5 Types of Content Writing

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Content writing service is the base of every business. So how do entrepreneurs start it from zero? What reaction do we expect it to make? Keep reading our article and find out.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is an essential part of a selling strategy. It includes creating texts and optimizing them for business needs. The primary purpose of content writing services is to present products online and attract potential clients.

For example, texts deliver information about new products and the company’s philosophy changes. Content writing aims to impress potential seekers in hiring new workers. Also, all strong advertisements become successful with grabbing words & sentences. Look through this article to learn more about content writing jobs and business needs.

Why Is Proper Content Writing Important?

Any sphere won’t exist without suitable high-level content writing. The reasons are numerous.

  1. It will make a group recognizable and show its unique style in all details, from products to ads. In addition, a startup’s web image says a lot about workers’ attitudes and creates the first impression about the brand.
  2. Interesting posts not only get remembered but shared. Potential clients will spread seen posts as helpful, beautiful, or funny information, making a brand memorable.
  3. Proper texts improve SEO. Every website analysis takes search engines’ algorithms into account. Sometimes they work much better than just people’s attention. Users will see them first while surfing with the right words hidden on web pages.

5 Types of Content Writing

Companies must exist on the Internet in all possible forms, including social nets, websites, forums, etc. Each source is a chance for efficient promotion. However, types of content writing differ in each case.


Types of Content Writing - 001

Blog content writing involves short notes on a corporate website. Sharing news or plans here is excellent. Regular updates show that the company is moving forward. They also put websites higher in search engines, as far as algorithms see regular updates. Almost any type of commerce can use blogging forms and cover many themes.

Social Media Posts

Types of Content Writing - 002

A firm doesn’t exist if it doesn’t have an account on social media. Therefore, social media marketing is a must for any industry. It is a way of connecting with customers letting marketers learn more about their passions and interests.

According to the audience’s age and adored themes, a company starts paying more attention to a particular platform. For example, an easy lecture or how-to article is excellent for LinkedIn, but a bunch of quick facts will get many views on Twitter. An average content writing specialist won’t suit you there. Hire an SMM expert with a narrow specialization to develop a company instead.

Technical Writing

Types of Content Writing - 003

Also known as long-form, technical content writing is generally a detailed talk with an audience. It will suit corporations that offer technological devices or want to share their concept. Technical writing can be presented as an ebook, a detailed guide, or an article with facts.

SEO Copywriting

Types of Content Writing - 004

SEO content writing is a part of info that sells and promotes products online. It also explains why buyers pick a specified brand, not someone else’s. This form includes:

Themes’ variety is wide too and can suit almost every business from clothes to cars.


Types of Content Writing - 005

Sending mails is another promotion chance for your company. It can attract new clients and deliver news to fans of an existing strong brand. Emails must be informative and grabbing from the first sentences, or they’ll drop to spam.

Best 7 Tips for Copywriting

So how do we define if copywriting is good? There are many secrets, and professionals know them. Every time they invent a strategy with specific purposes in each text. Please find out about its essential parts in the paragraphs below.

Write a Head-Turning Headline

Types of Content Writing - 006

The start is the key. After three seconds, page visitors will decide whether to read the article or not. Here is why a headline must grab attention and tell as much as possible about the information below. Could you not make it long? Notably, put a few words describing the whole text. Jokes and questions fit well there.

Optimize Digital Content

An excellent text looks simple and understandable. Review your posts and find out whether they have:

  • short paragraphs;
  • bulleted or numbered lists;
  • structuring headers;
  • short sentences.

It is a way of caring about readers, who are your further purchasers. The clear structure will help readers find information in seconds. Also, search engine algorithms see such texts as good ones and show them higher.

Focus on a Single Purpose

Every clear and catching text has a message that everyone must get. For example, please explain how to use a complicated product you produce and who will like it. Otherwise, give a solution to a difficult case.

Connect every sentence on a list with that message. Remember that while writing and deleting all extra words. Messages must be clear and easy to find.

Drive Toward Powerful Calls to Action

Types of Content Writing - 007

A call to action is the invitation to do something after reading your text. This action usually helps build an advertising strategy. It can be:

  • sharing information with friends;
  • download apps or demos;
  • tap the link, visit the website;
  • make a purchase.

Ask readers to do that in the last few sentences. The call can be straight, or a writer can hide it, in other words.

Make the Reader Feel Something

Emotions are an essential factor in changing a site’s popularity. You can emotionally react by connecting the text with readers’ lives. The structure and the story should attract users, be funny or strange, but never get boring.

Write in your Unique Brand Voice

The website content writing tone says much about the company. It should refer to your product and create a proper image. For example, a brand of teenage clothes might be open and friendly. Otherwise, your wording would rather be sharp and short if you produce high-class watches. Don’t be afraid of experimenting while searching for working methods.

Include Actionable Tips

Actionable tips are the easiest way to create awesome content. A user will be able to use new information right after receiving it. Offer users to check something, click some links, or try some useful resources.


As you see, web content writing is not only the quality of the text but the way you present it. The main ideas of working copywriting are simplicity and attention to readers’ wishes. To keep your business in a necessary condition, we strongly advise hiring a professional copywriter to improve your style constantly.

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