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Greetings from the mouse-tracking software world! If you work as a digital marketer or website owner, you know the significance of monitoring website user behavior. Mouse-tracking software can help with that.

You can track users’ mouse clicks on your website using mouse-tracking software. Monitoring their mouse movements lets you learn much about your visitors’ behavior. You can use this information to enhance the user experience on your website and boost conversion rates.

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Because failure to do so might result in lost revenue and low website conversion rates, tracking mouse action on your website and analyzing user behavior is critical. So, mouse-tracking software is a vital tool you should consider implementing, whether your goal is to raise engagement, increase revenue, or improve the usability of your website.

Example of Analyzing a Website With Mouse Tracking Software

In this example, we will analyze a website with mouse tracking software. Then, we’ll start our review with a heat map analysis. Want more useful tips? Subscribe to our channel for new videos.

  1. Go to the Plerdy account and open the menu: Heatmaps > Clicks. The first thing we see are the general stats charts with information about total clicks and total sessions.
  2. The most interesting here are one-page sessions. During the last few days, this percentage increased. It’s a problem and means people who visit our website check only one page. The possible reasons are untargeted traffic or website UX issues that obstruct browsing and checking other pages.
  3. Now, scroll down to the page URLs, click the report button and start analysis with the home page.
  4. Users clicked the most often on the menu. Under features, there are sub-levels. We need to make the design of tabs with sub-levels different to indicate that there is something inside. For example, the website displayed a pop-up asking what was stopping users from signing up, but only four people answered, and 124 people closed the pop-up. This is not surprising because the pop-up showed up too early.
  5. Since the menu bar is not fixed, you don’t see it when scrolling. However, most websites make a menu bar floating, so you can still access it while scrolling.
  6. The login page is getting a lot of clicks. But when you type in the password, you cannot view it. You also cannot log in using social networks like Google or Facebook accounts. It would be much easier for users if they did not have to remember many passwords and could log in with their Google or Facebook accounts.
  7. On the home page, there are two call-to-action buttons: learn more and get started free. The learn more button stands out, but the get started free button is less noticeable.
  8. We are sent to the pricing page when we click on it, which could be more intuitive. The footer has duplicated buttons with the same function and no call-to-actions. When we start scrolling, the menu bar is not floating.
  9. Regarding conversions, the sign-up button had five clicks, and the trial for free button had 25 clicks. So we suggest using the messaging of the try for free button because people love free stuff. It can help increase the number of clicks.
  10. Session replays are an excellent source of information that can help us understand where people have issues on our website. For example, people were trying to click on the images on the home page, which were not clickable. It would be better to make those images clickable.

Hence, we need to make some changes to our website, like making the menu bar floating, adding call-to-action buttons, making the images clickable, and adding an about us page to the website to add credibility and trust.

How to Help Mouse Tracking Software Businesses?

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UX design has a powerful impact on your website performance. Simply changing the color of a call-to-action button can increase conversions by 35%, and changing the color of the call-to-action button can increase its effectiveness by 68% for businesses!

Of course, there is proven software for analyzing user behavior. The first thing that comes to mind, in this case, is heatmaps and session replays. These are solutions that have repeatedly proven their effectiveness. But do they provide ABSOLUTELY ALL information that can help increase the conversion rate of your business website or landing page?

Here is a case. A user sees pop-up window with a call to action. The related heatmap and the session recording show that the user stopped at that moment. However, they did not perform the targeted action. Why? Maybe the stop was due to a surprise? Perhaps theye tried to review the text but failed because of the pop-up. You probably misconfigured the targeting or showed the wrong offer to the wrong visitor.

All this data is just a basis for hypotheses, and you must test the website using other approaches, particularly A/B testing.

Mouse tracking software allows you to find the reason behind specific user behavior. This software combines several software solutions:

  • eye-tracking mouse software;
  • time tracking software;
  • etc.

Adding mouse tracking software data to the results reported by your heatmaps and user session recording lets you more quickly and accurately determine the root causes of your website visitor’s behavior. The mouse tracking software is also indispensable when doing A/B testing.

Opinions vary as to how accurately mouse movements reflect eye movements. There is an assumption that there is a correlation of up to 88%. However, the opinion that the actions recorded by the mouse tracking software and the movements of the user’s eyes coincide by 32% is more accurate and justified.

However, the main advantage of mouse tracking software over expensive eye-tracking tools is not only the availability and breadth of audience coverage. Users move a mouse when they want a result, making mouse data valuable.

By analyzing data from mouse tracking software, we can see in great detail what the user did and what they wanted but, for one reason or another, could not do.

In this regard, it is worth looking at one of the most comprehensive solutions for auditing websites and increasing their conversion—the Plerdy platform.

Mouse Tracking Software with Plerdy

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User reviews about Plerdy, particularly the mouse tracking software integrated into it, are very positive.

Abdul Sattar G., Senior Web Designer and Front-End Developer, explicitly states that by using Plerdy’s software, he can learn a website visitor’s thoughts and inner motivations. He notes that heatmaps and mouse tracking software provide guaranteed conversions for the websites he is working on.

Rajesh G, the agency owner, points out that thanks to Plerdy’s software, including the highly informative mouse tracking software, he doesn’t have to guess what users like on his website and what gets in their way. “Thanks to Plerdy, I’m not guessing, but I know for sure,” he says.

  • Click Tracker and Heatmap Software. Heatmaps are a snapshot that captures user activity on the site. With the help of Plerdy heatmaps, you can study which parts of the site are being actively visited and which are not.

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You can also find areas where, for example, users expect to see a banner, but there are no active elements.

    • Plerdy heatmaps are a tool that allows you to customize reports based on user needs.
    • The result can be segmented by device type and/or traffic channel. Visitors can be grouped by behavior. Using heatmaps, you can determine which element makes a visitor stop surfing your website.

A good example of the effective use of Plerdy heatmaps is the audit of the Kredobank website. Every website element has been deeply analyzed, starting from the home page. The audit found that, in some cases, the transition points to other pages must meet the target audience’s expectations and remain unclaimed. Fixing this and many other issues has dramatically increased the conversion of the Kredobank website.

  • Session Replay Software. A user session recording is a video of a user’s activity on a website. Repeated viewing allows you to reveal each detail of their behavior and improve the UX design of the pages.

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    • This tool has many filters and allows you to track the necessary metrics for specifieduser groups.
    • The recording makes it possible to find out how users interact with the website elements and why they leave it.
    • Plerdy’s Session replay software also shows the quality of customer support.
  • Event Software Tracking. Event and Goal Tracking is software for tracking user actions in a narrow segment, for example, their interaction with a call-to-action button or registration forms.

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    • An accurate understanding of specific website activitions allows you to adjust the conversion funnel as accurately as possible.
    • Using this software, you can lower your bounce rate by seeing which elements prevent visitors from taking targeted actions.
    • Since visitor activity is manifested precisely through clicks, mouse tracking software lets you see how your potential buyer interacts with elements that push them to the checkout.
  • E-commerce Tracking. To improve sales performance, learn how each page block performs using mouse tracking software.

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Such website analysis allows you to:allows:

    • Analyze KPIs for a specific period.
    • Determine the profitability/sterility of marketing campaigns.
    • Find the most efficient traffic channel.
    • Build an effective marketing strategy based on the aggregate analysis of these indicators.

To stay competitive, businesses must quickly analyze user behavior based on mouse tracking software, build correct hypotheses, and improve website design to improve usability. Otherwise, there is a high risk of losing potential customers.

The bottom line

Using mouse-tracking software is essential for determining user behavior and website optimization. With Plerdy mouse tracking software, companies can explore insider analytics and view an all-in-one productivity suite, leading to increased engagement and identifying areas for growth. Onboarding management is a breeze. You can try Plerdy mouse tracking software for free. This software allows you to identify key areas for improvement, leading to increased productivity and conversions. With its various features, Plerdy mouse tracking software is a must-try for anyone looking to optimize their website and increase lead generation. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business!

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