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User experience is a key aspect of the success of an online store or website. Its quality predetermines the customer’s loyalty to the product and the decision to make a purchase. It determines the desire to interact – both with the website and with the mobile application. User experience is important for increasing micro and macro conversions, visits, or downloads. It can drive your company to success or failure. The essence of UX can be called the desire to understand the product’s value from the customer’s point of view.

User Experience has a significant impact on the market. The UX often determines whether the customer will return to the site or contact a competitor to place an order. It combines many points and requirements in terms of design. Read what Peter Morville, a pioneer in information architecture and user experience, and author of many bestsellers, has written about it. Learn more about his work User Experience Honeycomb.

What is User Experience?

User experience design is at the heart of a website’s popularity and success.

For your product to provide the customer with a meaningful and rewarding user experience, there are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Consistency with the design and placement of buttons and other elements that the user is accustomed to.
  • Features of the platform.

Only when these factors are taken into account can a UX design professional achieve positive results.

User Experience and Google UX certificate

The user experience research niche is extremely popular. As a result, more and more companies are looking for UX designers. This fact opens the doors to hundreds of people who wish to enter this market.

To start your training in User Experience and receive a Google UX certificate, you need to fill out the corresponding application. The training takes place online and does not require more than 10 hours a week from you.

In addition, you will learn the basics of wireframing, prototyping, and project testing. After completing your studies and building a strong portfolio, a lucrative job offer will be just around the corner. The Google UX certificate will help you prove your knowledge; however, you need other courses to grow professionally and improve your specialization level.

7 Best User Experience Ecommerce Websites

The better the user experience was designed on the site, the more chances to get to the top of the search results. Top examples of how to create a successful user interface design will follow in our round-up.


According to statistics from SimilarWeb, the site is visited by 2.7 billion monthly users.

Amazon is the leader in e-commerce in the US and other countries, dominating most product categories.

The website offers convenience for the user, under the form of intuitive icons that help to determine the category of goods quickly, the possibility to scale the product photo you are looking at, and many more.


eBay is a platform for buying and selling all kinds of goods. The main page greets the user with a choice for the product category they’re interested in. This fact allows the user to save time when choosing a product and makes it possible to find what they need quickly.


The largest seller of all types of goods and a company that offers bank cards. 468 million users visit Walmart every month. Among the inconvenient decisions the company has implemented in its UX design, it is worth highlighting the unreasonableness of using large images for product categories.


The site specializes in the sale of clothing and accessories. A selection of product categories and brands is presented on the home page with an intuitive design. Conveniences include the indication of the currency of the price.


The main page contains the most popular categories and discount offers. It takes no more than 5 seconds to select a product group – the search field is located as intuitively as possible. The disadvantage is the lack of moderation in design. All blocks are of different sizes, and this will disorient the buyer. As a result, it is more difficult for the user to concentrate and choose a product.

Best Buy

Best Buy home appliances marketplace sells in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We are pleased with the clear filters and the ability to select the appropriate category quickly.


Macy’s is a leading e-commerce site in apparel, footwear, cosmetics, home furnishings, and décor. The minimalist interface design with clickable photos illustrating the categories counts as a plus to us.

User Experience best practices

The main goal of UX design is to create a user-friendly and useful website for the client. For this, developers have resorted to different methods.

Choose one type of design and stick to it throughout the development

Among the popular types of development design are noted: minimalism, material design and flat design.

Create a sitemap

The sitemap should make it easier to find unwanted content and speed up the removal process. Unfortunately, the lack of a sitemap is the most common problem in UX design.

With the help of a sitemap, professionals will be able to form a better understanding of design goals, create a single source of truth, and remove unnecessary web pages.

Use concise and clear messages

When evaluating a site’s UX, you need to track its metrics. Heatmap and tracking customer behavior while visiting the site will help improve UX design and achieve the desired metrics. With the help of Plerdy tools, experts will accurately and efficiently collect data on user behavior. Analyzing the information received will allow designers to improve the user experience of your website.

TOP User Experience Design Agency

Given the importance of user experience, it is not surprising that there are many User Experience Design Agencies worldwide. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best agencies that boast different approaches to design and history.


The agency was founded in 2006 by Lyubomyr Koval and Victor Fedyuk. Fully focused on UX/UI design services, the agency offers its services to medium and small businesses.

Getswift and Oracle have partnered with Qubstudio. For Getswift, their specialists have updated applications. For Oracle’s GraalVM product, the agency created a minimalist design that increased brand awareness.

The offices are located in San Francisco, California (USA) and Lviv (Ukraine).

The Gradient

The agency was founded in 2015 and is engaged in developing and launching digital products of any scale. Among the clients is JaJa Finance, for which the agency has developed a user interface for their application. The agency’s collaboration with Swan aimed to develop an interface for an online store.

Founders: Olena Zanichkovska, Oleg Gasioshyn, CEO Denys Skrypnyk.

Momentum Design Lab

From 2016 to 2020, the agency was named the best in UX design by Clutch. UX/UI design services are their trump card. The company also pays attention to digital strategy and corporate software. Among the agency’s clients, we can find Get Real Health and SumTotal Skillsoft (their products were redesigned).

The CEO of the agency is David Thomson. The headquarters are located in San Mateo, California (USA).


The main customers are enterprises and medium-sized businesses. Clay received Apple’s Best Apps and AWWWARDS Awards for Best Site of the Day.

Companies with a worldwide reputation cooperate with Clay. For Facebook, the agency developed strategies and web design, and for Google, they worked on the user interface and interaction design for Project Jacquard. Anton Zykin is the founder and CEO of this agency that is based in San Francisco, California (USA).

Flying Bisons

Its track record includes KFC, IKEA, PwC, Mercedes-Benz, Daimler, AMG, Zain, and Bank Pekao. Clients note the efficiency of cooperation as well as the high quality of design. Flying Bisons is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland.


It is impossible to overestimate the importance of user experience. UX has a huge impact on the success of a product, no matter what type of product you are selling.

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