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Big data on its own won’t provide you with valuable insights. To make it useful, you need to process the source data with analytics software.

Data analytics tools automatically collect vast data stores, standardize and segment them to generate reports, graphs, and charts. Based on these visualizations, you can understand what the collected information means. Data analytics software is applicable in many fields, from business analysis to marketing research.

This article explains how to use Plerdy’s data analytics software for website analysis and features top multifunctional analytics tools.

Data Analytics Software for Website Analysis by Plerdy

Plerdy is a website conversion optimization platform that automatically collects user behavior data and generates a variety of reports based on it. This solution allows you to measure the number of clicks on website pages, visualize conversions, track specific elements, and more.

“Plerdy has outstanding usability. Heatmaps provide convenient filters in the right menu you can use to learn more about organic visitors or other groups. When you are interested in something more specific and want to track it, you can watch page recordings” (Mark P, Online Strategist)

“The quality of data collected with Plerdy has truly impressed me. I mainly use this platform for session recording and heatmaps, but it has plenty other useful features generating interesting data” (Fulvio D, CEO)

Plerdy offers a combination of tools that generate different metrics, including:

Website Heatmap Tools

Heatmaps collect data on how customers interact with your website in real-time. This information includes clicks, scrolls, and hovers. Plerdy starts to automatically collect information once you add its script to the website. As soon as it records the first activity, you can see the summary in tables or graphs. Plerdy also visualizes user activity on the analyzed website in the form of hot segments. The part of the web page with the highest activity is red. Blue or green shades mean lower activity.

How to use

You can collect the general statistics or go page by page, filtering traffic by user groups (e.g., organic) and other parameters. To learn more about how website owners benefit from Plerdy heatmaps, read this case study.

Session Replay Software

If the user activity and conversions on your mobile or desktop website version decline, you don’t know why session recordings can help. The replay feature creates concise videos of user sessions. It shows only critical activity, so you don’t lose time viewing full sessions.

How to use

Use session recordings to test user behavior hypotheses you’ve made after analyzing heatmap or other data. For example, if a large share of visitors abandons the cart, you should record and view this stage of the conversion funnel. Recordings will show what website elements or steps confuse people and make them leave.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Plerdy records how your leads interact with website elements and pages to generate a marketing funnel. It’s a convenient way to visualize the sales process stages in e-commerce stores. You can filter data by traffic source (direct, organic, paid, social, etc.) to customize funnels.

How to use

Conversion funnels display the percentage of users bouncing at different stages. It helps to locate the problems on your website and remove them.

Event and Goal Tracking

Once you add Plerdy’s script, it begins to record all user interactions even without preliminary settings. Event and Goal Tracking is useful to analyze a separate element. You only create an event for the desired item, and Plerdy retrieves all the related data collected beforehand.

How to use

Use event data analytics for more granular analysis. For example, if you need to test a specific element before/after changing its design.

E-commerce Sales Performance

Each website element has a direct or indirect impact on sales. It can encourage users to place an order or, vice versa, repel them. The E-commerce sales performance feature records transactions, the number of unique buyers, total revenue, conversion rate, and average order value. It converts this data into reports that allow evaluating how the web design and marketing elements affect sales.

How to use

Use this data analytics feature to evaluate the effectiveness of a website segment or element in terms of sales. It also tracks the KPIs of the website.

6 Best Data Analytics Software

In this section, we want to share the list of renowned multi-functional data analytics solutions. It’s not a ranking. Our main goal is to describe the uses and unique features of each tool.


Tableau is an interactive data visualization software acquired by Salesforce in 2019. Tableau stands out with high-quality data visualizations you can create in the Tableau Dashboard. The integration with Salesforce powers it with the functionality other data analytics solutions don’t have. You can use Salesforce’s Einstein AI to get predictions based on existing data and simplify decision-making.

Tableau data analytics software is used by Accenture, Amazon, Intel, Pfizer, Siemens, and others.


Qlik data analytics software is a Swedish project that has a lot in common with Tableau. Both tools offer rich functionality to convert data into visualizations, interactive dashboards, and charts. Nevertheless, the Qlik solution leverages a different data sorting approach. It uses an associative engine to find relationships between various data sources without the need to create queries. Associations help users see the larger picture behind analyzed data.

Qlik is popular with PayPal, Airbus, Deloitte, and over 50,000 other customers.


ThoughtSpot is a data analytics cloud with convenient cloud data search, AI-driven automated analysis, and visualizations. Its main goal is to connect users across departments with the same data and provide on-the-go access to information. ThoughtSpot supports iOS and Android apps designed to power the mobile workforce.

CapitalOne, Walmart, OpenTable, Data Recognition Corporation are renowned ThoughtSpot data analytics software users.


MicroStrategy is an enterprise BI solution that generates custom reports, interactive dashboards, and scorecards. It supports automated report distribution, giving instant access to the information to all the necessary teams. Out of the compared data analytics software, MicroStrategy is the most suitable solution for enterprises. It has great scalability and easily processes big data.

MicroStrategy data analytics software is popular with Honeywell, Fannie Mae, Bank of America, and others.


Domo is a business cloud that allows businesses to unite data from multiple sources, turn it into live visualizations, and supply applications with BI capabilities. This data analytics software offers a unique product called Domo Everywhere. Domo Everywhere is an embedded analytics solution that enables you to automate external reporting. Using it, you can provide the functionality of the DOMO platform to your customers and partners. They will be able to share their proprietary data to augment the information you have for deeper insights.

Coca-Cola, eBay, Nestle, DHL, and other market leaders already use Domo.


Sisense is a business intelligence platform combining Sisense Fusion Analytics and Sisense Fusion Embed tools. Sisense Fusion Analytics is data analytics software for internal corporate use. It allows collecting multiple data sources into a repository for powerful visualizations and reports. Sisense Fusion Embed is a white-labeled solution for embedding data analytics functionally into existing applications.

TST, Luma Health, Skullcandy, and Bloom & Wild choose Sisense data analytics software.


There is a rich choice of data analytics software to connect and visualize disparate data sources. Whereas Tableau and Qlik are great for colorful intuitive visualizations, MicroStrategy is best for large corporations.

If you need data analytics software for website analysis, you should try Plerdy. This platform supports heatmaps, session recordings, funnels, event tracking, and sales tracking features essential for any online business.

Check out Plerdy pricing plans here or register for the demo.

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