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The number of professional conferences in e-commerce is multiplying every day. There you can not only learn a lot of new things but also make useful contacts. At SEO conferences, you can find potential clients as well as potential partners. If you get the right connections, it will give a good boost to your professional career.

We have compiled the top 29 SEO conferences according to our editors. The main criteria for selection: leading positions in their format, regularity of the event, and personal experience of attending.

Best 29 SEO Conference

SEJ eSummit

  • Online
  • Cost: from $50 to $350
  • Top 5 speakers: Lily Ray, Jackie Chu, Martin Splitt, Keith Goode, John Shehata
  • Partners: Shopify, Rakuten, Disney, NetSuite, Eleks

Virtual conference is a 2-day educational experience featuring experts in SEO. SEJ eSummit’s SEO & PPC help you understand the best strategies to meet your business goals and address challenges.

Advanced Search Summit

  • Napa Valley, USA
  • Cost: $1499
  • Top 5 speakers: Joe Sinkwitz, William Sears, Lily Ray, Jacqueline Urick, Loren Baker
  • Partners: Disney, Atlassian, Morgan Stanley, Polaris, Zendesk

It focuses on providing the best SEO insights in the world. It believes in providing a first-class experience for all of its attendees. This SEO conference limits attendance and focuses on enterprise problems & solutions.

SMX Advanced

  • Online
  • Cost: $249
  • Top 5 speakers: Azeem Ahmad, Amanda Hebdon, Ken WIlliams, Jessica Bowman, Crystal Carter
  • Partners: Lenovo, SalesForce, Reddit, Dell, Disney

Conference is the show for folks interested in more than just basic industry information and expertise about SEO. Here you can get SEO insights from professionals that work in famous companies.


  • Online
  • Cost: from $129 to $625
  • Top 5 speakers: Brie E. Anderson, Luke Carty, Sara Bird, Rob Ousbey, Tom Capper
  • Partners: WIX, Page One Power, Ninety seventh floor, Crowd Content

Conference agenda was developed by marketers and SEO specialists from the strongest projects in eCommerce, real estate, finance, and other industries. The agenda includes a discussion of the marketing challenges facing the most advanced companies today and the entire market tomorrow.

Engage Marketing Conference

  • Portland, USA
  • Cost: $279
  • Top 5 speakers: Leslie To, Arsen Rabinovich, Jeremy Epperson, Mary Davies, Susan Wenograd
  • Partners: Optmyzr, Coywolf, Webfor, Charlene Kate events

Engage Marketing Conference is designed to provide insight into the SEO. Engage Marketing Conference tries to provide value for everyone from in-house SEOs to business owners.

Content Marketing World

  • Cleveland, USA
  • Cost: from $699 to $2399
  • Top 5 speakers: Robert Rose, Melanie Deziel, Sydni Craig-Hart, Marcus Collins, Pete Souza.
  • Partners: Sitecore, Welcome, Wrike, RockContent, Nativo.

Content Marketing World is the conference where take part employees of advertising platforms, top managers of advertising agencies, and acknowledged experts in the development of the digital market. Here you can meet, share knowledge, and find new colleagues and partners to effectively solve business problems.

State of Search

  • Online
  • Cost: $465
  • Top 5 speakers: Eric Enge, Greg Gifford
  • Partners: Page One Power

The conference as useful and valuable to you and your business as possible. First and foremost, it is a program that is put together by the best expert practitioners who know the pressing challenges of business.

SMX Next

  • Online
  • Cost: from $149 to $299
  • Top 5 speakers: Ginny Marvin, Jim Boykin, Bruce Clay, Barry Schwartz, Natalie Barreda
  • Partners: BuzzFeed, Carat, CapitalOne

It is the place where the reasons for the speakers’ success are revealed. When you attend SMX Next, you’re committing to further your career.

B2B Marketing Expo

  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Cost: free
  • Top 5 speakers: Stephen Gorgey, Paul Breseden, Chip House, Matthew Lieberman, Lisa Kane
  • Partners: 1338 Tryon, Vanilla Soft, Bruce Clay, ManoByte

Conference is one of the leading marketing events showcasing the latest developments. SEO professionals connect with innovations they need to be the best in SEO.

DigiMarCon East

  • New York, USA
  • Cost: from $147 to $1097
  • Top 5 speakers: Asma Shabab, Tina Graves, Jason Falls, Rand Fishkin, Robert Rose
  • Partners: Bizzabo, Outgrow, IADMP, Sofitel

Here you explore big ideas presented directly from the innovators.

DigiMarCon Silicon Valley

  • San Francisco, USA
  • Cost: from $147 to $1097
  • Top 5 speakers: Tony Eades, Ginger Shimp, Allen Gannet, Megan Toth, Simon Kelly
  • Partners: ANZ Stadium, JW Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Loews

DigiMarCon Silicon Valley is the place where you join your peers for 2 days. Here you get SEO best practices.

DigiMarCon California

  • San Diego, USA
  • Cost: from $147 to $1097
  • Top 5 speakers: Sonal Shah, Mike Hines, Becky Simms, Ashley Faus, Kelvin Lee
  • Partners: Marina Bay Sands, Onstream Media, BINGE Networks

Conference is where practitioners who don’t make a show out of their speeches take part.

DigiMarCon Midwest

  • Chicago, USA
  • Cost: from $147 to $1097
  • Top 5 speakers: Joe Nguyen, Dan Devone, Tom Shapiro, Nancy Harhut, Mike Hines
  • Partners: TINT, Outgrow, LeadFerret, Royal Caribbean

Conference take part only practitioners who operate not with such abstract concepts as loyalty, image, creativity and PR, but with the number of appeals, the cost of leads, the price of a visitor to the site and other intelligible KPIs.

SEMrush Webinars 2021

  • Online
  • Cost: free
  • Top 5 speakers: Lenox Powell, Nik Ranger, James Wirth, Garret French, Jason Barnard
  • Partners: SEMrush

SEMrush Webinars are a great opportunity to get cutting-edge SEO insights for free.

SMX: Search Marketing Expo

  • Online
  • Cost: $249
  • Top 5 speakers: Areej AbuAli, Pedro Dias, Brad Geddes, Kelly Benish, Detlef Johnson
  • Partners: Botify, Trustpilot, Uberall, Invoca, Moz

Conference – Search Marketing Expo you find detailed reports. In addition to the theoretical part, you will get cases on the SEO promotion of a particular business from personal practice. Some speakers build their reports solely on showing and parsing cases.

Searchlove Conference by Distilled

  • San Diego, USA
  • Cost: from $999 to $1299
  • Top 5 speakers: Alex Heinz, Emily Potter, Mike King, Cyrus Shepard, Amy Hebdon
  • Partners: Zillow, Staples, Marriott

It is a great, intimate SEO conference with top-notch speakers who are available to answer questions. Here you get amazing content whether you are working for an agency or in-house.

CXL Live 2021

  • Austin, USA
  • Cost: $1000
  • Top 5 speakers: Ronny Kohavi, Dave Gerhardt, Casandra Campbell, Sophia Liu, Lex Roman
  • Partners: Fullstory, AB Tasty, VWO, SiteSpect

CXL Live will reveal to you how enormous organizations and meetings construct CRO. Here you will become more acquainted with the best specialists on conversion rate optimization.

Conductor C3 2021

  • New York, USA
  • Cost: $599
  • Top 5 speakers: Mari Irby, Katie Greenwood, Caitlin Rashbaum, Kristi Dillman, Michael Bruh
  • Partners: DeepCrawl, Yext, Conductor Searchlight

At Conductor C3 speakers will show you tactics and SEO insights.


  • Online
  • Cost: free
  • Top 5 speakers: Kim Davis, Ed Breault, Chris O’Hara, Bridgette Doig, Matthew Crocker
  • Partners: SalesForce, Lytics, Pega, Validity

Speakers review the best practices of manufacturers, suppliers, e-com stores and marketplaces. Experts share their experience of reducing the cost of attracting clients and the specifics of their work with the audience. They discuss how to unify the customer experience when building online and offline sales and how to build effective cooperation when selling through SEO.

LocalU Advanced Marketing Summit

  • Online
  • Cost: $125
  • Top 5 speakers: Tim Capper, Colan Nielsen, Tom Waddington, Noah Learner, Greg Gifford
  • Partners: SterlingSky, TwoOctobers

This is a great opportunity to gain SEO insight. SEO specialists demonstrate effective SEO tactics using real examples.

Adobe Summit

  • Online
  • Cost: free
  • Top 5 speakers: Adam Crane, Aleks Bass, Alex Clark, Amol Anand, Amy Robson
  • Partners: Microsoft, IBM, Dentsu, Accenture

Adobe Summit was a great conference with a lot of inspiring speakers. You can get SEO insights and experience sessions on demand right now.

Ad World

  • Online
  • Cost: from $799 to $999
  • Top 5 speakers: Kris Sugatan, Aneri Shah, Jim Kwik, Mari Smith, Rory Sutherland
  • Partners: TikTok, Snapchat, Amazon

This is the best conference to master D2C Ecommerce and SEO.

Confab: The Content Strategy Conference

  • Minneapolis, USA
  • Cost: $995
  • Top 5 speakers: Vidhika Bansal, Sophie Tahran, Gord Roberts, Anthony Brandt, Natalie Dunbar
  • Partners: LinkedIn, Adobe, Evernote, PayPal, Twitter

Confab is an SEO event where representatives of the largest search engines will talk about industry trends and answer all the questions that bother professionals. It is organized and hosted by Brain Traffic, a content strategy advisory and events company.

DMWF Global

  • London, USA
  • Cost: free
  • Top 5 speakers: Carolina Paradas, Omer Waysman, Kelsey Murray, Jaime Valverde Cohen, Taya Settomini
  • Partners: Youscan, Sprout Social, Falcon.io

This conference will help refresh your knowledge so you can better navigate the SEO and work with contractors.


  • Online
  • Cost: $149
  • Top 5 speakers: Brian Halligan, Sarah Paiji Yoo, Dharmesh Shah, Caitlin Clark-Zigmond, Oprah Winfrey
  • Partners: HubSpot

Here you will understand the new rules of the search space and Google algorithms. How to grow your online business more effectively, attract customers and increase your average check.


  • Columbus, USA
  • Cost: from $320 to $460
  • Top 5 speakers: Ann Handley, Will Leach, Jessica Best, Douglas Burdett, Brooke Sellas
  • Partners: Dialogtech, Spectrum Reach, Upward, Pantheon

This conference provides the opportunity to soak up with hundreds of your (soon-to-be) closest marketing friends. Here you learn and laugh with some of the industry’s biggest SEO brains and brightest stars.

Hero Conf

  • Austin, USA
  • Cost: from $1450 to $2500
  • Top 5 speakers: Fred Vallaeys, Elizabeth Marsten, Danielle Gonzales, Aaron Levy, Brad Geddes
  • Partners: Optmyzr, ClickCease, DeltaX, TVTY

Conference offers a variety of solutions that allow participants to get to know each other and find the right contacts. Here is also the probability to get an express audit of your website and expert advice on how to promote your business.

Utah DMC

  • Online
  • Cost: from $75 to $400
  • Top 5 speakers: David Meerman Scott, Purna Virji, Fred Vallaeys, Dana DiTomaso, Kathleen Booth
  • Partners: ClearLink, BrightTalk

Utah DMC is the 6th annual conference. Speakers will share insights that cannot be found in the public domain.


  • Online
  • Cost: $50
  • Top 5 speakers: Aleyda Solis, Bill Slawski, Casey Markee, Dejan Petrovic, Dixon Jones
  • Partners: Duda, WTA, Ninjas

DeepSEO is a great SEO conference. Here speakers are bringing topics that apply to nearly every one of us. In addition, they are sharing the wisdom they’ve gained from their work in specific niches or practices but which can be adapted to suit.


We think that many people are ready to conquer new heights. Therefore, interesting and informative SEO conferences have begun to take place already at the beginning of 2021. In this article, we’ve gathered for you only the coolest SEO conferences where you discover a lot of new and useful information.

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