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Understanding the optimization principles is vital for the online professions: webmasters, SEO specialists, marketers, and many others. In addition, the ability to apply relevant SEO promotion tools in your project helps site owners more easily achieve their goals.

Interest in mastering search engine optimization in the USA has been growing steadily over the past five years. Specialists and novice optimizers are looking for not just training but the best training programs. The search term “best SEO training course” has become the most popular search term in most US states. Kansas, New York, and South Carolina were the top-ranked SEO leaders regarding the number of requests for training information.

Where to start SEO Training

The study of optimization principles should start from scratch. Training for beginners is accessible and without complicated terminology, immerse you in the world of SEO. For beginners, the following materials are good choices:

Experts recommend testing and systematizing the theory in practice. For this, a blog or your website is suitable. This is where you hone your skills and gain experience with SEO tools.

A mentor will help you learn search engine optimization – look for him on social networks, online or offline conferences, and SEO training. Regular live communication with optimizers allows you to find exciting interlocutors and get a lot of helpful information from them.

Explore the social media pages of promoters, SEO blogs, and internet marketing sites. They talk about changes in algorithms, innovative tools, and services for website optimization.

Best 5 SEO Training

In this section, we’ve rounded up five of the best sources of information for getting started with the basics of search engine SEO. Any of the offered training will tell you about the principles of SEO without financial investment. Then, if necessary, you can easily continue the in-depth study of the discipline with the lecturer you like.

Hotspot Academy

The training is designed for novice optimizers, SEO marketers, copywriters, and website or blog owners. The training consists of 6 video lessons with a total duration of 2.21 hours.

The training course explores the following topics:

The trainers are Rachel Sheldon and Matthew Howells-Barby. These are experts with many years of experience at Hotspot Academy.

ERIN BORGESON / Chicago: “Being part of the HubSpot community has helped me grow not only as a marketer but also as a business professional. I like to draw conclusions and receive advice, implement them in my marketing practice.”

SEO Training Course by Moz

Moz offers to learn the basic principles of SEO in the format of a video course. The information provided will be helpful for anyone interested in SEO optimization. The program includes seven sections and 18 lectures with a total duration of 3 hours 26 minutes. They cover the main areas of SEO expertise, including:

Development of a promotion strategy.

MOZ provides tools for effective promotion and educational training. The trainees shared their emotions about the course.

MDafalla: “Thank you very much for the informative training. I love the fact that it is free. I appreciate your efforts. I wish you more success and the opportunity to help others.”

Muralidharan M: “Yes, definitely good content and detail.”

SEO Learning Center

MOZ recommends learning from professional marketers. Lessons are available in both text and video formats. The content will introduce the student to the basic principles of optimization and provide an opportunity to deepen their knowledge in various areas of SEO, including:

Users who have already completed the training expressed their opinion about the training program in their reviews.

Angela / Analyst at PMX Agency: “I enjoyed this training. The content is well structured and essential for learning the basics of SEO. The training is informative and informative. I recommend it.”

Stephen / Digital Marketing at Tobii Dynavox: “These processes solve very complex problems. SEO is a huge task. And at first, I felt overwhelmed. But Moz helped me understand even the most difficult tasks that had to be overcome!”

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

The training will teach you how to form an SEO strategy, work with keywords, focus on the psychology of webpage visitors, conduct an SEO analysis, and improve its optimization. The course is designed for 4 weeks and lasts 29 hours.

The lecturer is Rebekah May, an experienced SEO specialist in promoting startups and established brands. She has spoken at several marketing forums and student meetings. The feedback from the audience speaks about the benefits of the training.

AA: “This is a non-trivial topic. However, I am fully confident in my new SEO knowledge. I am also very motivated to continue to pursue the rest of the specialization.”

MY: “This is awesome SEO training. This is my first time learning about the intricacies of optimization. Informative and helps me to improve my skills. I am grateful to Coursera for the knowledge provided.”

Free SEO training: SEO for beginners

The training will be useful for WordPress site owners, Yoast plugin users, novice web admins, and future SEO specialists. During the free training, you will receive a two-hour training video, access to test the knowledge you gained, and a cheat sheet with a dictionary of terms for a successful start in SEO.

The program provides information in the following areas:

  • SEO content optimization.
  • Technical aspects in a promotion.
  • The subtleties of page indexing.
  • Benefits of advanced search results.

The leader of the training, Joost de Valk, is the creator of the Yoast plugin and a lecturer at many conferences on website promotion. Check out the reviews of those who have already completed the training.

Jack Bleiler: “As a complete rookie developer, I considered most of the SEO optimization to be a black hat tactic employed by evil rat-like creatures destroying the Web. Yoast SEO Training for Beginners – Pulls back the curtain and clearly explains properly applied SEO’s need, relevance, and usefulness. At the same time, he stresses the importance of quality content as the foundation of an SEO strategy. With this balance, training can be both educational and reassuring. I highly recommend it to all my debut brothers and sisters.”

Lynn Tall: “I finish the training confident that now I understand the inner workings of SEO much better – how it works, what Google is looking for. And how to get the best readability and usability on each of the websites I write for. Blocked information is easily saved – I have a detailed SEO guide to keep on my desk if I need a little reminder.”


The study of the principles of SEO optimization is available to everyone. Choose from paid or free training options. Basic training will be enough to get you familiar with the practice of web page optimization and improve your site’s position in Google search results.

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