How to Set Up Events in Google Analytics?


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Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, I will show you how to set up Google Analytics Events.

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Conversion tracking helps businesses better understand the value of their website and online marketing campaigns. With conversion tracking, you will know where the purchase (or any other data point) originated from, which helps determine the quality of the source.

To set up conversion tracking, you may use Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. Those tools are free. However, the setup process is quite complicated. With Google Analytics, you will need a webmaster’s help, who will add custom “on click” code snippets to specific A-tags or buttons on your website. With Google Tag Manager, you don’t need to add anything to the code. However, you will have to create a container, tag, trigger in GTM, and send this information to Google Analytics. This is a more time-consuming and quite a difficult task for junior specialists.

With Plerdy, you can set up events completely by yourself in a couple of minutes.

To do so, open your account, go to Conversions / Set up goals/events.

Here on the right, you will see a detailed step by step instructions with screenshots so that you won’t be lost for sure:)

First thing we will have to do is open our website, find a button, an element we wanna track, right click on it and select “Inspect.” Look for a class or ID of this element. Remember that the class or ID should be unique for this element because if another button has the same class, the click will be summed, and you won’t be able to differentiate and check how many of them were on each of the buttons.

When we have a class or ID, we go back to our Plerdy account, create a new conversion, give it a name and paste the class or ID in the required format.

Then put a tick here to send those events to your Google Analytics account. And that’s it!

However, the simplicity of the setup process in Plerdy is not the only advantage.

When setting up the conversions directly via Google Analytics or GTM, they will start tracking the conversions only after it is completed. So you won’t be able to see if there were any conversions like this achieved previously. With Plerdy, you will be able to see the retrospective and check the conversions from the previous periods.

So that’s what the events set up the process. Hope the video was helpful!

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