebook Marketing Partner, this company serves as a bridge between businesses and influential tech giants.
  • Expertise: 12 years of experience, 93+ certified professionals, and 4500+ successful projects underline SEOFIED’s solid competence.
  • Global Client Presence: Serving over 1500 global customers across 60+ countries, this company’s expertise knows no borders.

Spearheading industry advancements, SEOFIED is committed to delivering bespoke marketing solutions tailored to each business’s unique needs. Take, for instance, their local SEO services, instrumental in enhancing the visibility of small businesses within their neighborhood. Through local SEO, companies can outperform competitors, reach more customers, and enjoy an influx of sales.

Or, look at SEOFIED’s software development service. They engineer innovative software solutions that optimize business processes, catalyzing digital transformation across various industries, from movers and transport to online shopping.

Every service offered by SEOFIED holds the promise of transparency, flexibility, and affordability—words that not only define this company but have also established it as a trusted SEO service provider in India. Uniquely SEOFIED.

13. Vinayak InfoSoft – SEO Company

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 14

In the bustling digital landscape of India, Vinayak InfoSoft stands out – an SEO company par excellence. Built on a foundation of 24+ years of experience, Vinayak InfoSoft delivers premier SEO services aimed at elevating your brand’s online visibility and driving its growth.

Boasting an impressive portfolio with 3500+ satisfied clients, they have successfully ranked 38,108+ keywords and delivered an astounding 12,48,720+ enquiries. These stellar numbers speak volumes about their prowess in SEO and commitment to results.

From small start-ups to established enterprises across various niches – healthcare, education, e-commerce, or tech, Vinayak InfoSoft employs a uniquely tailored approach. Their SEO strategy includes but is not limited to:

  • Thorough website audit
  • Keywords analysis and optimization
  • Creation of quality, SEO-friendly content
  • Strategic link building
  • Monitoring and reporting of website performance

As an award-winning agency, they leverage their comprehensive knowledge of the digital landscape in India to propel your brand to the top of Google search results. Their dedicated team of SEO and PPC experts not only help you find the right target audience but also measure interest in your products and services to yield tangible benefits.

Recognized globally as a brand achiever, Vinayak InfoSoft isn’t just another SEO company. It is a powerhouse dedicated to assisting businesses in achieving substantial online growth. Engaging Vinayak InfoSoft guarantees that you are banking on the best in the industry – a company that delivers consistent, exceptional organic results with a fast turnaround time. They have redefined what it means to be a leading SEO company in India, a feat many aspire to attain but few do.

Their exceptional customer experience, high return on investment, and affordable charges make them the perfect partner for businesses seeking exceptional digital marketing solutions. With India SEO Company Vinayak InfoSoft, the future of your brand’s online presence is in capable hands.

14. SEO Daddy Company

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 15

Nestled in the heart of India, SEO Daddy Company, a versatile digital marketing agency, has carved a unique niche in the SEO landscape. This dynamic entity weaves a tailored plan of specialized digital marketing services, matching your specific business needs— a strategy that consistently drives potent results.

Here’s why SEO Daddy Company outperforms:

  • It morphs into an extension of your business, wrapping around your unique market objectives.
  • SEO Daddy lays a robust emphasis on client relationships and outcomes— a characteristic echoed by their clients’ testimonials.
  • Various digital marketing services are available from them, customized to each client’s needs.

Proudly known as the top SEO Company in India, they have left a significant digital footprint in diverse niches. For instance, Danial Ponting, Business Manager at Ozzie Geeks, testifies to the brilliant job SEO Daddy did in ranking his website on the first page.

Similarly, Sofia Lopez, Deputy CEO at Eyeglass Repair USA, confirms how SEO Daddy ranked them for over 50 keywords in a short time span, achieving the promised first-page Google ranking within six months. Luna Miller, an Entrepreneur, lauds the company for understanding her business needs and delivering an amazing website that generates solid leads.

India Company SEO Daddy is your go-to partner for best-in-class brand launching, improved visibility, and significant increase in digital traffic. Their commitment to excellence in SEO is the key that unlocks your business potential, enabling it to thrive in the digital landscape.

15. Indazo

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 16

Dive into the realm of Indazo, a leading digital agency nestled in the heart of India. Setting the standard for SEO and Internet Marketing services, they offer top-tier work at competitive prices.

Known for their broad-spectrum digital prowess, Indazo provides an array of services:

  • Search Engine Optimization that catapults you into the top ranking positions across all major search engines.
  • Pay Per Click Management, driving instant traffic to your site, converting visitors into sales.
  • Website Development & Designing, crafting stunning, SEO-friendly sites that draw traffic and facilitate sales.
  • Social Media Marketing, broadcasting your brand on the top social platforms.
  • Reputation Management, meticulously managing your online brand image.

India SEO Company Indazo is not your average digital agency. With a 20-year track record and over 1,000 satisfied clients, their digital marketing and SEO expertise is award-winning. Their competitive edge lies in the marriage of technical expertise and creative thinking, delivering tailored SEO services and IT solutions.

Pricing is flexible, with no fixed contracts, offering steady traffic to your site without breaking the bank. If you’re seeking a partner to boost your digital footprint, Indazo’s fast customer assistance ensures you’ll get the help you need when you need it.

Remember, if your ambition is to reach the summit of online success, Indazo paves the path, assisting you in making the climb. Trust Indazo to fuel your digital ascent.


Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 17

U-Webmedia is a top-tier, full-service digital marketing firm nestled in the vibrant technology hub of India. Portfolio boasts an array of professional services, all under one roof. Agency specialize in delivering exceptional SEO, mastering Pay Per Click management, and capitalizing on Social Media Marketing. Plus, have a knack for developing captivating Content Marketing Strategies and implementing them through compelling Content Development/Distribution.

What sets us apart? Here are a few highlights of U-WEBMEDIA offerings:

  • SEO: Award-winning organic traffic strategies have been fine-tuned through years of successful SEO experience. Company focus not just on driving traffic but converting visitors into leads and sales.
  • Google Ads: As a Google Ads Premier Partner, U-WEBMEDIA pledge 100% transparency. Industry-leading expertise ensures your ROAS increases every month.
  • Social Media Ads: Marry compelling creative with platform expertise to drive sales via social advertising on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Website Design & Development: With U-Webmedia, your vision gets an expert touch. Company designers and developers work tirelessly to make your website visually stunning and functionally superior, ensuring your audience can convert quickly and effortlessly.

In the digital marketing sphere, U-Webmedia has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. U-WEBMEDIA team’s dedication to transparency, campaign visibility, and constant communication with clients has earned us a reputation as a reliable ally in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Trust us to guide your business to online success, crafting the perfect digital strategy that focuses on your unique goals. With India SEO Company U-Webmedia, you’re not just a client – you’re a partner.

17. iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Top 17 SEO Companies in India (2023) 18

iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in SEO services, web and mobile application development, and digital marketing in the digital realm. Located in India’s central region, this company is instrumental in breathing life into brands, delivering interactive mobile and web solutions that are both customized and engaging.

They venture into multiple niches:

  • Web Development, crafting intuitive designs that boost sales and conversions.
  • Mobile & Wearables, creating captivating iOS and Android apps in line with your business cycle.
  • Ecommerce Development, providing secure, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing ecommerce designs.
  • Cloud Computing offering integrated public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.
  • App Prototyping, envisioning ideas through functional web and mobile app wireframes.
  • Digital Marketing, scaling your online traffic and sales with top-notch campaigns.

Operating since 2004, iMark Infotech is dedicated to empowering businesses, large and small, to adapt to the ever-evolving digital needs of their clients. With a client retention rate of 64%, they have served over 2800 clients across 30+ industries, including education and e-commerce, delivering more than 200 startup projects.

With a team of certified professionals, they’ve been hallmarked for innovation and success. At iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd., every solution is designed to increase your ROI and give you a competitive edge in the online market. For them, SEO isn’t just a service – it’s the cornerstone for your brand to thrive and flourish in the online space.

They’ve also achieved some remarkable feats: ranking number one as a White Hat Search Engine Optimization Company in India and delivering 100+ first-page rankings every month. It’s no wonder that India SEO Company iMark Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a company that lives and breathes digital innovation.

Why choosing the right SEO company matters

SEO—the digital power tool propelling your brand to the forefront. In a globally connected landscape, your company needs a potent strategy with a focus on India, if it’s there you seek to make your mark. A savvy SEO company holds the master key to your success.

Why does the right selection matter? Here are some thought-stirring reasons:

  • The wrong fit might indulge in Black-Hat SEO—bad news for your reputation and search engine standings.
  • Localization, especially in diverse markets like India, is an art that not all providers master. Understanding cultural nuances and regional search patterns is vital.
  • Data-driven decision-making, courtesy of an experienced service, enables actionable insights. The wrong choice might steer you towards unfounded strategies.

Picking the top-notch SEO company is akin to finding a reliable co-pilot for your digital journey. Imagine your service operating in the bustling streets of Mumbai or the serene landscapes of Kerala, seamlessly connecting with the local audience. Picture your company’s name popping up as the answer to the search queries of millions of Indian users. With the right SEO company, it isn’t just a dream—it’s a goal.

The beauty of SEO isn’t just increased visibility—it’s about carving a digital narrative that resonates with your audience. Therefore, in the dance of algorithms, your partner matters. So, choose wisely. Because in this digital dance, stepping with the right SEO company can turn you from a mere participant into the star of the show.


Navigating the landscape of SEO companies in India has never been more straightforward. In this thorough guide, we’ve given a clear picture of the Top 17 businesses, from Ahmedabad to Delhi, that focus on reliable methods and original solutions.

These businesses provide insightful analysis and customized action strategies, whether you require services for a tiny island firm or a larger multinational profile. ? Companies like Webhopers and Techcronus stand out among the rest, offering unique wellness in your SEO journey. Ready to elevate your online performance? Try the Plerdy tool for an in-depth SEO & UX analysis—it’s a vital asset in today’s digital landscape. Click to subscribe now and fully engage with your SEO strategy. ⚡

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