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In the rapidly changing IT world, the software usability testing niche is one of the most high-tech. The dynamics of requirements, expectations, and opportunities in this area are simply astonishing. Yesterday, usability testing software engineering firms had enough to hire a few geeks whose favorite pastime is installing, launching, and exploring the capabilities of new programs. Today, the largest b2b software usability testing companies use special software worth tens of thousands of dollars and artificial intelligence.

At the stage of, eye-tracking usability testing that no AI can compare with humans.

Usability Testing Software with Plerdy

The expert in an integrated approach to software testing based on user experience (UX), Eric Ries, has given an algorithm in his book “The Lean Startup”. His proposed method bias and concurrent verbal protocol in software usability testing cover the entire System’s development life cycle (SDLC).

The UX software usability testing process must necessarily include the following steps.

  • Selecting a target group.
  • Approving an agreement with the usability testing software team.
  • Publishing advertisements to attract tester users on a paid basis.
  • Analyze user behavior using the Plerdy platform, online conferencing, and heatmaps.
  • Engaging professional testers.

Website Heatmap Tools

The Plerdy platform provides website usability testing software — heatmaps of users’ clicks. The purpose of studying user behavior is to increase the conversion of a web resource.

The effectiveness of site analysis using heat maps is convincingly demonstrated by the example of Kredobank, one of the largest banks in Western Ukraine. The study showed “dead zones” – those parts of the site where no user clicks were recorded at all. The study of this and other data – a necessity for scrolling where it can be avoided, etc., allowed to increase the conversion of the banking site by order of magnitude.

Session Replay Software

The site user behavior recording function provides method bias and concurrent verbal protocol in software usability testing. By observing in real-time, it is possible to determine the areas of greatest or least interest to users.

Conversion funnel analysis

The conversion funnel analysis in the process of business analysis software testing usability allows you to trace the entire user route from login to the moment of action. Then, having found out where he leaves the site, the developer can make the appropriate corrections. This is especially important for e-commerce sites to ensure that the shopper is on board with the purchase.

Event and Goal Tracking

Plerdy’s approach to this stage of user behavioral analysis is fundamentally different from the solutions offered by other usability testing software. Plerdy not only analyzes page traffic, as others do, but gives a complete picture of each object: banner, heading, navigation button, etc.

E-commerce Sales Performance

For e-commerce web resources, Plerdy is a must-have tool. Analyzing the effectiveness of various elements of the site allows you to customize them in such a way that you get the shopper on board with the purchase guaranteed.

Pop-Up Forms Software

Pop-up windows, one of the Plerdy tools, allow the owner of a web resource to influence the behavior of visitors without resorting to the help of a programmer. Pop-up forms are focused on specific user actions, so they appear only at certain moments (for example, if a visitor is about to leave the site) and contain only information relevant to a specific moment.

5 Usability Testing Software

As UX testing of software and web resources became a high-tech IT industry with high and fast capitalization, the market for solutions for organizing these tasks is extremely wide.

Choosing the wrong set of tools can mean wasted time, money, reputation, and customers. Therefore, we have compiled a rating of the best business analysis software for testing UX usability based on the recommendations of the leading companies in this area.

Allure TestOps

This is the platform developed by Qameta Software, a quality assurance company. The company combines the best achievements of engineering conceptions in software usability testing: Agile, CD / CI, and DevOps.

The Allure TestOps platform combines tools for organizing manual testing and technical tools for automating technological processes. The services of this platform are used by Kaspersky Lab, the financial company Tinkoff, telecommunications concerns Rostelekom and MegaFon, and others.

Pyxis Insights UI/UX 

This platform has a database of more than 2 million testers who live on all continents. This allows you to organize a comprehensive study of a product intended for a specific region or international market. The largest investors in this startup are Celesta, pi Ventures, Premji Invest, and some others. The Pyxis Insights UI/UX portfolio contains more than 60 successful examples of cooperation with leading IT companies.

Pyxis Insights UI/UX experts, using predictive forecasting based on Big Data, provide mathematically verified calculations about the exact number of testers and test configurations required to launch a product in a given market.

UXReality Software

In 2019, the main product of this company was awarded the title of Best Conversion Rate Optimization Technology as the winner of one of the most prestigious annual IT rankings in the United States — Marketing Technology Awards.

The main feature of UXReality Software is the method described above, based on the analysis of facial and verbal testers’ reactions using artificial intelligence.

The outstanding technology offered by UXReality Software has been praised by experts from Microsoft, McKinsey, Pinterest, and SAP.

Wynter Software

The company is headquartered in Austin, TX. Its founder, Peep Laja, claims to take a different approach to UX testing of web resources. According to him, the messaging data-driven algorithm he invented guarantees the highest Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) within a few days or even a few hours after the start of using Wynter Software tools.

Wynter Software’s grateful customers include,, Ramsey Solutions, Venture Harbor, and HubSpot. Tools from Wynter Software analyze the site at the level of all texts (including ads) placed on it. The developer claims that the algorithm he invented significantly complements the capabilities of heat maps and provides answers to those questions that conventional methods cannot answer.

Indigo.Design Software

A product of the Infragistics company. All the tools used by this platform are combined into a single intuitive interface. Infragistics offers no-code solutions that allow even beginners who do not know a single programming language to work with Indigo.Design Software. All changes made through the graphical interface are automatically converted to elegant code.


As the practice of the most successful companies involved in UX/UI usability software testing shows, truly impressive results can be achieved only if both the laboratory method and remote usability testing are used in the Quality Assurance process.

A lot of platforms have been created for this purpose. Many of them, in addition to traditional tools, offer their original developments. It’s necessary to remember that only a skillful combination of subjective user experience and a fair generalization of user test results at the hardware level can provide high page conversions and an impressive ROAS index.

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