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Usability Evaluation is a measurement of the perception and interaction of a user with a product. The results demonstrate whether the website is user-friendly, useful, and effective. This evaluation allows you to answer the following questions:

  • How long does it take for a user to reach their goal of finding a product or information?
  • Is the website easy for the user to navigate?
  • How many users leave a page without getting what they want?

After analyzing the usability evaluation query in Google Trends, we will see interesting statistics for the last 17 years across all continents (indicators are measured on a 100-point scale):

  • The most popular query, “Usability Evaluation,” fell in March 2004. Since then, the indicators have continued to fall rapidly.
  • It is the highest-ranked search term in the Philippines, UK, and Germany.
  • In August 2021, the Usability Evaluation received only 5 points in the rating.
  • Over the past ten years, the popularity of the query “Usability Evaluation” has not exceeded 21 points.

A related query, “Heuristic Evaluation,” performed similarly but with a slight difference. In contrast to the usability assessment, Singapore, Malaysia, and Pakistan are the leading countries here. At the end of the summer of 2021, the popularity of the request was only 9 points.

Tools for Usability Evaluation from Plerdy

When evaluating usability, Plerdy products allow you to comprehensively analyze the effectiveness of the user interface and website pages while determining their strengths and weaknesses.


Records and stores in real-time the clicks of visitors and their orders. It also groups them by device type and traffic. Then it creates a detailed report of user behavior on the site.

PopUP Forms

The tool allows you to customize pop-up forms without involving programmers and designers. Create a questionnaire, offer discounts, and ask questions to those who abandon their cart.

SEO Checker

Integrates with Google Search Console API to analyze missing keys. Also, the tool automatically checks website pages daily for title, description, H1 and Noindex, and other factors to assess SEO performance.

Session Replay

Keeps a video of the interaction of visitors with the website (separately for the PC and mobile versions). At the same time, you can segment users by category – by country and type of action.

Event Tracking

Tracks user actions and their interactions with all elements of the pages of the website. Analyzes the indicators and, if necessary, transfers them to Google Analytics.

Sales Performance

Tool for online stores. Examines customer behavior and determines at what stage they leave the website.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Hotjar Alternatives 3

Analyzes the behavior of visitors on the path to conversion, then visualizes it as a marketing funnel. The product also analyzes which elements or pages affect purchases and which do not.

Usability Evaluation Method Type: Testing

Testing the website interface for usability by basic methods – voicing usability and remote verification. What are these evaluation methods based on?

Think aloud protocol

The evaluation method is based on testing, which is carried out by dubbing all the actions on the website by the user. Participants are provided with data on discovered technical usability issues. The task of each is connected with the goals set for them. At the same time, the task itself is not an instruction for actions, what and how to do it, but speaks of the final goal on the website.

The test will help you determine why there is a problem with the use of web pages.

Remote usability testing

Evaluation in the form of testing is carried out in the usual environment for participants using remote screen viewers or online services of remote usability providers. Tests can be passed with or without moderation. What is their essence?

  • Moderated tests. These are carried out for more complex tasks where there is no prescribed sequence of steps. During execution, the participant observes how they interact with them during testing.
  • Tests without moderation. The participants themselves carry out the evaluations. These are great for situations where there are specific usability questions for relatively simple tasks.

Typically, the remote testing option is resorted to when testing in a laboratory setting is not possible, or the potential users of the website are scattered all over the world.

Usability Evaluation Method Type: Inquiry

This research method is carried out in the form of personal communication with users. It is carried out in two ways.

Focus groups

These are moderated discussions about using the website with a team of 5 to 10 people. The scoring method allows you to get feedback from users who match the description of your target audience.


In contrast to laboratory testing, participants work in a natural environment. They do not have any tasks. Usability researchers observe the process and ask questions. The technique combines observation and interviews.

Usability Evaluation Method Type: Inspection

This research method provides two types of research: cognitive and pluralistic step-by-step passage and completion of tasks. What are they?

Cognitive walkthrough

Cognitive progression requires precise step-by-step execution of tasks. Each goal that is set for the participant has a clear plan for achieving it.

Pluralistic walkthrough

This evaluation is done early in development with a group of 6 to 10 people. Participants are given paper printouts with a user interface, after which specific tasks are assigned to them. Users should communicate how they will proceed. After that, they discuss the developers about usability, possible risks, and possible problems.


Usability evaluation is an important research step that will ensure high rankings and website conversions. Usability directly affects how much time a person spends on a website and what actions they are willing to take.

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