TOP 19 Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing is a constantly changing area of ​​expertise. Beginners and seasoned marketers alike need to keep up to date with updates. You can gain basic knowledge or improve your skills by taking online courses from reputable academies, universities, and online platforms. Practicing lecturers, masters, and gurus of their fields will share their experiences and information with you.

We’ve selected the best online courses that will introduce you to search engine optimization, digital marketing features, and its range of tools.

Educational cases will help you study:

  • Basics SEO. Find out more about search engine optimization methods to increase website traffic, about a variety of SEO strategies, about changes in the algorithms of search engine requirements.
  • Website optimization methods: increasing the return from website visitors.
  • Contextual advertising and its nuances.
  • The basics of using social networks for promotion. Learn more about increasing reach and engagement with your audience using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.
  • Mechanisms of email newsletters.
  • Content marketing and other methods to deliver valuable information to customers.

Learn about niche innovations, inspirational experiences from leading companies, and proven marketing strategies.

Tips to Choose Digital Marketing Course

Choosing the best courses is not a simple task – many schools and organizations offer online classes for those wishing to pursue careers in marketing. Real professionals are happy to share their skills – undertaking this type of training will yield impressive results.

When looking for online digital marketing courses, consider the following criteria:

  • Your goals: professional development or full-time work in the industry? Is the entire course built around professional development, or is it a separate module?
  • Type of learning: alone or with a tutor? The latter option is suitable for those who need additional incentives. Highly motivated people with a busy work schedule usually prefer to self-study.
  • Format of the event: what do you like best? Many courses often organize conferences and presentations. Many companies offer internship opportunities or even job prospects.
  • Bonuses: is there post-course career guidance? Some organizations assist with resume writing, conduct additional training to improve communication skills.
  • Study environment: your work schedule and budget. Realistically analyze your capabilities.

Before purchasing a course, try out the free demo lesson. Evaluate the delivery of the lecture and whether you learned new valuable information. Our advice is to treat education as an investment in your future.

Self-study Digital Marketing vs. Digital Marketing Course

Doing online or attending lectures physically? Good question: many people find it easier to grasp new concepts within a classroom setting. You get to practice with the teacher, exchange opinions with other students, and create a resume for future employment. But if it is not possible to attend face-to-face classes, you can still learn the basics of marketing on your own. All you need is access to the Internet, be involved in the topic, and be ready to devote your time to it. It’s easy to find digital marketing courses by searching on Google – both free and paid. Thematic training videos are available on YouTube, Google Academy for Ads, and Acadium.

Take a few weeks to get to know the necessary theory. Then put what you have learned into practice – otherwise, you cannot fully understand what you have learned. Find projects in real-time to implement your ideas and strategies, gain work experience. And be prepared to continue to learn – digital marketing is constantly transforming.

Top 9 Best Free Digital Marketing Courses

There are many free courses from well-known platforms.

Inbound Marketing Course

The content of the course includes; 10 lessons, 34 videos, and 9 additional tests. This course is for beginners. It is provided by Hubspot Academy, developers of sales automation and inbound marketing software.


  • planning a long-term content strategy;
  • promotion in blogs and social networks;

Course – with an official certificate. The duration of all lessons is 4 hours. Students noted the instructors are highly qualified.

Free Diploma in E-Business

More than 84,000 students worldwide have taken this beginner course. Based on the results, all students pass the exam. To successfully pass the course, students must score 80 points or above. Note: a certificate of completion is not issued but purchased at $20.

Alison is an open online learning platform developed by Mike Feerick in 2007. In the course you will study:

  • Google Analytics;
  • search optimization and profit indicators;
  • features of the analysis of the company;
  • Tracking attendance.

The site of the recognized leader in online learning has 6 million registered students. This course takes 6-10 hours to complete.

Become an Online Marketing Manager

Advance level lessons for digital marketing professionals looking for new qualifications to further their careers. The course focuses on advanced online marketing techniques and the latest tools for implementing marketing strategies.

Provided by LinkedIn Learning. Trained by industry experts: Brad Batesole, David Booth, Brian Honigman, Megan Adams, Corey Koberg, Shauna Bybee. 11 modules include:

  • grow to hack, extended branding;
  • the basics of SEO, email newsletters;
  • sketches for UX design.

Available for free to premium LinkedIn members.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A well-thought-out, well-designed program for students with a basic understanding of marketing. The Open University of Scotland presents courses via edX. The lecturers are from the University of Edinburgh, Ewelina Lacka, and Antonia Gieschen. Advantages:

  • a comprehensive program provides practical digital marketing skills;
  • convenient user interface;
  • more than 7 thousand participants who have completed the course.

The course duration is 8 weeks if you commit 4-6 hours a week.

Digital Strategy

The training cycle contains information about the strategies used by the leaders of the most successful companies – Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Google. How to use knowledge to accelerate your growth? Lecturer Peter Cohan, professor of strategy at Babson College, will help you learn from the most successful businesses that use digital marketing.


  • helps to understand how leaders maintain high positions within their companies;
  • part of the XSeries Business Principles and Entrepreneurial Thought series;
  • inspires and motivates.

To obtain a digital marketing certification, you must select the paid version ($199). The length of the course is 4 weeks.

Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

A fun online digital marketing certification course offered by the University of Illinois and Coursera. The program focuses on optimizing digital activities, internet marketing, and the role of email marketing.

Lecturer – Mike Yao, Assistant Professor in the Digital Media Department at the University of Illinois.


  • The online Master of Business Administration (iMBA) includes this course.
  • counts towards receiving a diploma when transferring to the complete training program.

The downside is that there isn’t a free version. Time – 15 hours of video lessons.

Quick Tips and Tricks to Learn Digital Marketing

A case of 37 short lessons available on the Skillshare platform. It includes video tutorials and hands-on projects. The program covers the basic aspects of digital marketing.

The lecturer is Kapil Chopra, a self-proclaimed digital marketing guru.

The duration of the entire video course is 4 hours (37 lessons). The first 2 months are free, then a subscription of $99 per year.

Internet Marketing for Smart People

The course consists of 20 modules – they are sent to the student’s email. In addition, it provides access to e-books and other resources dedicated to creating a compelling, sales-boosting copy.

The Copyblogger web resource organizes the program. The lecturers are experts in content strategy with many years of experience.


  • bonus access to the profile library and resources;
  • simple registration.

The training time depends on the module.

The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

It consists of 13 guides on a variety of topics in the industry. The producers of the course label it as; The most extensive and comprehensive introduction to Internet marketing.


  • for a wide range of readers;
  • structured presentation;
  • practical examples and assignments.

The Quicksprout platform was founded in 2008 by marketing experts Neil Patel and Lars Lofgren.

Top 10 Best Paid Digital Marketing Courses

The Complete Digital Marketing Course

Students are provided with online and offline resources, video instructions, articles, and workshops. The program includes:

  • The basics of WordPress;
  • Advertising mailing, social marketing;
  • Copywriting.

Creator: Udemy online learning platform. Course Authors: Rob Percival, Daragh Walsh. Completion certificate – issued.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 136,931 ratings). Price – $12.99.

Become a Digital Marketer

More than just an online digital marketing course, learn the finest details of marketing science! The program starts with the basics and ends with creating your personalized marketing approach.

Students are given access to real projects. There is technical support from a mentor, and after graduation, assistance in career growth is provided. Developer – Udacity, instructors – Anke Audenaert, Daniel Kob, and Julia Aspinal. The time is determined independently. You must have Gmail and Facebook accounts to run software projects.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 1004 ratings). Price – $419.

Digital Marketing Masterclass

Full and intensive course, consisting of lessons, quizzes, and workshops. By signing up for classes, you get personal patronage, unlimited access to materials and updates.

Lecturers – Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila, online business gurus. The total time of video lessons is 34.5 hours.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (based on 16909 ratings). Price – $12.99.

Social Media Marketing

Do you want to increase site traffic or stimulate sales? Learn the following here:

  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others – the basics of social networks;
  • Secrets of blogging;
  • Content marketing.

Video tutorial time – 2.5 hours + 16 excellent articles.

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (based on 9991 ratings). Price – $16.99

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Course 2021

The beginner’s package consists of 11 lessons. Fast online support is provided for any questions. The course is aimed at studying:

  • Methods of market research;
  • Methods of creating websites, conducting marketing campaigns;
  • techniques for writing successful texts, creating effective content;
  • SEO- optimization, promotion through social networks;
  • Cold mailing.

Lecturer – Joshua George, owner of a UK digital marketing agency.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (544 ratings). Price – $13.99.

Digital Marketing Secrets for Beginners

Become a digital marketing expert after a short course? We don’t think so. But you can improve your professional level, by completing a cycle of 10 modules emphasizing growth hacking and inbound marketing. Includes practical advice, and lectures on promoting goods, services, and brands. Exercises and tests accompany each lesson.

Lecturer – Alexandra Cote, Master’s Degree Digital Marketing Specialist, B2B SaaS Content Strategist. Udemy certificate issued.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (1728 estimates). Price – $12.99.

Digital Advertising and Marketing

The structured course is designed for students with intermediate digital marketing skills. Examines in-depth aspects of the industry, filled with lectures and assignments, presentations, and animations. Includes:

  • Programmatic advertising, Waterfalls & Header Bidding;
  • Getting to know chuck bots and combating online fraud;
  • Collecting and using data for promotion;
  • Innovative products in the industry;
  • Mobile devices – SDK.

Lecturer – Ben Silverstein, IAB Certification, Training, and Development Consultant. His portfolio includes collaboration with Six Flags Amusement Parks and Giorgio Armani. Video lessons time – 2 hours.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (878 ratings). Price – $12.99.

The Complete Digital Marketing Guide

Another 100% practical course for beginners and businesspeople. Contains the study of the basic aspects of digital marketing, SEO promotion, content marketing, email newsletters, blog creation, and analytics.

The course was designed by Robin & Jesper. Includes 84 hours of video, 46 ​​articles, and 83 web resources.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (out of 8,334 estimates). Price – $12.99.

Ecommerce & Marketing course

The title is the whole point: the following training course has been released to make life easier for entrepreneurs, Internet business owners, and freelancers. Contains the basic principles of e-commerce and digital marketing:

  • How to sell on the Internet;
  • Analysis and traffic management.

And that’s not all. It consists of 21 sections containing 49 hours of video, 19 useful texts, and 15 downloadable resources. It was created by Rad Group and taught by an Instagram marketer, author, and entrepreneur Pouya Eti.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (404 ratings). Price – $12.99.

Master in Global Digital Marketing

According to the creators, this is a complete master’s course in digital marketing, relevant in the global era. It consists of 10 lessons covering all areas of digital marketing.

The video tutorial course lasts 31.5 hours. LEEA London Executive Education Academy establishes it.

Rating – 4.7 out of 5 (90 estimates). Price – $12.99.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Course

The experts agree that even one well-structured digital marketing course will teach you a lot. At the very least, you won’t waste time reading hundreds of random blogs and online articles. Keep in mind those blogs and articles may discuss digital marketing strategies that may not work for you.


Knowing innovative website promotion methods today is not just good – it is necessary to succeed and stay afloat. The digital marketing industry is growing steadily, with more and more companies moving online. As a result, the demand for niche professionals is increasing. So why not join their ranks? Specialized courses compiled by world-renowned experts will teach you the basics of digital marketing and help you work on real projects.

Knowledge is limitless – age, country, occupation do not matter. Courses are available for anyone looking to learn new skills or expand their horizons.

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