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UX designers and web developers are at least confused as UX designers and product designers. All these experts work in the same field but at the same time have many striking differences.

To understand how a UX designer differs from a web developer, you need to take a closer look at their goals and methods.

UX designer – the main goal of a niche expert in the convenience and comfort of the user. To provide the guest with all the conditions for a comfortable acquaintance with the site, UX designers create layouts. They then test user interaction with different elements of the site to see which ones require change. In the end, the UX designer chooses the most successful layout and sends it for development.

A web developer is an expert who makes a site work. His task is to use the data received from the UX designer and use them as a basis for the site. The main task of a web developer is to create and run the site itself, while a UX specialist tests the user’s interaction with future pages.

Both the UX designer and the web developer are the gears of one mechanism to create a site that meets visitors’ needs.

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