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In today’s highly competitive market, user experience is one of the most important factors. To remain competitive, you must deliver unique experiences to users to stay ahead of your competitors. The best way to ensure your business website performs well is to acquire data about its user behavior. All website owners need to understand the importance of user behavior data for their success.

If you collect user behavior data, it can do wonders for you. You can see which URLs on your website are performing well. You can see how users interact with different sections of your website. You can identify the spots for improvement and much more. But the question is, how can you gather data about user behavior? It’s quite easy these days. Plenty of user behavior analytics tools available in the market can do the job. In this article, we will consider the top 10 user behavior analytics tools you can use to grow your website.

What are User Behavior Analytics Tools, and How do They Work?

User behavior analytics is a process of collecting data and insights about how a user interacts with your website. Behavior analytics tools are software built with the purpose of identifying user behavior. They track the activity of users on your online store and provide you with useful insights about user experience

Now many people will think how user behavior analytics tools work. The answer is quite simple. Suppose, you have a website, and you are running a user behavior analytics tool on it. It will record the behavior of visitors on your website, like how much time they spend on your website, how they interact with different website sections, on which pages they spend more time, how many clicks they do on your website, and much more.

After collecting all this information, the user behavior analytics tools deliver it to you in a much more presentable format so that you can analyze what’s going on and make informed decisions.

Main Features of User Behavior Analytics Tools

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of user behavior analytics tools in the market, and they all come with a unique set of features. Although they are all built for the same purpose, the difference in their features is what makes users decide which tools they need. A good user analytics tool will offer you:

  • Funnel Analytics:The funnel analytics function of user behavior analytics tools enables you to determine which pages on your website perform well and which sites users promptly abandon. You can improve your funnels’ performance and conversion rates using this information.
  • Heatmaps: A heatmap is a user behavior analytics tool feature that provides a visualization of how users interact with pages of websites. You can see where users click (banner or button) on your website, where they scroll, and which areas are left unattended by your website visitors. There are also a lot of other functions heatmaps perform.
  • A/B testing: A/B testing is a feature of user behavior analytics solutions that enables you to experiment with alternative webpage versions. You can display different versions of your web pages to users at different times and see which version performs better. Using this feature, you can save a lot of time as you can eliminate the guesswork and know exactly what users want.
  • Session replay tools: You can enhance your website’s user interface using this function of analytics tools for user behavior. You can make strategic decisions based on the data collected by session replays of your users.

So, these are some of the features of user behavior analytics tools that are most important. Businesses and individuals can choose a tool that has these features depending upon the needs and requirements of their websites.

10 Most Useful User Behavior Analytics Tools

User behavior analytics tools are a great way to understand your customers and improve your business. Here are ten of the best:

#1: Plerdy

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 01

CEO: Andrew Chornyy

Top Clients: SoftServe, Honda, Samcart, Huggies, Subaru

Plerdy is a very useful tool that can provide an overview of how your customers or visitors interact with your website. Its purpose is to analyze user behavior and provide digital marketers and UI/UX designers with useful insights to improve their marketing efforts.

With Plerdy, you can get a lot of information about user behavior on your website. It contains many useful features, like session replays and funnel analytics, that can help you acquire useful insights about visitors’ behavior on a website.

Businesses can use this information to improve their website design and content as they now understand how their customers interact with them. You can also determine which marketing campaigns work the best for you.

Overall, Plerdy is a great tool that helps businesses to optimize their websites to be more successful in their industries.

Client’s Review

Fantastic product, our main go-to user insight and engagement service

Richard P. – Director (Small Business)

#2: FullStory

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 02

CEO: Scott Voigt

Top Clients: StackShare, Yousign, Superchat, TravelPerk, Productboard.

You can get many insights into your website visitors’ experiences with FullStory. This innovative tool provides key information needed for conversion optimization and content marketing, from understanding a user’s engagement with content to catering feedback from real users.

Getting started only takes a few clicks; no coding is required. Website admins can track their behavior and see when they’re ‘rage clicking’ with FullStory.

Its user-friendly interface and behavioral metrics give you insights into how users interact with your website, which you can use to improve your customer service.

Some of the main features of Fullstory are:

  • Taking user feedback and catering to it
  • You don’t need any coding skills
  • It uses tracking to see what users do
  • Checks for rage clicking

Client’s Review

Powerful tool to connect with your customer’s digital experience

Sami P. – Senior Analyst (Small Enterprise)

#3: Hotjar

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 03

CEO: Mohammad Ali

Top Clients: Freepik, Digikala, Woocommerce, Flaticon

You can use Hotjar for free to figure out how your website visitors interact with it. To help you optimize your website, it shows you real-time heatmaps, click paths, session recordings, and more. Built-in reporting lets you make custom reports using your data.

With Hotjar, you don’t have to export heatmaps before viewing them in Google Analytics. Additionally, Hotjar has a browser extension that lets you click through any element on your website.

Client’s Review

Best Conversion Rate Optimization & Visitor Behavior Analysis Tool with Great Unique Insights.

Abhishek D. – Digital Marketing Manager

#4: Crazy Egg

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 04

CEO: Hiten Shah

Top Clients: Envato, Digital Ocean, Hubspot, Namecheap

Crazy Egg is one of the older user behavior analytics tools out there. This tool can help website owners to perform A/B testing on their websites to analyze user behavior. Moreover, the Crazy Egg analytics tool can provide website owners with heatmaps and visual reports to analyze how users behave on their websites.

The best thing about the Crazy Egg user behavior analytics tool is that it is easily integrable with 3rd party apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress. This feature makes it an easy-to-use behavior analytics tool with some most powerful features.

Client’s Review

The crazy egg software is invaluable if you are serious about online marketing. You need to be able to see inside the funnel and visualise what’s going on rather than making assumptions. I particularly found the videos useful when evaluating if a page is working or not. I can highly recommend it. 5 stars!

Lawrence L – Director Small-Business

#5: Whatfix

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 05

CEO: Khadim Batti

Top Clients: Cardinal Health Canada, Cisco, Experian, DaVita Healthcare, BMC Software Inc

Whatfix is a user behavior tool that collects analytics data and helps you understand how users interact with websites. By tracking the activity of your users, the Whatfix user behavior analytics tool helps you identify and fix problems early on. This makes it easier for you to keep your users happy and encourages them to stay on your platform longer.

The Whatfix user analytics tool also provides insights into the conversion rates of different pages and sections of your website and the most popular content. This helps you optimize your website for better conversions and user engagement results. Overall, Whatfix is essential for any business looking to improve its user experience.

Client’s Review

Whatfix is a game-changer for system training & adoption!

Kirsten S. – Instructional Designer

#6: Smartlook

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 06

CEO: Petr Janosik

Top Clients: AstroPay, Papa John’s Pizza, Tesco, Kiwi.com

This user behavior analytics tool can see exactly where visitors click on a website or app. Using machine learning algorithms, you get detailed reports that help you improve your website.

The Smartlook user behavior analytics tool comes with a whole bunch of features for user behavior analytics. It has features like heatmaps, session recordings, and funnel analytics to gather useful data about user behavior on websites and help the admins improve their user interface along with their marketing efforts. Website owners can easily check where users click on their website and how fast they scroll. You can identify which elements of a website are weak and need improvements.

Client’s Review

Great application that would exceed expectations. Helps validate customer rebuttals efficiently.

Arla C. – Head of customer service

#7. Pendo

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 07

CEO: Todd Olson

Top Clients: Verizon, Morgan Stanley, LabCorp, OpenTable, Okta, Salesforce

Pendo is a user behavior analytics (UBA) tool that helps businesses explore how users interact with their websites and apps. It offers real-time insights into what’s happening on your website, including where users click, what keywords they use, and how long they stay on pages.

The Pendo user behavior analytics tool gives you data on dashboards and reports showing how your users behave and how different areas of your website perform. This data can help you identify areas that need more attention and perform better than expected.

Client’s Review

The NPS within Pendo has dramatically increased the number of respondents without negatively impacting our user experience due to the volume and frequency of interrupting pop-ups. Additionally, the integration with Zapier and the segment create within Pendo has allowed us to close the loop on our NPS respondents timely.

Brooke B. – Senior Program Manager – Customer Success

#8. Omniconvert

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 08

CEO: Valentin Radu

Top Clients: Rain-X, The New Republic, Patagonia, Coop Home Goods, ScreenPrinting

Omniconvert is a user behavior analytics tool that offers insight into how individuals utilize your website. As a website analytics solution, Omniconvert can help you make better decisions about constructing and managing your website by monitoring user behavior and interactions.

The Omniconvert user behavior analytics tool allows you to track the performance of all your pages and domains and discover which ones outperform others. With this knowledge, choose which pages or sections of your website should be improved based on your preferences.

Omniconvert’s analytics also show which material connects with consumers and why. This knowledge helps you develop more successful marketing initiatives that appeal to your target market. Omniconvert also allows you to improve your website’s visibility in search engines, ensuring that when people look for particular keywords, your website appears first.

Client’s Review

That they take away all the headache of being a CRO specialist. They recommend amazing tests (which are tailored AF!), and they design & develop it exactly as imagined. A+

Utsav K. – CRO Specialist

#9. Lucky Orange

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 09

CEO: Danny Wajcman

Top Clients: lendingtree, Vodafone, invision, Movado, Lowes Hotels

Lucky Orange is a user engagement analytics tool that lets you see how users utilize a website or an app. You may examine which HTML elements on a page work best and which require improvement by using cookies and other tracking methods to collect data about visitors’ behavior and preferences.

The skill of targeting your advertising more effectively is one of the most crucial things you can learn from Lucky Orange. You can, for example, attract users based on how much they interact with your material or advertisements, improving your campaign’s conversion rates.

Lucky Orange is a powerful tool for analyzing how people use your website. It gives you valuable information that could help you better connect with your website visitors. Anyone with basic Internet skills can utilize them without difficulty because it’s simple to use.

Client’s Review

The help area with how to use Lucky Orange is really useful, as are the agents on hand ready to help whenever I encounter issues. The analytics are useful to share with the team whilst i’m conducting research and the tool overall is really easy to use.

Kayleigh F. – UX Researcher

10. Mixpanel

10 Best User Behavior Analytics Tools 10

CEO: Amir Movafaghi

Top Clients: Uber, Airbnb, Stripe, Nubank, Twitch

Mixpanel is an analytics tool that allows companies to monitor users’ behaviors and interactions across multiple mediums. You may monitor everything from website traffic and conversion rates to open email rate and social media engagement with its wide range of features.

The Mixpanel user behavior analytics tool has quickly gained popularity as one of the most popular tools for enterprises of all sizes. It is one of the market’s most well-known user behavior analytics solutions. It’s simple to utilize and can help you develop a better company plan by providing valuable data.

Mixpanel’s user behavior analytics can help you understand which marketing channels perform best for your company, identify consumer segmentation possibilities, monitor website performance, and analyze customer sentiment.

Client’s Review

The UI is super intuitive – even with a ton of data I am able to pull the insights I need to inform decisions. But the best part is my ability to easily share those insights with others.

Taylor S.- Product Manager

So, these are 10 best user analytics behavior tracking tools that people can use to improve their website’s performance. All these tools have different set of features, so it is important to keep in mind your business and website needs when selecting a tool for your website.


User behavior analytics tools are important in terms of user engagement with your website. They give you a slew of statistics that might assist you in determining which portions of your website or campaign are succeeding and which require improvement. Our top ten recommendations are among the most popular and well-regarded tools, even though numerous user behavior analytics solutions are available today. If you’re trying to boost website engagement, one of these tools could be a good fit for your needs.

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