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Entrepreneurs need to adopt new technologies as quickly as possible to increase their revenue. One of them is UX (User Experience) which replaces the traditional UI (User Interface). The success of a website is directly dependent on UX design, so it is important to work with professional UX agencies.

What does a UX agency do?

If you aim for quality project support, you can not ignore the issue of involving a UX agency. Of course, a UX agency can help ad hoc for specific tasks on the interface. Or you can transfer these duties to the programmers. But this approach is fundamentally flawed. A competent UX agency:

  • Saves money (you spend less time and money on redesigns because everything is better designed initially).
  • Comprehensively close the issue of interfaces on different types of devices. For example, a UX agency immediately thinks about how everything will look on the phone/tablet. This reduces the cost of development, not to mention that the user feels a complete approach to the product they use.
  • Significantly speeds up the launch of a project. UX agency prepares its part of the work at the same pace as the whole team or implements the desired part with a higher priority.

If you have a long-running project, then the one-time involvement of a UX agency is not enough. The design of your website is a sales tool. It can not be created once and will work for a few years.

Best 15 UX Agencies

UX agencies from the list below provide extensive experience for their clients. They work with small and big businesses and have many completed projects.

Momentum Design Lab

This UX agency combines all the creative and technical potential and has the knowledge needed to help businesses grow. This team believes that any digital business success depends on UX design., UBiqube, SocialCode, Equine, and Meditation are among their clients.

Kelly Miller Smith, principal at Deloitte:

“This UX agency has done great work and helped our clients better understand their data. Therefore, we can recommend this UX agency to our partners.”

Slide UX

Extensive practical experience of founders has allowed them to form a unique team of professionals. As a result, they build an excellent structure and work processes for cooperation with the largest customers. Among its customers, you can find Indeed, Sysco, Atlassian, Bacardi, and Neo4j.

Jonathan Dampier, SVP of Global Marketing at Revionics:

“This agency listens to all wishes. We are happy with our cooperation!”


Qubstudio is a UX agency that provides digital product design and branding & digital expression services. Each completed project meets the user’s criteria of usability and functionality, solving the set tasks. It has a lot of famous clients: Oracle, MOIC, Getswift, Vapulus, and KIVSH.

Ralph Wagner, VP Sales & Marketing at Quaeris:

“This UX agency consists of the best UX designers I have worked with in the past 30 years.”

Lift Interactive Inc.

Lift Interactive is a strong UX team where everyone works for results. It values mutual assistance and an informal atmosphere in the team. At the same time, it assesses the effectiveness of employees primarily by the results, the degree of personal responsibility, and the ability to build effective communication. Its clients are USAFacts, Tourism Jasper, Make Something Edmonton, Heart + Bones Yoga, and Commonwealth Walkway.

David Filewich, founder at Intello:

“This UX agency showed me how important UX/UI design is for business. Thank you very much!”

Divami Design Labs

Developed with Divami Design Labs, projects are profitable. Its clients know that no one can do better. This is why pSolv, Airtel, Avana, Medicopia, and Corpus ordered its services. Moreover, Divami Design Labs developed UX/UI designs for VIOLA Wallet to enter the Indian market.

Rama Krishna Reddy, CEO at Spoors:

“Sophisticated design solutions have greatly surprised us. Moreover, they effectively communicate our branding to our users. Therefore, we can recommend this UX agency to our partners.”

Create Ape

The backbone of this UX team is experienced, project managers. Create Ape believes that the key to the success of any project is a competent account. That’s why Create Ape gives maximum importance to customer service and quality management. Its clients are Newmontis, PMPT, Mattehews, Cinesamples, and Happy Teeth.

Ed Vincent, founder at festivalPass:

“I ordered UX/UI design for my web and mobile applications and was greatly surprised by their creativeness and accuracy.”


Selecto is prepared because not everything always goes according to plan. If something does not go as planned for objective reasons, Selecto will be flexible in its decisions and change the vector of development. Vodacom TV, LifeArk, Diprella, MsFit, and mmmEnglish. Selecto provided branding and product & web design services for the Teaching Medicine project.

Alfred Marchal, project lead at Electric Car Booking App:

“This UX agency helped us a lot in launching our project. Moreover, the communication was clear – they kept us well informed.”


This UX agency in Gdansk employs more than 20 highly qualified specialists. In addition, thanks to their proven and reliable partners, they can strengthen and scale up UX design services within hours. You can find PeerPal, Kinastic AG, Frontegg, Jobalino, and Scottie among its clients.

Alejandro Garcia, CEO at Klarbi:

“It took only 5 months for this team to do UI/UX redesign from scratch for our platform. We are very happy with the services of this UX agency.”


This UX agency helps businesses succeed in today’s digital world with the help of UX/UI design. There are a lot of famous brands among its clients, for example, LinkedIn, Sony, Bloomberg, Bosch, and Intuit. WorkStep worked with Neuron and asked it to redesign their RETAIN product. WorkStep was excited about the new design.

Norman Azoulay, director of scientific products at Excelra:

“We are a pharmaceutical vendor, and Neuron provided us UI/UX design services. This UX agency delivered above and beyond our expectations.”

Brave UX

Brave UX is a creative agency that creates individual projects with a user-friendly and functional interface. Among its clients, you can find Royal Carribian, FourthWall, Sonar, LifeCents, and Rokt. In addition, brave UX designed a great mobile application for Marriott, thanks to which visitors don’t need NFC or QR to unlock complimentary happy hour drinks.

Zach Bellavia, product Manager at Ascend Indiana:

“I want to point out that this agency is very flexible. Moreover, it is attentive to feedback. Therefore, we are fully satisfied with their work.”

LinkUp Studio

LinkUp Studio develops and improves complex and high-load projects for large businesses. LinkUp Studio increases sales and simplifies people’s lives. Famous clients are STQRY, Great Coach, Wisio, Apartolino, and MumMeFit GmbH. LinkUp Studio designed the MVP of a platform for WadiDigital, and it was satisfied with the result.

Ben Sash, CEO at Dexfolio:

“We are glad that we have used LinkUp Studio`s services. They have developed a great app for our crypto company.”

Lollypop Design Studio

Lollypop Design Studio does not like heavy interfaces and toxic design, and the team uses the concept of “non-toxicity” in its projects. However, websites must speak the same language as the user, so they create a new comfortable model of user behavior day by day. You’ve probably heard of these companies somewhere: Tryloka, Hukoomi, GoDutch, FlashHouse, MyVI App. These are clients of Lollypop Design Studio.

Depinder Singh, founder at Woofys:

“We are fully satisfied with the UI/UX design services provided by Lollypop Design Studio for our pet social network startup.”

The Gradient

The Gradient is a top-rated UX agency worldwide by Clutch. It worked on strategy and product design for Swan.

Mohammed Naeem, CEO & Founder at Sakeenah:

“This UX team designed the UI/UX of the iOS and Android applications for my company. And we enjoyed working with this UX team because it increased user engagement and in-app time.”


Cieden develops solutions of all sizes and complexities for companies’ effective presence in the new digital environment and acts as digital consultants for brands from strategy to development. Cieden`s team makes deeply customized, personalized solutions for brands and builds trusted relationships with them. This UX agency worked on CMS for Blizzard, Real Estate Wizard Wireframes, Pantram (project management tool for freelancers), desktop lie detector software, and a sustainable food consumption platform.

Katherine O’Donnell, CIO at Immobel:

“We used Cieden`s services to design UI/UX for our real estate tech platform. This team of UX experts took a lot of work off our plate but kept us informed.”

Creative Navy

Creative Navy is ranked top 10 global UX design agencies from 2017 to 2020. Creative Navy not only creates from scratch but also updates outdated projects. As a result, they make websites easier, user-friendly, and more efficient for companies. OLX GROUP Ltd, World Customs Organization, Greenlight, Bofin, IDEXX Animana. Moreover, MSolutions used the services of this UX agency to redefine the usability of the device and reshape the GUI.

David Newton, founder & COO at Akrivia Health:

“Their exceptional design ideas greatly surprised us.”


Keep in mind that UX agency brings profit in the long run, as an elaborate website returns buyer, postpones in memory with its convenience and thoughtfulness. And in the short term, its usefulness is not always felt because the main tasks the website can solve with a “clumsy” interface. However, such an interface does not usually cause a desire to return or continue to use it.

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