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Ever tried to sketch your dream website on a napkin during lunch? We get it; translating the perfect web design from your imagination to the screen can be as challenging as teaching a cat to high-five. That’s where the pros come in.
We’ve scoured to bring you a curated list of the top 30 web designers. These aren’t just your average designers; they’re the wizards of the web, blending aesthetics with user experience (UX) finesse. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Innovative Approach: They don’t just design; they reinvent the web experience.
  • Aesthetic Wizards: Their designs aren’t just functional; they’re visually captivating.
  • UX Gurus: They use tools like Plerdy to delve deep into user behavior, ensuring your site isn’t just pretty, but persuasive too.
  • Diverse Expertise: From minimalist blogs to e-commerce juggernauts, their portfolios are as varied as the internet itself.

Dive into our list of the 30 best web designers and find the perfect match to elevate your website from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Why Will Web Designers Never Be as Famous as Fashion Designers?

The world of fashion design, with icons like Donatella Versace and Coco Chanel, is widely recognized. In contrast, even the most influential web designers don’t enjoy similar public acclaim. This difference in recognition can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Industry Maturity: Fashion design has a long-standing history, while web design is a relatively new field, emerging with the rise of the internet about 20-30 years ago. The longer history of fashion design contributes to its wider public recognition.
  2. Creative Freedom: Fashion designers often have broader leeway for creative expression compared to web designers, who need to adhere to more functional and usability-oriented constraints. This difference influences public perception and acclaim.
  3. Public Interest: People generally show more interest in personal appearance and fashion trends than in the technicalities of web design, which is often appreciated more within business and professional circles.
  4. Collaborative Nature: While fashion designers can become prominent faces of their work, web design is usually a collaborative effort involving multiple experts, making individual recognition less common.

While currently more business-oriented, the evolving nature of web design might see it gaining more public interest in the future, akin to the excitement surrounding fashion and interior design trends.

Decoding Design: A Humorous Peek into the Minds of Top Web Designers

Ever wonder what makes top web designers tick? Is it a steady diet of caffeine and pixels, or perhaps a secret web designer handshake? Jokes aside, the world of web design is no laughing matter. It’s a realm where creativity meets technology, and where the best designers become stars.
Here’s a light-hearted, yet informative guide to understanding these digital Picassos:

  • Creativity Unleashed: They think outside the box – sometimes so far out, the box is just a dot to them.
  • Tool Mastery: From Photoshop to Webflow, they wield their tools with the precision of a samurai.
  • Eye for Detail: They can spot a misaligned pixel from three screens away.
  • UX/UI Wizards: They don’t just design pages; they craft experiences.
  • Trendsetters: What’s in vogue in Paris is probably on their mood board.
  • Problem Solvers: They see a design challenge, and they’re already sketching solutions.

Whether they’re based in bustling NYC or sunny Los Angeles, these designers turn virtual canvases into stunning web designs. They’re not just creating web pages; they’re building digital legacies. So if you’re seeking a web designer, remember you’re not just looking for a creator, but an innovator who’ll make your site not just function, but flourish.

List of 30 Best Web Designers Everyone Should Know About

Regarding web design, it’s all about the details – and our list of the 30 Best Web Designers covers all the bases! From sleek and modern designs to eye-catching visuals, these designers are experts in crafting beautiful and functional websites. So, whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing pro, reviewing our list is a must-do to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of web design.

Mark Wheeler

Best Web Designers - 00001

Mark is an art director at Microsoft, an icon of web design whose works are familiar to almost everyone. He specializes in user experience, interactions, and convenient interfaces. One of the top web designers, Mark Wheeler, pleases his fans with his drawings and the futuristic style of his web projects. He is the world’s best web designer.

Kritika Kushwaha

Best Web Designers - 00002

This designer and illustrator from San Francisco know how to create clear and light interfaces for the smoothest user experience. She has been among the well-known web designers for a long time. Her portfolio is an exemplar for everyone who wants to design a stylish and convenient website in any niche. She is a great example of a designer who cares about web design and has worked on it for a long time.

Olga Shevchenko

Best Web Designers - 00003

This lady is a creative director of the Vintage company (Ukraine). She deals with product design, interfaces, and user experience. The characteristic feature of Olga’s designs is their diversity. She uses all available design tools to achieve the necessary result, including large typography and photos, animation, unusual color combinations, illustrations, and diagonal forms and lines. As a result, her works look expensive, modern, minimalist, and light. No wonder she’s among the top-rated web designers.

Kimi Lewis

Best Web Designers - 00004

Kimi is a talented art director, illustrator, and designer from Los Angeles with numerous awards. He is one of the proponents of minimalism in web design and often hits web design listings. Like Mark Wheeler, he also became popular thanks to his brand-focused designs. For example, his logo is Branding first, design second.

Anton Repponen

Best Web Designers - 00005

This photographer and designer are based in New York. He co-founded his creative studio and is a brand and product design trendsetter. Anton usually bets on large typography and uses letters as separate illustrations. His works prove you can create a conceptual web masterpiece using only one color and suitable font. That’s why he is mentioned among the Top 30 best web designers.

Lotta Nieminen

Best Web Designers - 00006

Lotta is a Finnish art director, illustrator, and web designer. She specializes in brand-focused design. Nieminen is praised and appreciated for her artistic style and was the first to start using pastel colors, geometric shapes, and abstract objects in website design. No wonder she is among the top recommended website designers.

Shantell Martin

Best Web Designers - 00007

This artist from New York has won numerous awards and recognition from web design critics. Shantell doesn’t try to choose a narrow niche like the other digital creators. Instead, she presents herself as an Artist and calls the works of her studio the Art. To understand why look at her works’ animated futurism and eclecticism. This is a brand-focused web design at its best. Shantell is one of the leading designers in her field.

Christine Rode

Best Web Designers - 00008

A Norwegian product designer, web developer, and interface expert who has lived and worked in Oslo, San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam. She became famous among designers thanks to her cooperation with Facebook and the commercial offers she created for this giant. Christine’s style is based on minimalism, with sufficient animation, free space, and unusual color combinations.

Sandor Gyuris

Best Web Designers - 00009

This product designer from London has worked with many iconic brands, including Facebook, YoYo, Delivero, Ravelin, and Cafe Noir. Like many of the listed designers, Sandor opts for minimalism. He focuses on color and one-two detail that perfectly present a brand. “Genius lies in simplicity” is right about him.

Matt Ward

Best Web Designers - 00010

This one is a UI/UX designer from TTI, a proponent of graphic minimalism and a creative developer. His website is the best proof of his preferences. You will be offered to follow a taco (a famous Mexican dish) to discover the style and achievements of Matt. We must admit, Mister Ward, that’s a great way to form a user path.

Matt Pamer

Best Web Designers - 00011

Matt is an art director, illustrator, and web designer from Brooklyn. Since he adores minimalism and abstract art, all his websites look like objects of modern art. His works are notable for unusual font and color combinations and unique visuals. This is why he is among the best webpage designers.

Ashley Proulx

Best Web Designers - 00012

Ashley, a graphic designer and activist, believes we must create a better world with our own hands. She also uses this approach in her work: websites must be perfected, illustrations must be brighter, and interfaces must be more convenient. When you look at Ashley’s portfolio, you will agree that she manages to improve the world of web design. So the real world must be very lucky to be the next.

Kosuke Futsukaichi

Best Web Designers - 00013

Kosuke is a product designer at Instaread. He skillfully combines illustrations, animations, and large typography. For some time, he was doing celebrity website design. His works are abstract and minimalist and have a lot of space. Just look at the combinations of fruits with futuristic images, and you will immediately understand why he is so great!

David Lanham

Best Web Designers - 00014

This guy is an awarded designer, artist, and illustrator. Childish and fantastic – that’s how he describes his works. And he is right! It’s worth noting that David doesn’t deal with website development. He specializes in illustrations. Lanham participates in creating breathtaking sketches that later serve as a basis for original website. We have also included him in the Top 30 best web designers worldwide list.

Sam Small

Best Web Designers - 00015

Kansas’s UX/UI designer specializes in branding, identity, interface and graphic design. His works have largely minimalist and modern pop art styles.

Anna Deu

Best Web Designers - 00016

Here is a New York UX designer who created projects for Microsoft, SAP, and BarterSugar. In her works, Anna masterfully combines minimalism and abstract art. Deu also actively uses flat infographics, lines, and geometric shapes to make her designs clear and well-structured.

Sergey Shapiro

Best Web Designers - 00017

Sergey is an independent artist, illustrator, and designer from Moscow. He specializes in brand-focused web design and calligraphy/lettering. Shapiro relies on his mastery of fonts and uses text-like (and instead of) illustrations. He cooperates with companies worldwide to create brand logos, identity, and corporate pages.

Jeremiah Shaw

Best Web Designers - 00018

Jeremiah Shaw, an artist and designer, cooperates on a freelance basis with Dropbox, Google, Apple, and Kolor Labs. His specialization is 3D illustrations, animations, interface design, and branding. Currently, he dedicates most of his time to developing 3D games for children, branded under the names of his renowned partners. His style is quite recognizable – maximum geometry and polygonality.

Chris Sandlin

Best Web Designers - 00019

This illustrator from Woodstock is one of the best web designers. Chris lives and works in a city that had a great artistic impact on his creativity. Sandlin’s illustrations are mainly made in book style. However, the author actively uses combinations of pastel and saturated colors, geometric shapes, and unusual patterns.


Best Web Designers - 00020

Camellie is an independent illustrator that creates projects for giants such as Siemens, Telegraf, Vodafone, and The Sims. Her works are minimalistic and have a clear composition. Just look at her illustrations (that’s what she is particularly good at)! No extra detail. Everything matches one style.

Mathias Adam

Best Web Designers - 00021

This product designer works as the leading designer at Blackpills. Adam is a god of appealing interfaces and a proponent of flat and semi-flat.

James White

Best Web Designers - 00022

Get acquainted with this designer, illustrator, founder, and creative director of Signalnoise Studio. James is a fan of neo-noir when it comes to the style of websites and advertising campaigns. He prefers dark, saturated, polygonal, and geometric designs.

Tiffany Chen

Best Web Designers - 00023

This designer, illustrator, and intern at Microsoft, Adobe, and Duolingo specialize in image-focused web design and illustrations. Tiffany’s works are prominent with their comprehensiveness – seamlessly combining art and interface usability.

Jose Hurtado

Best Web Designers - 00024

Jose is a graphic designer and art director at Nestle based in Los Angeles. He specializes in branding and product design. This guy experiments to make the most of skeuomorphism, flat and semi-flat. It’s hard to tell that he has one style, but some characteristic features are present in all his works.

Meredith Schomburg

Best Web Designers - 00025

She works as a graphic designer and illustrator at Airbnb. Meredith doesn’t limit herself to minimalism. Her works are vivid experiments, guided by a single rule. It would probably sound like “opt for uniform colors.”

Victoria Badenas

Best Web Designers - 00026

This product designer from Vancouver is famous for her cooperation with Facebook. Her professional mission is the creation of functional, aesthetic, and symbolic websites. She follows the chosen approach, considering how well she combines pixel images, bright colors, and geometric shapes.

Filip Benda

Best Web Designers - 00027

Filip is a front-end developer, UX designer, and consultant from the Czech Republic. Like all of his successful colleagues, he creates designs that generate leads. Benda admits that a website is just a component of branding. Full-fledged brand positioning only starts when all its elements have a universal style. Filip deserves his place on this list as a professional and dedicated designer.

Luciano Infanti

Best Web Designers - 00028

This artist, copywriter, and UX designer from Italy prefer dark colors, minimalism, and unusual fonts. He specializes in user experience, product design, and web illustration.

Bethany Heck

Best Web Designers - 00029

A freelancer who inspires with her newspaper style of web design. She cooperates with NYM, NY, Wired, SM, and other renowned American publishers. Bethany opts for large typography, nice color combinations, and high-quality photos. She independently creates images for her projects since she is also a great photographer.

Now you know which companies hire web developers, what is the greatest web designer boutique digital agency, and what are the best sites for web designers. Web design still needs to be more influential than fashion or interior design. Yet taking into account the number of highly skilled professionals working in this field, the global automation, and the computerization of our lives, it has all chances to grow its social impact. Unfortunately, only web artists and their B2B customers are largely interested in web design trends. In the nearest future, website owners may change the look of their resources as often as they buy new shoes.

Bottom Line

Web designers are not only trendsetters, but they also help beginners navigate the complex world of web design. Our 30 Best Web Designers list features some of the world’s most outstanding designers, known for their beautifully crafted pages and trusted results. Plus, our platform gives you all the information you need to make an informed choice about the cost and services available. And remember to try Plerdy for UX analysis to ensure your landing pages are interactive and effective. So, read each designer’s section, view their client work, and join the coolest agencies in the world of web design. Finally, check out Dribbble for even more inspiration. Be bold and ask questions to understand better what each designer can offer you. Let’s keep making the web a more beautiful and functional place!

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