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Mouse tracking can become a key to improving various aspects of your e-commerce business, including websites, applications, and other digital products. Online business owners realize that whenever visitors leave their web pages, they lose potential clients, consequently losing potential purchases. Mouse tracking tools help you generate leads, as they detect issues that might be bothering your customers and interfering with the sales process. Furthermore, mouse trackers enable you to identify the strong points of your website design and provide you with some new ideas.

What Is Mouse Tracking?

Mouse tracking is a technology that helps detect and gather user interactions with different web page elements during website visits. This tech is applied to run website usability testing. In addition, you can benefit from mouse tracking tools alongside utilizing some other techniques for usability analysis, including think-aloud protocol. It will lead to a more detailed cursor movement model.

You can conduct mouse tracking in several ways. First of all, it is possible to carry out mouse tracking in a laboratory using particular IT systems. Moreover, you can perform it remotely. This method requires the installation of local tracking software. On top of that, there is one more option to conduct mouse tracking: a JavaScript code is added to your web page. It enables developers to detect and collect users’ clicks, cursor movements, and scrolls by entering code lines on a page. The tool records all the data for further evaluation. The main advantage of this method is that no additional software installation is required. Most importantly, the use of JavaScript does not affect the performance of the users’ devices.

Why Is Mouse Tracking important?

If you want to perform detailed user experience testing of your digital product, mouse tracking software will come in handy.

Mouse tracking has an extensive range of benefits. First of all, unlike surveys, mouse movement trackers provide you with the analysis of real user behavior. It implies that the information that you receive is natural and contributes to accurate insights into visitor interactions.

Other significant advantages of mouse tracking solutions include:

  • identifying the areas that users see most frequently & the elements that they commonly overlook;
  • tracking interactions with various website elements (landing pages, pop-up forms, video players, sliders, etc.);
  •  providing usability feedback in the beta stage of your digital product;
  • suitable not only for e-commerce site owners, but also for email marketers, bloggers, or affiliates;
  •  choosing the best design for newsletters.

What is more, mouse tracking is essential, as it is not limited to conventional samples. Thanks to the JavaScript code on your website, each visitor represents a part of your sample, making the sample unconfined. Moreover, you have an opportunity to cross-reference against returning visitors and new users, and potentially find out about what sticks in the memory.

Mouse Tracking with Plerdy

Rajesh, an agency owner, points out that Plerdy’s mouse tracking tool removed the guesswork in determining how potential clients move across the website. It helped him and his employees identify where they were losing visitors in their marketing funnel. As a result, his agency was able to improve conversions. Furthermore, Rajesh mentions having used other heatmap tools in the past. However, he concluded that Plerdy offers much more than just heatmaps.

According to David, a CEO, the mouse movement tracking solution from Plerdy is helpful for growth hacking, because it supplies a lot of actionable information. He also notes the level of data accessibility, as the heatmaps are shown over the website itself. With the help of this mouse tracking software, David’s company is improving its website interface and thus solving bounce rate issues.

Website Heatmap Tools

Heatmaps from Plerdy provide you with a clear picture of how clicks are distributed across the website by using the following features:

  • recording clicks in real-time;
  • displaying only necessary user actions;
  • user segmentation.

For instance, when you use Plerdy heatmaps, your website is divided into ten equal parts. The tool provides statistics on user clicks performed on each of them. Based on this information, you can learn if the important stuff gets enough customer attention. Consequently, you can implement data-driven improvements that will help increase conversion rates.

Session Replay Software

Session replay solution enables you to analyze usage patterns by watching customers’ actions in video format. As a result, it provides a valuable opportunity to determine why the visitors bounce, hesitate, or perform unexpected actions.

Moreover, you can analyze more videos by using fast-forward option. In addition, the software does not display any personal data of your customers on video recordings.

Conversion funnel analysis

Sales funnel analysis empowers you to analyze your clients’ conversion journey by tracking user flows and their interactions across the whole navigation path. It also detects main traffic channels (direct, organic, social, paid, and others).

Event and Goal Tracking

Plerdy’s event and goal tracking tools give you statistics on specific events you are interested in (interaction with a particular link, button, or object). Event tracking is crucial for:

  •  identifying issues that increase bounce rates;
  •  detecting elements that distract customers;
  •  tracking only prioritized events.

Summarizing the above, mouse movement tracking software helps you acquire a better understanding of your target audience. You can learn more about their goals, expectations, and behavioral patterns. Besides, mouse tracking tools identify current bugs and issues that prevent your potential customers from making purchases. Subsequently, after careful data estimation, you can optimize your website design to cater to the users’ needs and increase your revenue.

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