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Click tracking allows website owners and marketers to analyze user behavior and improve UX to generate more leads and increase conversion rates. It helps you discover:

  • the links, action buttons, and page fields that receive the majority of clicks.
  • the blocks to capitalize on if they arouse the interest of the website visitors.
  • the most suitable place for CTA buttons and email signup forms to capture more leads.
  • the high-converting content blocks enlarge and increase the time users will spend on the page.

It is worth noting that monitoring and analyzing clicks are about the passive form of a survey. Users do not know that their behavior and on-page actions are tracked with the help of click tracking software. No pressure is borne upon website visitors this way.

Click tracking is not lacking in benefits in the context of digital marketing. Among the most significant advantages are:

  1. Fast and accurate detection of the users’ movements, interactions, browsing paths, etc.
  2. Almost real-time witnessing the entire user journey exemplified by the real person. The session can be recorded and watched anywhen.
  3. The opportunity to see all the activities on the website first-hand with no guesswork and predictions.
  4. Use data based on the user behavior for immediate conversion-driven design improvements.

Click tracking software will come in handy for marketers and entrepreneurs who strive to boost conversion rates through lead-generating and click-friendly configurations based on the user experience data.

Click Tracking Software with Plerdy

These special-purpose tools are used to understand how people interact with these or those website elements. Click tracking software is essential for improving user experience and better empathizing with users. You get the precise data to build tailored marketing campaigns and UX design strategies.

Website Click Heatmap Tools

You get a real-time analytical background with the help of the Plerdy heatmaps. The main idea is to gather all the on-page hotspots – the areas on the website users prefer to click. Cold spots will be the click-unfriendly elements. The marketers can get accurate heatmaps visualization where all the strong and weak aspects will be detected.

One of the interesting cases is the heatmaps analysis of the Kredobank website:

  • Development of the website adaptive web design to hit the top SERPs and be ranked high by Google.
  • Unloading of the homepage to set it free from useless information (emphasis on the bank services and perks).
  • Moving high-converting data to the website header (hotline, contacts).

Session Replay Software

Session replay (or recording) in the context of click tracking is a very efficient approach. With the help of this option presented in the Plerdy software, view mouse clicks, scrolls, and other browsing activities in real-time. Session replays give an opportunity to segment videos and other on-page dynamic elements according to the event type, including clicks and scrolls.

The Plerdy click tracking software allows marketers to observe the entire user journey first-hand and analyze visitors’ behavior in the live mode. Plerdy’s session replay software also offers an option of the guest access to the special-purpose video with an eye on analyzing clicks.

Event Click Tracking

Page view metrics do not bring the same analytical background as the click-through rates. It is more effective to monitor users’ interactions with some goals and events presented on the website than calculating the number of times the page was viewed. Marketers and business representatives can monitor how visitors react to the:

  • suggestions to follow the link;
  • Recommendations to watch a video, etc.

Click Tracking Sales Performance

You have mentioned that the most click-friendly element visitors interact with before making an order is the contact information about your company. At the same time, the navigation button on the same page can be poorly affecting sales.

Sales performance analysis by Plerdy software is also required for detecting key e-commerce indicators for this or that period. Additionally, it is possible to monitor the traffic channel and the device types through users’ activities.

Pop-Up Forms Software

Plerdy software offers a creator for pop-up forms used for generating leads, informing users about any marketing activities, increasing conversion leads, and reducing bounce rates. This is one of the most effective solutions to boost the website’s convenience via adding special-purpose (promotional, informational) banners.

A good example is the Lemarbet case study. The Plerdy popup creator was used to reducing bounce rates and increasing customers’ loyalty, UX, trust. As a result, behavioral factors were improved through a promotional banner. Website visitors who stay on the page for more than 10 seconds were able to see the popup with an invitation to the webinar.

This solution got a positive public response, so the bounce rate was reduced by 32%. The percentage of refusals also decreased.

Final Word

Today’s users have a wide variety of websites to choose from. The way visitors interact with digital platforms matters in their decision-making experience. Click tracking software gathers data based on the signals sent out by the website visitors.

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