12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2024

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What was the last purchase that made your Amy Santiago go crazy? ? If you’re Jake Peralta, the purchase is a $550 Jordan, but if you aren’t, we know you’ll have your experience. ?

From a business perspective, it isn’t easy to convince buyers to purchase with emotional obstacles. However, some businesses have cracked the code of bringing customers despite the resistance.

As per Jahia’s experts, a digital experience platform, or DXP, is designed to help websites deliver the best customer experience. They help you streamline your digital content and ensure an engaging customer experience. Let’s discuss digital experience platforms in more detail!

Core Components of a Digital Experience Platform

Google reports that customers experience between 20-500 touchpoints with a business before making a purchase. These touchpoints should have distinct, memorable and clear experiences from the brand to direct viewers.

Hence, an Instagram ad for a product after its purchase won’t work; similarly, a feedback survey before the product is delivered is equally foolish. Businesses need to create a digital experience where every customer follows their desired omnichannel funnel through personalized and optimized content.

Therefore, a digital experience platform focuses on the management of content, evaluation of customer data, personalization for customers, and finally, integration with valuable technologies. Its core components include:

  • Content management: your website’s content should be delivered effectively across various digital channels to achieve your desired experience.
  • Personalization: customers with different attitudes, stages and demographics must receive customized content to be satisfied with their experiences.
  • Omni-channel marketing: a DXP needs to streamline content across multiple social and online channels to make it unique and persuasive.
  • Commerce: a digital experience platform is designed to accommodate the exchange of services through API integration for payments, inventory management etc.

Other DXP components include data presentation, analytics, collaboration and AI.

The Difference between CMS, WEM, and DXP

As Gartner implies, a digital experience platform’s role is managing, delivering and optimizing contextualized experiences. A DXP creates a seamless transition for users receiving a brand’s digital content.
However, digital experience platforms are one of many methods to create an audience experience; the content management system (CMS) and web experience management (WEM) existed long before DXP. Let’s dive deeper into differentiating the technologies.

  • CMS: as the name suggests, CMS focuses on presenting textual and visual data on your platform. It allows website owners to display a static dataset for their viewers that conveys the brand content simply and efficiently. However, the content management system doesn’t allow for personalization which restricts its digital usability for modern-day marketers.
  • WEM: while CMS rose in the early 1990s, WEM was born in the 2000s. WEM studies customer experience data through interaction to evaluate their reception to content platforms. It creates different segments of your web traffic based on their attributes. WEM provides personalized digital output based on its analytics to ensure every user gets the right experience at the right place and in the right format. However, in cut-throat competition, the WEM segmentation often generalizes audience types that prevent ideal customizations in their experiences.
  • DXP: digital experience platforms are the innovation marketers have craved. They minimize the limitations of CMS and enhance the benefits of WEM. DXPs enable enterprises to interact with audiences via personalized experiences through an omnichannel approach. The API integrations allow businesses to sync digital market experiences across social media, websites, IoT devices, and other platforms.

A digital experience platform lets marketers edit and customize content without switching across different interfaces. It records customer data to provide a custom viewer-preferred interaction across different touchpoints.

List of Top 12 Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs)

I’ve highlighted twelve digital experience platforms that are truly worthy of your attention. Study their characteristics properly to decide which DXP will more likely meet your business needs.


12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 01

Plerdy has developed into a life-saving tool for every digital marketer. The wide range of products and efficiency has made it essential for goal-oriented websites and digital businesses.

Plerdy offers a range of different services that assist marketers in streamlining their tasks. The digital experience company offers a heatmap tool, popup builder, funnel analysis, SEO checker and eCommerce insights. The tools are designed to enrich your platform’s digital customer experience and reduce bounce rates.

Plerdy’s session replay software provides vital insights regarding users’ experience on a website. It lets you record a user’s navigation pattern while maintaining security and anonymity. The session replay software lets marketers detect friction and resistance across their digital platforms. You can also filter recordings based on mobile or desktop versions alongside geographic and demographic filters.

Plerdy’s session replay software assists in getting advanced insights about your website. Many users have acknowledged that video recordings helped them understand customer navigation patterns and enrich digital customer experiences. Plerdy has helped Subaru, Kredo Bank, SoftServe, Samcart and other popular businesses in diverse niches.

Sophia A – Founder – remarks the video recording feature as “extremely insightful.” It enabled her to “watch how people interact with [their] website.” Similarly, Mat G. – a platform managing member – regards this DXP as a “Fantastic tool for small agencies.”


12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 02

Since its inception, OutSystems has served over 600,000 users with varying needs and objectives. Although the platform requires some prior coding knowledge, it offers limitless digital possibilities for developers and marketers.

OutSystems has risen as a major digital experience platform over the last few years due to its diverse integrations and remarkable ease. The platform lets you develop experience-oriented apps with minimal coding and deploy it to your touchpoints.

The OutSystems digital platform enables users to use pre-made app templates saving time. Its interface helps develop an automated system for streamlined customer, supplier and employee experiences on your websites.

OutSystems has helped mega-businesses, including Santander, allegro, Humana, and BT. Their DXP solutions are designed to improve digital experiences in the banking, healthcare and insurance sectors.

Piyali S – a software developer – mentions that Outsystems’ “drag-and-drop feature sets” it apart from other DXPs. Similarly, Dani S – director of an IT firm – mentions that Outsystems has enabled his company to “create an application in days instead of a month or quarterly.”


12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 03

Digital experience platforms focus on different aspects of a customer journey. Glassbox aims to evaluate viewer experiences across your website content. It has multiple integrations and collaborative tools to help websites achieve their goals.

Glassbox highlights its native and integrated VoC features. The digital experience platform collects customer responses on your website to evaluate their actions. The responses can be filtered based on technical or UI/UX faults.

Glassbox also uses AI customer experience agents to detect problems in the user journey. These digital agents monitor your user’s navigation pattern and evaluate fractions in their path. The main dashboard represents valuable experience insights to enhance the website’s touchpoints.

Glassbox also offers solutions for digital development, product UX, and data analytics. Their primary customer base comes from travel & hospitality, insurance and eCommerce, including Air Canada, Sofi, Marriott and Leumi.

Deborah P – digital product owner – loves how the Glassbox DXP enabled her to “see actual user journey.” Sylvian R. goes as far as to say, “If I had to choose only one analytic tool for my product, it would be Glassbox without hesitation.”


12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 04

Bloomreach was regarded as the “customer choice for DXP 2022” by Gartner. They have revolutionized digital experience platforms and have become pioneers in their services. Bloomreach offers a one-stop solution for eCommerce and other website owners.

The DXP enables users to elevate their omnichannel marketing. It can easily be integrated into various social media channels. Once connected, you can manage, modify, and analyze your digital campaign performances through its dashboard.

Bloomreach offers email marketing, ad and retargeting, mobile and SMS marketing, web personalization and market intelligence & insights. It forms a robust digital combination to help you enrich your visitors’ experience and drive more conversions.

Bloomreach has received great praise from its users and has served world-famous brands, including PUMA, T Mobile, BOSCH and M&S.

Martin B.- a CRM and digital experience consultant – remarks, “Bloomreach is very quick and easy to learn.” Jack M. – CRM manager – mentions that “Bloomreach is ideal for managing sophisticated multi-channel campaigns across different user segments.”

Acquia Drupal Cloud

12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 05

Drupal has grown into an IT sector giant over the last decade. With Acquia Cloud, they are venturing into the marketing world with a seamless digital experience platform. Unlike Outsystems, Acquia cloud is designed for laypeople and IT specialists.

The templates and integrations help in creating a streamlined omnichannel experience. Users can simply drag and drop their favorite content on their main page with its website builder. However, IT specialists can redesign the whole content through their skill set and offer distinct digital experiences.

Acquia cloud also allows businesses to stack it with their preferred technologies. It has over 45,000 crowd-sourced modules that can help businesses enrich their user experiences. Acquia also offers a coding studio, content hub and digital campaign factory to assist website owners.

They have served Johnson & Johnson, Irving, Conagra and Blue Cross. Karan G. – a backend engineer – remarks that Acquia Cloud makes it “very easy to deploy code and move databases from one env to another.” Rahul S. – a software architect – appreciates the “Deployment practices, BLT validations and pipelines streamlining” offered by the DXP.


12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 06

Sanity has gained rapid popularity as a digital experience platform (DXP). The software has remarkable features and content strategies to boost your customer experiences. It offers the best-in-class cloud infrastructure for collaboration and optimization of customer experiences.

The platform has a Sanity studio that lets you reimagine your digital content and experience strategies. You can quicken your work with diverse experience ideas and templates while improving quality. The Sanity studio also lets you view your team member’s progress, allowing instant modifications and revisions.

Sanity has various API integrations to assist you in moving workflows from external applications. It also provides omnichannel media distribution, digital customer experience management, and personalization through DataStax.

Sanity has helped various businesses to improve digital customer experiences, including Nike, Movember, Figma, Flex, and Brex. Øystein T – a web developer – mentions that Sanity gives him a “flying start for new web projects” by its intuitive studio. Moreover, Mike H- software engineer – appreciates adding “open-source technologies” in the DXP that allows streamlined digital experiences for users.

SAP Fiori

12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 07

SAP Fiori has redesigned app development with its user-intuitive solutions. The application has been trusted to boost digital customer experiences by clients worldwide. SAP Fiori stands out as DXP due to its customer-centric approach.

The digital experience platform integrates machine learning and AI to boost customer understanding. SAP Fiori uses artificial intelligence to develop customer profiles and redesign content accordingly.

Viewer insights help them track the user’s origin, navigation and digital action throughout their visit. SAP Fiori’s digital experience platform has achieved recognition due to its upselling mechanism. The software analyzes customer data using machine learning techniques and recommends up-sell products. The process helps a business sell more and scale rapidly.

Apart from digital experience, this platform provides HR management, financial management, and business network solutions. SAP Fiori has successfully served Adidas and SKF, amongst other customers.

Mritunjay K – system engineer – loves the “simple to use interface and fast execution.” Enis E – IT project analyst – appreciates that SAP Fiori has “no hard configuration.”


12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 08

Kentico is another popular digital experience platform, and its existing users widely appreciate its services. Kentico uses its cloud framework to assist websites in creating an effective content strategy.

The DXP comes with all the necessary tools to evaluate customer behavior and improve digital experiences. Kentico creates an omnichannel marketing system by leveraging email marketing, social media, and cloud apps.

Marketing automation is also revered highly by marketers for its digital experience features. It lets them save time in deciding the best and worst-performing campaigns. Kentico’s standout feature is A/B split testing. It lets you test new creatives on your website and track user sentiment.

The AI involvement enhances the usability of insights and helps businesses extract better details. Kentico’s marketing solutions have helped marketers attain excellent results. They have helped Wine Australia, Ferno, TowneBank and other leading businesses.

Samantha S – project coordinator – mentions that Kentico has helped her “Elevate [her] customer digital experience.” Similarly, Sandra S – marketing executive – remarks that Kentico is “A boost for your digital marketing!”.

Acoustic Content

12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 09

Acoustic Сontent was founded in 2019 by Mark Simpson. The brand aims to enrich digital customer experiences, and its efforts are inclined to achieve them. Acoustic Content offers similar features as other cloud-based CMSs, but their digital content strategy is impressive.

The headless content-management system is designed to increase teamwork and enable quicker development. Teams can use the CMS simultaneously and comment on any modifications during the process to improve digital experiences.

Acoustic’s affiliation with Shutterstock also lets marketers produce appealing website content. The drag-and-drop feature ensures that users don’t need coding expertise to use the DXP.

Acoustic Content has helped thousands of businesses in the banking, insurance, healthcare and eCommerce sector to enrich digital experiences. They have served HelpPay, Funding Circle, Secure Medical and other aspiring digital startups.

Santosh, S. – Business developer – regards Acoustic Content as the “Best content management platform.” Harjeet K – social media manager – remarks that Acoustic Content is “an AI-enabled software to manage all the content at one place.”

Progress Sitefinity

12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 10

With an ROI of 245% for its clients, Progress Sitefinity claims to be a messiah for drowning marketers and website owners. It has provided over $3.47M in cost-saving benefits, and average users have a payback of only 13 months.

Its successes result from an intuitive content management system, DevOps-ready infrastructure, and marketing intelligence. Progress Sitefinity provides most features provided by other DXPs on the list, but it stands out with its AI-driven customer analytics.

The software comes with a sophisticated dashboard with detailed information about users. It provides cues regarding the user’s movement across pages and common friction points. The AI studies customer patterns to provide actionable insights for marketers and developers.

Moreover, you can use their chatbot, DAM integrations and content discovery tools. Progress Sitefinity has provided solutions for health care, association, education and the energy sector. They provide DXP services to Conway HealthCare, NTU Singapore, ThinkRice, Fujitsu and other similar businesses.

Brian F – director of technology services – appreciates the robust CMS and says, “Sitefinity [DXP] allowed us to launch and operate an eCommerce platform very quickly.” Helen H – head of communications – appreciates the “wide variety of customization options and expansion modules.”

Salesforce Content Management

12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 11

Salesforce Content Management is designed to assist eCommerce businesses in cultivating exciting digital experiences. It uses the cloud server capabilities, alongside its sales experience, to provide fruitful content platform delivery.

Salesforce stands out from other DXPs due to its personalization features. The brand integrates AI to monitor customer experiences and develop customer insights. Salesforce personalization features suggestions by experts based on your digital performance.

The DXP dashboard helps understand your community through profound platform insights into their experience. Salesforce also uses API integrations, customization, branding and team collaboration to enhance digital customer experiences.

They have served IDFC, CEAT, GEP and other leading businesses in the finance and education sectors. Siddhanth S. – Customer manager – regards it as the “Best CRM in the market.” Viveka S – Staff engineer – also praised the digital experience software as a “perfect CMS in terms of flexibility.”

Neptune DXP

12 Best Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in 2023 12

Neptune DXP has become a popular software to enhance customer experiences. They take cloud content management to new highs by providing multiple features. Neptune has divided its services to assist both coders and marketers.

The digital experience platform utilizes app development, deployment and management techniques on different interfaces for a preferable customer experience. The app designer lets you build attractive applications for your website and mobile and deploy them quickly.

The script editor enhances your digital content and enriches your customer experience. The Neptune DXP also offers adaptive mobile templates to quicken your workflow and enhance returns.

Their digital experience platform has attracted many businesses alongside big names such as Johnson & Johnson, Jollyroom, and CertainTeed.

Jubal Fransico – operational excellence leader – appreciates the digital experience platform offered by Neptune and remarks it as the “Excellent [DXP] software for creating mobile apps.” Mandeep B – Assistant professor – has also appreciated the digital experience platform (DXP) and is impressed by its “templates for mobile application development.”

We have reached the end of the list. You must have already understood the importance of DXP in shaping your customers’ experiences. A DXP’s role is to assist viewers with improved experiences that help websites achieve their goals. Plerdy, Bloomreach, and other DXPs have shown incredible results for their clients. Their user bases have expanded rapidly, and the latest innovation ensures future progress.


A digital experience platform, or DXP, helps businesses optimize customer experiences. Businesses should leverage DXPs effectively to boost their conversions in today’s competition.

A DXP has the power to revolutionize business strategies. The list of 12 best DXPs contains the industry’s most revered digital experience platforms. You can try most of them for a free demo to understand their applicability to your business.

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