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According to the latest Google Trends data, there have been many ups and downs in the popularity of B2B software during the last five years. However, 2021 is the year of its rise that spreads across countries worldwide. Though the peak of B2B software popularity covers North America massively, the USA is inferior to India and Ireland, which is booming. Below, you’ll familiarize yourself with the 12 most popular B2B software tools.

Plerdy Best B2B Software

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On the path to making your clients powerful, successful earners, Plerdy implements seven efficient tools:

  • Heatmaps. This real-time website tracking provides 99% accurate data received after analyzing the clicks performed on-site. Heatmaps allow you to examine the user’s behavior and identify the site’s most and least efficient elements.
  • Popup forms. This tool allows you to generate leads from website pages and increase CTR by 30%. Through pop-up forms, you can inform users of upcoming events, discounts, webinars, etc.
  • SEO checker. With this software, you’ll analyze crucial SEO metrics daily. Competent handling of collected data will significantly reduce the risk of traffic loss and save time on website auditing.
  • Session recordings. This B2B software tool tracks and analyzes mobile and desktop website user actions. For convenience, you can adjust software filters and view user behavior by the type of actions performed, traffic channel, web page, country, etc.
  • Event and Goal tracking. Due to integration with Google Analytics, this software is time-saving. Installing the Plerdy code lets you track user actions related to a specific goal. Moreover, the tool lets set, analyze, delete, and transfer events to GA.
  • Sales performance. Find out what impact each element of the website produces on the sales. Does it affect sales at all? The software provides the unique data necessary for a detailed UX analysis.
  • Conversion funnels. You get access to funnels of multiple types. After a quick configuration, you can analyze a conversion funnel and define the stage at which most users drop off and which gets unique page views.

You can use them separately or implement them into your B2B marketing strategy – it will not take long to see the results.

List of 11 B2B Software

Right B2B software can give a powerful boost to your business. One of the below-listed solutions may be helpful – learn more about their key features and scope of use.


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Salesforce has developed Sales Force, unique B2B software for automating and growing businesses of any size. This highly-customizable CRM system allows you to manage the leads via different channels and make smarter decisions to boost your business. The software enables you to manage leads, contacts and accounts; forecast sales opportunities; introduce workflow rules and customize reports and dashboards.

Salesforce also offers a marketing automation solution called Pardot. With its help, you’ll create, deploy, and manage personalized marketing campaigns that will likely generate more right leads. As a result, you’ll boost sales and maximize performance. Besides, thanks to its Customer 360 solution, you do not need extra resources to convert leads into clients.


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HubSpot has created a powerful B2B platform, Marketing Hub, that incorporates all essential marketing tools and data under one roof. This software can be part of HubSpot’s CRM system or synced with other marketing platforms. The solution lets you productively activate your customers through several meaningful channels – blog, SEO, ad tracking and management, social media management, video and live chat.

This marketing software helps enlarge traffic, convert more users into customers, and run marketing campaigns. It provides various efficient automation marketing tools for ads, email marketing, lead management, etc. In other words, this B2B software includes five hubs: marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operations.


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GetResponse offers a precious product for B2B marketing – software for creating funnel communication strategies. With its help, you can easily promote your product or service right after its launch.

GetResponse provides robust B2B marketing solutions for lead generation, selling knowledge, customer engaging, and boosting online sales. Its most valued features include email automation, template builders and autoresponders. Overall, the software contains 30 powerful marketing tools.

It is another efficient instrument for marketing automation that delivers personalized solutions to different businesses.


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Ahrefs is regarded as one of the leading SEO tool providers. The company knows how to solve one of the most challenging B2B marketing tasks – rank your site higher and get more traffic. Its software is a powerful whole-hog SEO toolset.

The customers get complex solutions for site auditing and exploring, keyword and content researching, and rank tracking. The software has all the necessary instruments for competitor research and link-building in your niche. With Ahrefs products, you can get an in-depth look into organic traffic and site backlinks and collect meaningful data to boost your business.

Marketo Engage

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Adobe has created a new B2B solution for the fast-growing marketing needs of both small companies and global businesses. Marketo Engage is a unique platform with powerful marketing automation tools. The software was named a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management report. The platform is packed with features that provide a new level of customization at each marketing campaign step.

The Marketo Engagesoftware enables you to track user behavior, build and scale automated marketing plans, and track the impact of marketing on the revenue you get. This approach helps businesses of any size generate leads and boost sales.


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The Buffer team has been building and promoting brands based on their unique approach for ten years. Social media presence is vital for B2B marketing, and this is what you can easily achieve with Buffer software. The B2B solution is aimed at the organic growth of your audience. It will fully automate your social network management – you will operate with robust tools for publishing, analytics and engagement. It will significantly minimize the workload and provide in-depth reports. The software will help increase brand awareness by building a solid social media presence.


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Clearbit Data Activation Platform is an inevitable tool for B2B marketing. The software’s main task is to help you understand who consumes your products and services and how to deliver your ads to the right audience.

All marketing and sales interactions will become personalized with the help of the Clearbit software tool. Precise reports will help you understand customers’ behavior and formulate prospects for further development. All you need is to integrate Clearbit software directly into the existing stack.

Sprout Social

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A widely trusted B2B software that transforms marketing strategies. Sprout Social is recognized as a leader in usability, user adoption, customer satisfaction, and ROI on prestigious software review sites. The company created a robust social management solution for data collection and distribution. The software automates these processes, allowing companies to concentrate on the most meaningful KPIs. It significantly simplifies post-scheduling and manages to respond to customers. Thanks to this cross-functional tool, your business will thrive on social media, and your brand will become well-recognized among the competitors.


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Demandbase, one of the global leaders in ABM, has launched the B2B Go-To-Market platform. This software is tuned to analyze every B2B marketing plan step. Built-in Account Intelligence makes it possible to get insight at an account level. It analyzes every customer move and will help you outline the accounts to pursue, provide you with engagements reports and model account-based marketing campaigns. The customers admit that the software helps unify sales with marketing and significantly increases their ROI. With Demandbase, you’ll get a deep insight into Account-Based Experience and build an ABM in six steps.


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The Intercom platform is a new level of the Engagement OS that replaces all communication methods with a new approach. This B2B software is aimed at increasing website conversion through intelligent chatbots. Live chat software helps identify and eliminate the most common issues by improving products and services. Another task of this B2B marketing solution is multiplying revenue via real-time conversations. You’ll manage to build solid relationships with customers via Business Messenger. Thus, Intercom will ensure visitors get the best possible experience on the site. And the possibility of synchronizing this software with third-party services makes it especially convenient.

Social Champ

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Social Champ is an excellent digital solution for social media management that fits all types of businesses, including the B2B segment. This automation software will effectively monitor and enhance social networking on websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. It helps you manage social media accounts by scheduling content across multiple channels, monitoring & tracking the performance of posts, generating reports, & a lot more. With Social Champ’s auto RSS and recycle feature, you can connect websites directly to social networking channels & create a collection of posts in one go, running different campaigns. Social Champ will integrate all your social networks into one box, making it simple to handle all accounts in one go.


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Fyle is a real-time expense management software streamlines business expense tracking and reporting. Employees can easily capture expenses on the go using Fyle’s mobile app and popular everyday apps. It integrates with Visa and MasterCard for real-time card feeds, allowing instant reconciliation by replying to transaction text messages with receipt photos. In addition, Fyle seamlessly integrates with accounting systems like QBO, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and Xero, reducing time and effort for expense accounting.

By automating expense management, Fyle saves time, reduces errors, and improves productivity. Its robust analytics and reporting features provide actionable insights to optimize spending, control costs, and maximize business reimbursements.

Summary of Best B2B Software

Overall, the B2B sphere is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. It covers enormous territories on different continents. Keeping abreast of the times, Plerdy has seven super-efficient B2B tools in its arsenal that will help understand your users’ behavior, develop effective ways of converting them into profitable customers, and multiply revenue. Our team has also suggested ten other well-recognized B2B marketing software programs that may be the right decision for business marketing needs.

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