The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2024

Below is the definitive list of the top 12 Shopify analytics apps for 2023. Having access to reliable, actionable data is essential for the success of your online store, regardless of whether you run a small business or are a major player in the e-commerce industry. You can watch your sales, customer behavior, and website traffic with the aid of these apps, which will provide you with the information you need to make data-driven decisions and optimize your online store for the greatest possible growth. Everyone can find something on this list, from solutions for beginners to sophisticated analytics apps. So let’s take a closer look at the best 12 Shopify analytics apps of 2023.

Key Features that All Shopify Analytics Apps Should Have

When it comes to selecting the cream of the crop for Shopify analytics apps, there are a few key features that should be on your radar. A top-notch analytics app should give you a bird’s eye view of your store’s performance by providing real-time data on metrics such as sales, website traffic, and customer behavior. This data should be easily digestible and actionable so you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your store for maximum growth. Customization options are also necessary so you can keep tabs on the metrics that matter most to your business. For example, metrics such as the number of visitors, product purchases, popular products, average order value, and traffic sources are key data points that should be collected and analyzed.

List of Top 12 Shopify Analytics Apps

Any business owner running an online store should absolutely look at our compilation of the best Shopify analytics apps for monitoring KPIs and making informed decisions to boost your online store’s success, which are compared and contrasted here.


The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 01

Plerdy is a Shopify app that offers a range of analytics apps to help you optimize your online store’s performance. With features such as heatmaps, session replay, SEO, and e-commerce tracking, Plerdy provides valuable insights into how users interact with your store. By understanding user behavior, you can make informed decisions about design, marketing campaigns, and other factors that affect conversions.

Plerdy offers a 14-day trial, with plans starting at $29/month for the START package. The BUSINESS package is priced at $59/month, and the PREMIUM package is priced at $99/month. The FREE package is also available.

With 27 reviews, Plerdy gets a five-star rating overall. Customers have praised the app for its helpfulness and the quick response time of the support team. Some have had trouble setting up the app, but the support team was able to assist them promptly.

The app is available in English, Polish, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, and Ukrainian. It is created by Plerdy, a company producing apps for the App Store on Shopify for more than a year. Support is available via email at [email protected]. Resources such as a privacy policy, FAQ, and tutorial are also available on the website.

I have several online stores, and I use different apps in each one to keep track of which one I’m working with at any given time. One of the apps I downloaded is this one. I adore this Shopify analytics app and wholeheartedly recommend it!

I was delighted to try Plerdy on Shopify after using it on WordPress sites. I can see visitor behavior on the store within days of setup. It helped me quickly optimize button language and other calls to action. I look forward to future visualizations so we may keep improving our content and store to better serve our customers.

Glew Analytics & Reporting

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 02

Glew Analytics & Reporting is a cool Shopify app that helps e-commerce businesses gain insights into their customer journey and performance. The app offers a free plan and a 10-day free trial, with additional charges that may apply. With a rating of 4.2 averaged from 66 reviews, Glew connects to over 180 e-commerce solutions and blends data to create intuitive analytics and reporting. The app offers a wide range of features such as revenue by channel visualization, lifetime value chart, performance highlights, inventory level, sell-through rates, marketing channel performance, top-performing products, and customer LTV. The app also allows you to segment customers and sync with your email platform to optimize campaigns.

Pricing Shopify app:

  • GLEW STARTER: Free forever, unlimited users, unlimited stores, 20 of the most important metrics to run your business, LTV, Net Profit, Top Customers/Products
  • GLEW PRO: $79/month, billed at $948 once per year, 250+ KPIs, 30 top integrations, 30 pre-built customer segments, 200+ filters, unlimited user-created custom segments, create your reports
  • GLEW PLUS: $2,000/month, Contact us for pricing! All the benefits of Glew Pro, 180+ integrations, Drag & Drop Custom Reporting, Dedicated Account Manager, Included BI app, Contact for Pricing

Some of the reviews for the Shopify app for Glew include:

Golden Wing – Plant-Based Barley Milk: “I’ve been a user of Glew since they first released their product and am a huge advocate for them. If you’re in the Ecom game, you need an app like Glew to help analyze Shopify and other app data to make informed decisions using their vast reporting capabilities.”

Fanjoy: “Glew has been a great Shopify analytics app for our business insights into product buying and planning, as well as day-to-day Ecom metrics.”

Richer Poorer: “Our team also loves that they do a daily snapshot email that hits your inbox every morning and lets you see how you did the previous day with revenue, AOV, CR, ad spend, etc.”

Overall, Glew Analytics & Reporting is a great Shopify app for businesses looking to gain insights and make data-driven decisions. Its wide range of features and pricing options makes it perfect for companies of all sizes. Since it was founded, Glew has been creating apps for the Shopify marketplace App Store.

Nabu Tracking for Google Ads

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 03

Nabu Tracking for Google Ads is a nice Shopify app that helps businesses accurately track conversions with just one click. Developed by AdNabu Global, Inc., this app offers a free 7-day trial and a free package for online stores with less than 10 orders a month. With a rating of 4.9 and over 400 reviews, it’s clear that this Shopify app is a favorite among Shopify store owners.

One of the key features of this Shopify analytics app is its ability to fix tracking errors like duplicate conversions and missing conversion values. It also offers enhanced conversion support, allowing you to send first-party data in a privacy-safe way. Additionally, it allows for the option to send shipping and taxes as conversion values.

The Shopify analytics app is also user-friendly, requiring no technical background or code changes, or theme file edits. It also offers 1-click integration with Google Ads and support for Agency/MCC accounts.

Pricing options include a free 7-day trial, a free plan, and two paid plans: Standard for $9.99/month and Advanced for $19.99/month. The Advanced plan includes priority support. All charges are billed in USD and are recurring every 30 days.

Among the reviews of this Shopify analytics app are:

Helped us achieve precise Google Ads tracking. If there is a problem, assistance responds quickly and is there to fix it. – the Netherlands, Purovitalis

Outstanding customer service and an outstanding Shopify analytics app. I would recommend this app to anyone lacking the technical skills to manually code Google conversion monitoring for all of their stores. United States – Body Maxx

I am extremely satisfied with the service, the team’s friendliness and assistance. – Simpleeny, USA

For more than five years, AdNabu Global, Inc. has been creating apps for the Shopify App Store and offers outstanding customer support via their website, phone number, and email address.

Advanced Custom Reports

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 04

Omega Commerce’s strong Shopify app is Advanced Custom Reports, and helps you easily generate custom reports and dashboards with metrics and view any stored data. The app helps you make real-time sales, product, and customer behavior choices with over 60 pre-created reports and unique filters. Drag-and-drop, filtering, and sorting make report administration easy with the app. The Shopify analytics app also lets you email reports and analytics, as well as export reports to CSV, Excel, or Google Drive for data analysis.

Advanced Custom Reports has a 4.9 rating – 253 reviews, indicating user satisfaction. “Robust data reporting + customer support is very quick to give unique solutions and answer issues.

They Shopify analytics app report everything I can think of to examine my business!

The easiest report Shopify analytics app I’ve tested.

The Shopify analytics app has three price tiers and a free 7-day trial:

  • Free plan for 1,000 orders with Daily Email Reports, Filtration, Export, and Chat Support.
  • Basic Shopify plan for $19.99/month.
  • Shopify $34.99/month package.
  • Advanced Shopify package, $89.99/month.

Any store owner seeking business insights and data-driven decisions needs Advanced Custom Reports. Omega Commerce provides the support you need to maximize this sophisticated app.

Lifetimely LTV & Profit

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 05

Lifetimely LTV & Profit, a sophisticated Shopify app for e-commerce firms, offers real-time analytics and insights. Lifetimely provides D2C brands with apps, and reports to analyze earnings, compute precise lifetime value (LTV), and detect client buying trends.

Features Shopify app:

  • Real-time KPI with profit dashboard
  • Store-specific benchmarks
  • Ad platform integrations
  • Advanced cohort analysis filters, variable metrics, and CAC payback calculators
  • Monthly LTV and revenue predictions for existing customers
  • 7+ detailed reports on recurring buyers

You can try the Shopify analytics app for 14 days and explore its benefits with a free plan. Lifetimely’s 4.9 rating and 385 reviews demonstrate its good reputation. Customers love the app’s speedy, reliable service. “Great alternative to Triple Whale,” said one user.

Basic, pro, plus plans cost $19, $49, and $99 a month, respectively. USD charges are invoiced monthly. has been building Shopify App for 4 years. Email [email protected] for support.

Lifetimely is an excellent alternative to Triple Whale as a small dtc brand owner. You configure your costs and integrate your paid media platforms to get an accurate picture of how much money you make each day, week, and month. Support is prompt, dependable, and courteous. 10/10

Lifetimely is new to me, but I already adore it. I admit to having my head in the sand a little with my numbers and feeling quite overwhelmed. But this Shopify analytics app puts everything on the table and presents your data in a brilliant and easy-to-understand format. I’m just getting started with the Lifetime Customer Value section, and it’s already proving to be extremely beneficial. I already know this app will significantly increase my profitability in 2023, and I’m grateful to have discovered it, hello clarity!

Profit Analytics & Benchmark

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 06

Conversific Profit Analytics’ Shopify app Profit Analytics & Benchmark gives customized insights to enhance earnings. 152 reviews give the app 4.9 stars and a 14-day free trial. It combines with Google Insights, Google Search Console, Facebook advertisements, Google Ads, and Klaviyo and provides sales, profit, customer, and financial analytics. Industry benchmarks help organizations learn from their competition. Profit Analytics & Benchmark lets organizations measure 100+ KPIs, segment their audience, and analyze consumer purchase behaviors to develop accurate customer profiles. The Shopify analytics app provides individualized recommendations to boost traffic, sales, and profit.

Pricing Shopify app:

  • 1 store, 1,500 orders/year, monthly reports, limited benchmarks, AdWords Integration
  • Business Plan: $29/month or $290/year, unlimited stores, 3,000 orders/year, daily profit & store reports, data export, all date ranges, segments, benchmarks, integrations.
  • Growth Plan: $79/month or $790/year, unlimited stores, 12,000.
  • Scale Plan: $199/month or $1,990/year, unlimited stores, 30,000.

Conversific Profit Analytics has been making apps for the Shopify App Store for five years. They can be reached by phone, email, or a contact form. Their website offers privacy policies and FAQs. Profit Statistics & Benchmark is a highly-rated Shopify analytics app that helps organizations maximize profits with a wide range of analytics and industry benchmarks.

Excellent Shopify analytics app. A lot of very useful analytics. It is normal to experience problems with functioning. It was quickly resolved. Excellent customer service. I strongly recommend it.

I’ve tried conversific on multiple platforms, and it’s by far the best analytics and reports app I’ve tried in years. The customer service is excellent, and they go above and beyond. I’ve worked with Kristóf several times, and he’s fantastic!

Littledata Analytics (GA4)

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 07

Littledata Analytics (GA4) is ideal for tracking and understanding Shopify customers’ journeys. Its smart technology combines server-side and client-side tracking to give your business a single source of truth, regardless of scale. This app accurately tracks data from your e-commerce site to Google Analytics (UA + GA4), including marketing attribution, customer lifetime value (LTV), order volume and details, product variants, recurring orders, and more.

Highlights Shopify app:

  • Measure channel performance with marketing attribution.
  • Google Analytics server-side/client-side tracking
  • Accurate client lifetime value (LTV) statistics for your apps.
  • GA4 tracking alongside Universal Analytics
  • Sales, marketing, and consumer data in your apps
  • A 30-day free trial is offered for up to 50 monthly orders. The base plan is $129/month, the plus plan is $499/month. USD charges are invoiced monthly.

82 reviews give the Shopify analytics app a 4.6 rating. Customers like the app’s simplicity, customer service, and data. One customer said it eliminated GA4’s data layer problem. Littledata, a 6-year Shopify App Store veteran, developed the app. They feature a FAQ area, phone, and email help.

Excellent Shopify analytics app. Setup was simple, and assistance with customizing data feeds was beneficial. Having offline data in GA has changed everything.

LittleData helps us understand website visitors. It tags Spotify-specific events for Segment and Google Analytics. Customer service is my favorite aspect. The LittleData team helped us address a challenge in a week. The same rep updated me throughout. Communication and problem-solving were seamless. I endorse LittleData.

Daasity Reporting & Analytics

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 08

Daasity Reporting & Analytics, a robust Shopify app, tracks, calculates, and analyzes KPIs across numerous channels. It’s affordable for all organizations with a free 15-day trial and $199/month pricing.

The Shopify analytics app tracks Lifetime Value, Repurchase Rate, Average Order Value, sales, gross margin, customer data, refunds, and other financial data.

Daasity’s quickness and simplicity allow you to run your online store as usual. It also works with Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Amazon.

Daasity also centralizes and normalizes all your data, regardless of the apps in your IT stack, so teams across your organization can access it. Daasity supports modularity, bespoke attribution logic, and audience data pushing.

Users gave the Shopify analytics app 4.9 stars. Some reviews:

Daasity reports data and analytics well. Understanding our customers’ needs, website performance, and product performance at the granular level has been a game changer. (France)

Daasity has transformed our analytics app since we onboarded over six months ago. (US Citizen)

Our tech stack integrates seamlessly with the platform, which has removed hours of data entry, KPI tracking, and data analysis. (Berkey Filters, US)

For comprehensive, easy-to-use Shopify analytics, Daasity is an excellent choice. It’s a terrific app for businesses of all sizes with solid support.

True Profit Calc & Analytics

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 09

True Profit Calc & Analytics is a robust Shopify app that enables business owners to monitor their earnings and losses in real time. With a free 14-day trial and rates beginning at $19.95 per month, this app is a cost-effective solution to monitor your store’s financial health. With 170 reviews, the app has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and has been lauded for its user-friendliness and good customer service.

True Profit Calc & Analytics is able to track all expenditures linked with your store, such as the cost of goods sold, shipping fees, and transaction fees, among others. This makes it simple to determine how much profit you are making on each sale and to pinpoint areas where you may increase your margins.

In addition to tracking expenditures, the Shopify analytics app enables you to synchronize ad spends from major platforms such as Facebook, Google, Bing, and Snapchat, making it simple to observe how your advertising efforts affect your bottom line. The app also contains a real-time profit tracker that enables you to monitor your financial health and a product analytics function that identifies your most lucrative products.

True Profit Calc is a full and easy-to-use Shopify analytics app that gives online store CEO a wide range of tools for managing their money and growing their businesses.

Pricing Shopify app:

  • 14-DAY FREE TRIAL BASIC $19.95 per month (Additional $0.1 for each order in excess of the limit. The maximum additional fee is $300.)
  • ADVANCED $39 per month (Additional $0.05 for each order over the limit. Additional fee is $300.)
  • ULTIMATE $69 per month plus $0.03 each excess order. Additional fee is $300.)

Reviews Shopify analytics app:

Excellently useful!! Thanks! It cannot function without genuine profit. Customer service is also excellent, with a rapid response time. – FROSTY AMSTERDAM

It’s the only Shopify analytics app that accurately measures my genuine profit, and it’s fantastic. Takes every detail into consideration. Helps a great deal. – RETROCAM

Report Pundit

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 10

Report Pundit is a powerful Shopify analytics app that gives store owners the data they need to make good business decisions. With a free plan and a 14-day trial available, this app offers a variety of features that make it easy to access and analyze your store’s data.

Some of the features of Report Pundit include:

  • Pre-created reports for orders, inventory, products, sales
  • Instant access to more than 1,000 fields from your store
  • Formatting options
  • Speed-tested with no impact on your online store
  • 80+ pre-made reports
  • Live chat support to assist with building cohort tables, charts
  • Custom and pre-made reports for sales, inventory, taxes, etc.
  • Merge reporting data with popular Shopify apps
  • Filter, sort, and send data results via email, FTP, Gsheets, GDrive
  • Integrations with 20+ apps for marketing, finances, fulfillment, etc
  • Multi-store friendly: unified reports for your stores across languages/regions

Report Pundit also offers a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs, including a free plan for online stores with 999 orders or less, a Basic Shopify plan for $9/month, a Shopify plan for $19/month, and an Advanced plan for $35/month.

The app has been very well-liked by its users. Based on 1,183 reviews, it has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars overall. Users have praised the Shopify analytics app for its helpful support team and the ability to create custom reports quickly. Overall, Report Pundit is a valuable app for any Shopify store owner looking to gain insights into their store’s performance.

Fantastic Shopify analytics app. There are currently so many built-in reports, plus the option to create your own. The CS is really helpful and responsive when I have queries about how to construct a specific report. This software has all the features I need and is exactly what I was hoping for!

Since the beginning, I’ve used Report Pundit because the reporting capabilities of Shopify are lacking. Fantastic customization and quick problem-solving are two features of the online chat service. We utilize report pundit across two different locations, and the report scheduling has greatly reduced the amount of labor we have to do. Excellent value for us.

Profitario – Profit Analytics

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 11 Shopify’s Profitario app analyzes your online store’s profitability. This Shopify analytics app offers a free plan for a 14-day trial with further fees. 4.8 stars – 65 reviews. Saritra has been developing Shopify apps for three years.

Profitario integrates with Facebook Ads, AliExpress, Google Analytics, PayPal, Google Ads, and Google Adwords to track your store’s finances. Its user-friendly UI and automated profit reporting save time.

Three Shopify app pricing options:

  • FREE: With VAT Manager, Shipping Cost Manager, and Product Cost Manager, this plan is free to install but restricted to 100 monthly orders.
  • BASIC: $20/month, $0.2 each order over 300. This subscription includes all free services, unlimited Shopify stores, analytics integration, and dispute integrations.
  • PRO: $50/month, limitless orders, integrations, and shops. This package includes everything from the basic plan plus shipping cost integrations, parallel AliExpress uploads, no upload delay.

The Shopify analytics app’s user-friendliness and customer service have been lauded. List exports and comprehensive analysis have been recommended for the app. Profitario is a terrific app for confidently growing a business.

Reasonably simple to use, and if you contact customer care online, they respond fast and are quite helpful. good tools, lots of alternatives

Overall user-friendly and decent interface. Could use some additional functionality, like list exports and in-depth analysis

Segments —Profitable Audiences

The 12 Best Shopify Analytics Apps in 2023 12

Segments: Shopify app Profitable Audiences lets businesses maximize customer data. This analytics app helps businesses of all sizes develop a data-native brand and streamline marketing with easy KPIs and 35+ pre-built consumer segments. Tresl Inc., a team of former LinkedIn data scientists, designed the app’s user-friendly interface for generating custom segments and exploring customer journey maps.

Segments: Profitable Audiences costs $79/month with a free 14-day trial. Large data exports may incur additional fees. Four pricing tiers offer different features.

The Shopify app Segments: Profitable Audiences has 53 5-star reviews. Customers like the app’s comprehensive consumer, product data, and seamless Facebook.

The Shopify app integrates with Klaviyo, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Postscript, Tiktok, and Attentive. Tresl Inc.’s data science team provides top-notch customer service. Visit Tresl Inc.’s website or call for help with Segments: Profitable Audiences.

Segments amazes. Working for a startup with limited resources, this software has given me deep consumer and product insights that I would need a business intelligence staff for. Tresl’s customer success team provides app support and data/segment suggestions. Shopify store owners should use this Shopify analytics app!

Useful and simple to personalize the reports you require! The team was excellent in providing clear instructions and responses to questions.

Conclusion about Shopify Analytics App

The world of Shopify analytics is vast and ever-evolving. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect Shopify analytics app for your business. However, the 12 apps we’ve highlighted in this article are some of the best on the market in 2023, and each offers unique features to help you better understand your customers. From Segments’ automated logic to Plerdy’s heatmap capabilities, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. Remember, before committing to a paid plan, you can always try Plerdy for free. Happy analyzing!

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