LTV Calculator

Your loan-to-value

LTV is an important index if you consider borrowing money against a house. With simple counting in the LTV calculator, you get a fractional percentage of a real estate value. All lenders look at this rate because they regard it as part of estimating a client's mortgage. Therefore, a low LTV shows that you are a reliable payer and may obtain a small interest rate with the low monthly fees.

What is LTV Calculator?

If a person is applying for a mortgage loan for his home, then the LTV ratio calculator will help them know their mortgage percentage and first down payment. The credit system usually takes about 80%. A simple calculation allows you to determine your accumulated equity in a personal home. Lenders measure the following points:

  • analyze the market;
  • study the customer’s possibilities;
  • find out about the applicant’s credit rating;
  • set payment amount based on personal communication;
  • decide which loans to assign.

Lending institutions (including microcredit organizations) admit clients to access 80-90 percent of the equity for their homes. But if the borrower has a good credit history, then a percentage can be even 95.

How Does LTV Calculator Work?

The equity ratio is a legal term that means the difference between the present mortgage sum and the underlying appraised accommodation value. If an LTV calculator home hypothec index is high, it gives you more financial options. For example, if a rate is 80% or higher, a person will pay PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). But the creditee makes this payment only at the time of the first liens.

LTV computation is simple:

  1. Select the desired currency.
  2. Determine the home cost.
  3. Find out the amount that goes on a hypothecation loan.
  4. Divide the loan price by the home worth.
  5. Get a percent.

Choose an online LTV calculator to find out the index. But you need to insert data into the required fields. For example, the apartment value is $200,000. The loan amount is $180,000. After dividing, we identify that the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is 90%. You can also utilize the LTV calculator for car mortgages if you plan to take out an auto loan.


Credit firms are very popular, so people want to receive the most favorable conditions. Finding out LTV is necessary for both a client and a credit company. This indicates to them the benefit they are bringing to their sides. A high ratio is risked for a lender, which will prevent you from taking a loan. A low rate means better reasonable rates and reliable payouts. Get ready to sign a mortgage deal in advance - use a specialized intuitive LTV calculator and find out the size of your profit in a few clicks.

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