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SimilarWeb, a company specializing in digital space measurements, has developed a rating of the most popular and frequently visited sites in various industries – digital technologies, search engine optimization, electronics, telecommunications. According to the rating, the sphere of interests of Internet users also includes social networks, news and media, weather, computer games and even 18+ sites).

This rating was formed by the specialists of the SimilarWeb platform based on the analytical data they received after researching the market using specialized applications and software. The service allows you to compare a huge number of sites in different categories: digital traffic and interaction metrics, the average amount of time users spend on each site, etc.

Such studies allow you to study and analyze in detail a specific niche, the position of a specific website relative to competitors, etc. This provides additional opportunities for the business, its scalability and improved sales performance.

WebsiteDescriptionTotal Traffic/MonthAhrefs RankAvg. Visit DurationPages / VisitBounce Rate
facebook.comPlatform uniting people to communicate on the basis of common interests and business development. Socially acute topics responds: Pandemic, human rights and animal rights, equality and many others.2432М10:10:138.7032.29%
twitter.comAn open platform for conversation, expressing his opinion and the possibility of sharing relevant news.1330М20:10:4011.5330.01%
instagram.comSocial network originally created for a visual. Today is the site development site of its brand, business and promotion of services on the Internet through visual and blogging.756М30:07:4311.2735.35%
whatsapp.comFree messenger for exchange calls, messages and media files. Despite the fact that Open-Source, confidentiality is maintained.1087М120:03:131.5671.85%
reddit.comPlayground where communities are created by interests. They publish content, and the most popular acquires a high rating.225M520:09:346.6137.06%
vk.comSocial network for communicating with friends and colleagues. Website where users show their lives and interests, and also observe others.202M330:13:5817.5024.11%
linkedin.comCombining people to build business relationships. Creates employment opportunities for specialists in different fields180M50:07:146.5329.78%
discord.comThe ability to contact friends and communities (with calls, messages, video). It was originally created for parallel communication during the joint online games.76M1590:06:468.5849.06%
tiktok.comSocial network for posting, searching and sharing short videos. Used as a marketing tool for business development.16M1480:03:318.3745.54%
pinterest.comPlayground for inspiration. Social network where you can share photo, video modes and popularize your own media.441M90:05:014.9646.38%
ok.ruSocial network for finding friends on various filters. Allows you to communicate, exchange gifts, play online games, etc.58M1780:11:1212.3125.23%
baidu.comThe service is engaged in the development and distribution of digital technologies based on artificial intelligence. Provides marketing services.5560M440:06:088.1620.84%
google.comSearch engine with a convenient organization of information. Mission – make the life of users better due to the development of innovative applications.2989M60:11:058.6128.24%
yandex.ruRussian search engine with advanced web search features. Provides a wide selection of filters for searching: by keywords, pictures, cards, etc.120M1150:11:209.6622.74%
bing.comSearch engine from Microsoft. Home Value – search security and accurate compliance with search queries.1070M1770:07:035.3038.54%
duckduckgo.comThe resource provides a private search, data encryption, as well as tracking tracking. Free extension for chrome browser.952M16450:09:147.3312.81% search engine with a Brazilian domain. In other words, a localized site on the territory of Brazil.749M3190:05:1012.1119.18%
live.comMicrosoft toolkit, which includes: mail agent, messenger, cloud storage, a number of applications for creating media.553M2680:07:298.4217.67%
mail.ruWebsite providing email services. Allows you to communicate, exchange media, customize business mailing.101M2040:08:126.9028.88%
web.deThe service provides electronic correspondence services, cloud storage as well as mobile communications. In addition, this is a news platform.130M31070:05:517.7519.72
gmx.netPlatform for electronic communications – correspondence and conversion. Provides additional services: news portal, shop, online games, cloud, insurance, etc.123M65610:05:347.6314.52
gmail.comThe possibility of communication with electronic letters and video calls. It has custom options for the convenience of online correspondence in personal and business purposes.75M11580:00:401.3082.23
zoom.usOpen source platform for video links and online events. Optimized for collective work.47M850:03:292.9040.00% Internet company, which specializes in online services and electronic ads. Contains entertainment options (games, blog).235M6130:05:394.2136.22
wordpress.comWebsite design for non-programmers. Contains many ready-made templates and built-in topics.332M1310:03:232.6564.57
telegram.orgSocial network and messenger for virtual communication. Simplified messaging functions and files of various formats.135M5430:07:094.3241.45
office.comIntegrated platform with multiple programs and application applications. Contains software for writing text, creating presentations, tables, etc.41M1620:10:028.1126.74%
microsoft.comHomepage with a set of programs, applications and functions for work and personal goals. Represents many business opportunities.237M160:04:153.7947.65%
microsoftonline.comMICROSOFT server-based server set. Aims to simplify the use of licensed products by offering hosting solutions1030M4060:02:012.4643.51%
samsung.comOfficial electronic technology store Samsung. Offers the purchase of equipment, business cooperation56M4360:02:282.3151.06%
apple.comApple online brand store. Here you can safely purchase mobile phones, tablets, clocks, other original products.451M100:03:293.1754.45
huawei.comWebsite for implementing goods brand Huawei. Offers a business partnership for world dejitalization.152M5460:04:223.5743.17
bestbuy.comMarketplayers, containing goods and services of various categories – from clothes, music and children’s toys to professional highly specialized equipment.133M21750:04:1304.0347.14 service that can be used to search for information, entertainment and media content. Allows you to configure online payments.3M45480:03:294.4229.70%
orange.frThe site offers the purchase of home, mobile services and Internet connections. It has built-in home and online banking opportunities.180M16340:07:368.4022.08
t-mobile.comAt the site, you can purchase gadgets for mobile communications, communication services and the Internet. Provides wireless coating for quick communication.231M35540:03:182.5058.12%
att.comOne of the largest American telecommunications companies. Is the largest supplier of both local and long-term communication in the United States, as well as the second largest wireless service provider in the US159M12070:03:204.3548.91%
amazon.comOne of the largest market points, where goods 34 categories are presented. Also this is a employment platform, which is famous for harsh working conditions.650M270:06:598.5136.10%
ebay.comThe venue for e-commerce, auctions that earns the commissions paid sellers for the placement of goods. For buyers – the possibility of a profitable shopping124M2110:06:377.1536.46% shopping area, which presents local brands of clothing, cosmetics, technology and other product groups. There are also used goods.563M2030:06:057.2639.13%
walmart.comWorld network for wholesale and retail trade of various brands and categories. It offers prices close to wholesale.456M6120:04:395.2451.37%
aliexpress.comPlayground combining popular online shopping and Chinese product manufacturers. Provides flexible purchase terms for users.91M111250:08:5613.8932.01%
youtube.comPopular cutting service with video content. Partly used as a marketing strategy tool.5442M40:21:5611.5621.18%
netflix.comStreaming platform for current films, telecasts without advertising. Offered on the basis of a subscription.416M5010:09:584.1940.70%
miguvideo.comPlayground for the broadcast of Chinese films, TV shows and music. There are mobile applications – you can watch a video content on the phone screen.106M190330:04:212.1155.03%
imdb.comPlatform for streaming films, TV shows, TV shows, fashionable shows and broadcasts of ceremonies. Informs about the life and activities of Celabriti.469M1190:03:195.0043.13%
disneyplus.comStringing channel, which was developed as an official platform for placement Premier from Walt Disney Studios. Many cartoons, musicals, films.297M65030:07:434.3037.40%
fandom.comThe site is designed for communities of fans of popular films, television shows and computer games. Immerses in fictional worlds, communication, joint games and purchases.786M5890:05:144.2048.36%
syosetu.comPopular in Japan site for publishing novels. Competitions for writers are regularly held.239M269170:26:2611.4723.45%
douban.comPlayground of Chinese books, films, TV shows and media. Detailed subcategories for each content group, convenient search.165M8290:05:206.9041.68%
dcinside.comThe Korean Forum was originally intended for posting information about photographic equipment. Today is popular for spreading boards with images.181M788500:13:0715.9222.17%
yahoo.comAmerican popular search engine. There are a number of additional services, including email.3440M2500:07:345.6735.17% portal in Japan. Informs about current events in the country and the world. New media, online shopping opportunities.2234M1350:09:136.9832.14%
qq.comChinese popular instant text messaging service. Several interface languages ​​allow you to use the site by residents of other countries.965M140:03:563.2945.30% on the basis of the search engine Yahoo, news portal in Japan. There is the possibility of commenting and communicating on the forum with like-minded people.898M1350:06:424.5829.40%
globo.comThe service is posted a custom video content. Focus on news entertainment and sports.842M5630:04:192.4048.34%
msn.comThe web portal offers mail, messenger options and a number of applications supported by Microsoft.760M3400:05:363.9854.68%
naver.comKorean online platform, which one of the first in the country has developed its own search engine.369M2180:20:1313.1022.14% site of television and broadcasting. There are a number of thematic channels where popular and actual media are broadcast.655M1440:04:483.2146.33%
twitch.tvVideoDorming service whose specialization is computer games. The portal can be viewed both in real time and ethers in the record.943M1950:08:454.3728.18%
roblox.comWebsite for computer games lovers. Makes it possible to create and distribute your own games, thanks to the built-in playing engine.960M68190:16:439.1018.62%
store.steampowered.comPortal for selling computer games of different genres. Convenient navigation and constant update of the range.1645M4180:03:044.0049.60%
accuweather.comThe resource provides weather forecasting services for companies, corporations and even government governments. It also works as a free platform for placeholding forecasts.372M7610:00:582.2236.24%
weather.comWeather forecasts with maximum accuracy. Convenient filters to view the forecast for a different period of time.255M8070:00:581.8037.01%
gismeteo.ruHourly weather forecast for different settlements. The site contains cards, news regularly published.40M223210:02:062.5842.20% portal with localization in Japan. Convenient organization of information with display on the map.121M1350:02:052.4055.81%
ilmeteo.itWeather forecasts in Italy. Many news about what is happening in the world.93M83260:05:443.3038.40%
wikipedia.orgThe largest Internet encyclopedia. Represents fundamental information about various industries, historical events, personalities, etc.5200M5470:03:4903.0656.75%
quora.comPlatform where users can find and place information. Pre-registration is required.552M5540:02:3802.0663.75%
definition.orgExplanatory online dictionary. Provides full grammatical information about each search query.184M10383560:03:575.2944.44%
indeed.comThe largest platform for job search or employees. Collects ads from different employment sites and vacancies published on third-party sources.112M4980:06:267.7933.69%
glassdoor.comPortal for searching for filters (company names, wages, vacancies). Makes it possible to compare conditions in similar organizations.55M10350:03:073.3349.74%
hh.ruPortal for publishing vacancies in Moscow. Many useful articles on employment and passage of interviews.56M30630:08:317.7929.97%
jooble.orgService for finding a job in more than 60 regions of the United States. Additionally, vacancies in other countries.48M19000:04:535.2330.51%
xvideos.comFree site with pornographic content. Available in 20 languages ​​in 80 countries – one of the most popular sites for adults.3300M55450:09:5509.0520.98%
xnxx.comWebsite with pornovideoologicians. Access – only for adult users.4994M220060:08:3511.2613.42%
pornhub.comPortal, publishing pornographic materials. Run the own premium for creating pornographic content.7771M20740:08:0707.0327.24%
xhamster.comA popular website that removes and publishes pornographic videos. There are a reality show, where men and women compete for the right to become pornstairs.1896M68850:09:128.4123.62%
realsrv.comWebsite that displays notifications pop-up in the browser. It is a malicious software.656M771040:01:181.9426.17%


Internet Trends – sites dedicated to promoting business in online communities, streaming channels, entertainment web platforms. Budget online shopping is no less popular with Internet users.

If you analyze the time that users spend on various sites, it is obvious thatsocial networks and news portals account for the lion’s shares. These web resources are considered the most popular in the world. This trend will continue in the coming years.

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