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A company or a brand reputation significantly matters for business development. People would like to purchase goods and order services from trusted providers. PR agencies make a specialty out of boosting the reputation. This is the most common misconception when public relations and marketing are considered the same things.

When PR agencies are focused on brand awareness and reputation management, marketers aspire to increase sales. It means that the main goal of marketing is to drive high revenues. And public relations conception can be out of the marketers’ sightline.

What Are PR Agencies?

High-quality public relations practices are far from annoying propaganda, hype, and spinning around. All the PR agencies aim to promote and build brands for raising their awareness. These firms are interested in:

  • Engaging local communities;
  • Successful launching of new products and services;
  • Building a trustworthy image of the company’s CEO and team, etc.

Everything depends on the business. Other aspirations can occur for financial PR agencies or other narrow-direction public-relation firms. Although there are differences between approaches from one business niche to another, it is essential to understand what clients want first.

This way, both local and international PR agencies will pick sides with the best-matching strategy for the project based on the belief, user intent, and prospects. In comparison with advertising firms, public relations departments are responsible for analyzing and interpreting public opinions, constant researching and communication with target audiences, planning the organization’s efforts, and other critical brand-based tasks.

All businesses require a PR agency to perform well on the market and retain consumers. Competent public relations management specialists write press releases, speeches for the CEO and company’s team members, arrange branding events, and many more. Unfortunately, some projects chose the wrong strategy for development before requesting assistance from crisis PR agencies to rescue the brand and the organization’s reputation.

For a fruitful result, public relations management departments should collaborate with marketers and advertisers, determine the goals to achieve, and act in one direction with all the company representatives.

Best 10 PR Agencies

Here is a rating of the most top-ranking B2C and B2B PR agencies to consider. The list of top firms is based on the specialists’ range of services, their win-win case studies, and reviews.

5W Public Relations

This is a New York-based agency with a sound reputation in public relations management. The main specialization of the firm is the creation of viral stories (narrations, videos, speeches). For example, the PR campaign for Sparkling Ice reaches about 1.5 billion media impressions. In addition, Instagram reels brought up 7.194 shares for earned media placements on social media.

One more successful case study is the VIZIO superstar story. When the video got about 1 billion impressions. Additionally, the NYC PR agency assists with enhanced corporate and technology communications, fintech communications, manages health & wellness branding campaigns. Therabody, LifeStyles, Ideal Semiconductor, Thriller, and Webull.

Pola Zen, who ordered PR services for her digital media company, characterizes 5WPR as a creative and committed team of professionals.

Media Frenzy Global

This is a technology PR agency from Atlanta. Its experts state that their pitches and trade titles will attract the attention of the big business magazines and global media companies like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, etc. Among satisfied clients of MFG are:

  • Stratix;
  • OHUB;
  • Ninja Number;
  • Ingenico;
  • PPRO.

For example, the agency created a viral brand narration for Verizon that got numerous impressions. The motto “But first, digital” still promotes the tech company. Additionally, the PR agency revitalized the BIAS brand with the help of the new messaging to the public and imagery style.

Sharon Harris highly appreciated the Media Frenzy Global approach to raising the client’s brand profile of her digital marketing company.

BIGfish Communications

This agency from Boston is notable for its brilliant storytelling and strategic media campaigns. The powerful tool used in the firm’s PR strategies is audio messages to audiences. Optimus Ride, FormLabs, Ring, MIT Technologies Review, and Amazon are among customers who trust this PR agency.

Among the most successful case studies is the story about the Play low-cost carrier. Due to the media campaign of the public-relations firm, the public knew about new aircraft models available on the routes. In addition, the motto “We are back” appeared in press releases and other promotional materials.

Another interesting story is PR for Robert Tuchman, who creates podcasts for entrepreneurs. The number of listeners was doubled after the public-relations campaign. Dianne Austin, the CEO of Big Wig company, is thankful to BIGfish PR agency for increased media attention, partnerships, and sales in her review.

10 to 1 Public Relations 

The public-relations management team from Arizona (Scottsdale) creates strategic communications for industrial market players (including real estate, manufacturing, and other sectors). The agency provides its PR services throughout the United States. Among clients of the firm are:

  • LandThrive;
  • SFE;
  • Cornet;
  • AVANA Companies;
  • Medivant.

One of the success stories to mention is the PR campaign for FirstBank. The agency generated a buzz around new bank offices in Arizona to increase the media outreach. Due to the publications in the local press and other approaches, FirstBank attracted +20% of clients.

At the same time, the YellowBird case study is notable for the great media coverage performed by the 10 to 1 PR agency. In addition, the firm helped with business localization and industry-specific media outreach.

Jason Frazier is also one of the consumers of this AZ-based agency. Sports Academy’s project increased registrations and click-through rates after branded press releases and filmed testimonials.

Communication Strategy Group

The CSG PR agency is located in Denver. One of the services of the firm is public relations. One of the efficient approaches the agency uses is a content value exchange. The specialists are responsible for securing media coverage and establishing influencer relationships for their clients (among them are Boom, Corepower, Top Hat, Crayola, Kaiser Permanente).

Two great case studies of the Communication Strategy Group are:

  1. Social media strategy for Cochlear increased leads by 2.500% for the brand.
  2. Public relations for Educause brought an expanded public profile for the local education service provider.

Richard Terres rated this agency on the Clutch platform high. In addition, a just-launched WIX investment management website garnered perfect customers’ feedback from the first days.

Firecracker PR

The agency has a well-thought algorithm to increase brand awareness. The experts start with promotion and thought leadership. Then, newsjacking and source filing take place. The final step is content marketing. Among the companies which have worked with this CA-based PR agency are:

  • Fujitsu;
  • Gigabyte;
  • TP-link;
  • Nord VPN;
  • Pipeliner.

The main area of specialization is public relations for software and other digital service providers. For example, Sparkcentral increased its inbound web traffic by 76% due to the public relations management strategy realized by Firecracker’s team. One more example is Certainsafe, with 87 unique media mentions arranged by this PR agency.

Kevin Huang is thankful for PR services handled by the Firecracker firm. This campaign allowed his PC software company to increase brand awareness even during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Otter Public Relations

This is a Florida-based PR agency with service coverage throughout the FL state (Miami, Orlando, St.Petersburg, etc.). The firm provides crisis public relations management and different types of auditing and other options to take into account:

  • Communication auditing;
  • Brand auditing;
  • Creating opportunity;
  • Story/Brand pitching.

Among the standing customers of the agency are the Foster Group, Next Level Benefits, The Hill, Boomers,, Dibara Masonry. Speaking about successful case studies, OPR realized the PR strategy for Beauty Hub with the bright statistics: 802,000 estimated coverage reviews and increased online readership (971 million).

The public relations management campaign for RenewedEdge also brought great showings:

  • 273 million (online readership);
  • 465,000 estimated coverage views;
  • 941 social shares.

Lauren Winans is satisfied with 10 interview podcasts that aroused public attention and a well-promoted brand (HR consulting company).


The motto of the agency is “Control Your Reputation!”. The team is from New York. This is one of the leading consumer PR agencies in America. The firm allows brands to remove the negative perception of the audiences and promote positive ones.

The reputation management service range includes the development of the customized strategy and providing top-notch ideas for the business and cust\omer care practices.

Among reputable clients who trust in the public relations services of this NY PR agency are Johny Fairplay, Ciada de Laurentiis, Alex Boylan. All these three renowned persons faced public hate or scandals in the media. The agency helped them restore their reputation on the Internet. All these celebrities were glad to provide their gratifying video reviews.

Zee Prado as the Clutch reviewer, said that this agency is great at message delivery. The firm provided not only Pr services but content marketing as well.

Idea Hall

The PR agency is headquartered in Orange County (Costa Mesa). The firm provides branding, marketing, and public relations services in California. Among consumers that rely on the PR performance of this CA-based dedicated team are Be Well OC, Access Hope, Discovery Cube, Sabal Capital, Trilogy Financial.

It is worth mentioning that this PR agency works with non-profit organizations. For example, a case study of the United to End Homeless project depicts the public’s increased interest in the sharp social questions. As a result, the charity organization was able to gain $100,000 as a contribution to the non-profit project.

The commercial real estate company StorQuest developed a digital branding campaign on Facebook with the help of the top PR agency from Orange County. The astonishing results are that 764,765 people participated in the social media contest and 1,155 promotional video shares on FB.

Anand Kannan left a grateful review about the PR services for hir real estate project rebranding. The promised growth by 30% in Linkedin followers was achieved.


The firm is located in San Diego (CA). Its PR services promote positiveness and fun. That is why the core niches of the agency are healthy lifestyle, entertainment, personal blogs, social media blogging.

Among big-sized local companies that promote their brands with the help of Crowe-generated private relations management are AtYourGate, ScrewBall, Levitate, and VivoBareFoot. Unfortunately, the agency does not have accessible case studies. But a good proof of the quality of its PR services is positive reviews of customers (4.8 from 5 stars, based on the Clutch eight reviews).

Melissa Lopez is grateful to the firm for its comprehensive approach to realizing the branding strategy. The she-entrepreneur also mentioned excellent communication at each stage of work.

To Sum Up

Public relations will never become passe. On the contrary, an effective PR strategy is a baseline for successful business performance on the market. The most optimal approach for companies with the drive to a long run is a combination of branding solutions, advertising, marketing practices with public relations.

Most agencies offer all these services at once. It is recommended to entrust your brand only to skillful professionals with a detailed portfolio and sky-level expertise.

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