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Nowadays, online firms should consider the essential SEO characteristics to correspond to the Google search algorithms. Search engine optimization defines the relevance of the company’s website to the user’s request and aims at providing beneficial results. Depending on the territorial distribution of the company’s services, there are two global and local types of optimization. Global SEO companies fundamentally differ from the local organizations by the following parameters:

  • Marketing strategy. The global corporations optimize the website for foreign organic search, which requires a more complicated approach.
  • Keyword difficulty. The users may use the state language of their country for the search requests. Therefore, the semantic core should be gathered depending on the foreign demands.
  • Localization. Local SEO usually includes the services provided offline, and it is essential to localize the website due to the company’s physical arrangement. Global SEO companies work with territorially broader requests, mainly offered online.

Global SEO companies use various approaches to optimize the websites for international search requests and make the brand recognized worldwide.

Goals and Objectives of the Global SEO Services

The main goals of global SEO companies consider optimizing the search engine parameters for the international audience. They work with specific marketing strategies to promote proper web and increase search relevance. The main goals and objectives of such firms are the following:

  • Lead generation and direct marketing. One of the main aims is to improve the conversion rate, the objective indicator of the website’s suitability to the client’s requirements.
  • Increase the traffic. SEO specialists use different methods, including placing informative content, keywords research, PPC marketing, etc., to increase the targeted traffic.
  • Improve E-commerce sales. The use of suitable keywords is decisive in such a case. The page will bring more profitable users to the website if the relevant semantic core is built.
  • Brand reputation. The customer thinks the brand is reliable and efficient if it is high-ranked and suits his necessities. If the parameter is considered, the company’s authority grows.

The options which lead customers to their aims at the websites determine the general satisfaction and build up his primary opinion. Global SEO companies are the perfect method to reach the purpose.

Top 10 Global SEO Companies

The list of the best global SEO companies includes the most efficient organizations which work with world-famous brands and improve their recognition among worldwide customers.


Global SEO Company -01

It is an American global SEO company located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was founded by William Craig in 1996 and drove more than $2 billion in revenue for its clients. The company provides highly efficient services, which include:

Bar’s Leaks, Reynolds Enterprises, Bruni and Campisi, Maryland Sunrooms, KOA, and other companies are the clients who improved their competitiveness with the help of WebFX.

“They want us to succeed and always go an extra mile” – Daniel Wallace, Digital Marketing Strategist at New Western.

JDM Web Technologies

Global SEO Company -02

The Indian global SEO company was founded in 2009 and is based in New Delhi. Naveen Kumar, the founder, created proficient promotion strategies considering the aspects of digital marketing. The services include WordPress and PHP development, website redesign, SEO, and PPC. JDM Web Technologies works with various brands such as RefluxMD, Elevationcomms, Sportmania, UPshow, etc.

“Their support and round-the-clock service are great” – Mintoo Mahur, Owner of Ganpati Medicos.

High Voltage SEO

Global SEO Company -03

Kyle Roof founded the global SEO company in 2014. Its headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. High Voltage SEO team specializes in various marketing niches, such as SaaS, B2B, E-Commerce, etc. The team provided more than 400 experiments during the last four years resulting in a great experience. The company worked with Hana Tonic, Lobster Anywhere, Anbosa, Intersport Australia, etc.

“They were very skilled in the technical aspects of SEO” – Natalia Sandic, Community Association Manager at Self Care Product Retailer.

iCEA Group International

Global SEO Company -04

The polish global SEO company was founded in 2007, and now it works with European, Asian, and North American companies. Wojciech Haremza, the CEO, created a specific working model, which includes the following approaches:

  • Innovation.
  • Comprehensiveness.
  • Transparency.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Effectiveness.

The services include website SEO audit, link building, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, etc. iCEA Group works with Sneaker Peeker,, Eibach, and other famous brands.

“They provide professional and comprehensive services” – Damian Ratajczak, CEO at Sowa Marketing.


Global SEO Company -05

It is a Ukrainian global SEO company, which is based in Kyiv. Daniel Dramshev founded the company in 2011. The organization is famous for its SEO and PPC services, which objectively improve the conversion rate of many worldwide companies. Villa Krim, JoinUP!, OkayCMS, Myflyright, and other firms were enhanced with the help of Netrocket.

“Netrocket’s SEO knowledge and professionalism are awe-inspiring” – Nani Chow, Forward Deployed Engineer at Airport Guide Site.

WebSpero Solutions

Global SEO Company -06

The global SEO company is located in Mohali, India. It was founded by Gursharan Singh and Rahul Vij in 2015. The organization provides different optimization services, including Shopify and BigCommerce SEO agency, search engine optimization by industry, PPC, and web development. Couturecandy, Italian Food, Plum Goodness, BFX Furniture, BOE Marine are the clients satisfied with WebSpero services.

“They know what they’re doing and provide the top result” – Amrita Singh, Owner of Entent.

SEO Discovery

Global SEO Company -07

It is a top Indian global SEO company founded by Mandeep Singh in 2007. The firm’s main office is based in Mohali. The organization has more than 12 years of working in the SEO niche resulting in 97% of customers coming back. Its regular services include social media optimization, custom SEO, influencer marketing, etc. Nick Ryan Motor, Designer Vertical Gardens, AirCo, ScaffMag, and others are regular clients of SEO Discovery.

“They are professional and solve the problems quickly” – Shan Kappor, Owner of Shanphotography.


Global SEO Company -08

The company was founded by Ravi Sharma and has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. The offices are also based in Virginia (USA) and Chandigarh(India). The services of the global SEO company include the following:

  • Custom and responsive web design.
  • Website and software development.
  • SEO and social media marketing.

Voxx Analytics, MedEvac Canada, Diet Yumm, Atlas of Care are the clients of Webomaze.

“They were innovative and collaborative, helping us to reduce the spending” – Brit Davis, CTO at Digital Marketing Agency.


Global SEO Company -09

The American SEO organization is based in Lehi, Utah. Daniel Street, the CEO, built up an efficient organization with a customer-first philosophy. The services include lead and review management, SEO and advertising strategy, etc. The global SEO company works with local brands, franchises, law firms, etc. The regular customers are Yekrangi & Associates, Arnold and Itkin LLP, Revill Law Firm, Drexler Law, etc.

“The web design and the programming are the best” – Dr. Jeffrey Braverman, Medical Director at Reproductive Immunology Clinic.

Submarine LLC

Global SEO Company -10

It is a Japanese global SEO company founded by Hiroto Soshizaki in 2017. The organization provides highly-efficient marketing analytics, podcasting, and SEO services. The company provided various podcast shows such as Propotype, Mic Future Eyes, inVisible voice, and share growth.

“The experience they have with other clients is outstanding” – Senior Client Enablement Manager at Advertising Agency.

To Sum Up

Overall, global SEO companies provide different procedures to optimize website relevance for the worldwide audience. If you want to become recognized as the demanded company, you may hire services that use highly efficient digital promotion strategies.

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