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If you are interested in a course in google analytics, you are just in the right place. With the help of our course, you will learn all you need to know. We’ll tell you everything about setting up, fundamentals, and all the stages of using Google Analytics. In addition, you will learn lots of valuable information about your customers. Finally, having analyzed it, you will get better results. Here is a short content of what you will learn in our GA UA Basic course:

  1. Universal Analytics Setup.
  2. Implementation/Verification.
  3. Destination goal.
  4. Duration/pages per session.
  5. Code implementation.
  6. GTM implementation.
  7. Plerdy event implementation.
  8. Standard remarketing in UA.
  9. Reporting.

And here are what you get having chosen the GA4 course:

  1. Setup.
  2. Implementation.
  3. Events.
  4. Audience.
  5. Reporting.

There are many courses like this, so we have decided to make an overview.

Top Free Google Analytics Courses from Google

Google Analytics Academy offers several courses for people with different skills, so you will choose the right option here. In addition, we have prepared a more detailed overview of each course to google analytics offers.

Course 1. Google Analytics for Beginners


10 Best Google Analytics Course - 001

With the help of this google analytics video course, you will learn everything you need to know about account creation, tracking code placement, and setting up data filters. The focus here is on the interface and reports. You will also be taught how to work with labels and summaries. Moreover, this analytics course google will help you understand traffic sources and set goals. Campaign tracking is included as well. There are four chapters and seventeen lessons in total.

Course 2. Advanced Google Analytics

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 002

In this course in google analytics, you will learn more about the system: how it collects data, etc. You will get to know how to utilize custom metrics, how to track events, and more. Advanced techniques will open to you as well. Those are custom reports, segmentation, and channel reports. Traffic analysis is the focus here. There are four chapters and eighteen lessons in total.

Course 3. Google Analytics for Power Users

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 003

In this course with instructor Krista Seiden, you will learn advanced Analytics ways to improve your platform’s content and adjust your marketing strategy. Here are what you will learn.

  1. Analyze audience.
  2. Choose top traffic sources.
  3. Customize channels.
  4. Identify top content on your site.

The course consists of 23 lectures.

Course 4. Getting Started With Google Analytics 360

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 004

Here you will learn how to utilize Google Analytics 360 functions. In addition, you will look at additional features: custom sequences, summary reporting, complete reports, and more. There are four chapters and 22 lectures.

Top Paid Google Analytics Courses

All the previously described courses are free. For those looking for more, we have selected several paid ones.

Course 5. Ultimate Google Analytics course + 50 practical examples 

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 005

With the help of this analytics course, google, you will learn the following:

  1. Principles of tool’s operation.
  2. How to make the right data decisions.
  3. Which reports are important.

One hundred questions will help you to practice your skills. Moreover, there are 50 practical examples. This google analytics certified course costs 17,99$. The speaker is Pavel Brecik. Here are what reviews say:

George Williams: “I am a beginner in analytics. It introduced me to the topics very well.”

Oliver Miller: “Excellent course and highly recommended. I have used GA for some time but have stuck to the basic reports, so this gave me a more in-depth view of what GA can do. “

Course 6. Google Analytics for Marketing – Boost Sales & Lower Costs

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 006

There are two speakers here: Joe Parys and Nikolai Warner. This google analytics video course is a perfect solution for beginners eager to learn the tool. Here are what you will learn here:

It is not a full list of things you are guaranteed to learn. Discount price is 16,99$. The full one is about $85. Here are some user opinions.

Mary Hernandez: “A good course for those who want to get a quick rundown of how Google analytics work.”

Ember Wilson: “Insightful, quick, and relatable.”

Course 7. Google Analytics for Beginners – Zero to Hero

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 007

The author of the course is Anil Batra. It consists of 20 lectures, which include:

  • An overview of the tool.
  • Setting up.
  • Work with reports.
  • Views, configuring goals, tracking.

The cost is about $18 at a discount. The full price is $90. Here are the users’ opinions:

Hazel White: “When I began this course, I had zero knowledge of what google analytics was. This is a good start for beginners like me!”

John Harris: “Had a great time. Very clear and precise.”

Course 8. Google Analytics Training

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 008

It is another google analytics training course from ClickMinded. Chris Prahl is the instructor. Here are the components of the course:

  1. Understanding analytics within the context of your business.
  2. Demystifying Google Analytics.
  3. Mapping the tool to your business.
  4. Setting up.
  5. Extracting insights from reports.
  6. Tracking tutorials and more.

There are three tariffs to choose from: $997, $1,997, $4,997. Here are several reviews:

Ewan Brown: “I’ve done a lot of different digital marketing training, but ClickMinded is in the top tier of my favorites.”

Ashton Moore: “There was no assumed knowledge. The course made sure to explain things in detail”.

Course 9. Become Great at Google Analytics (CXL)

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 009

CXL optimization agency offers another solution worth your attention. This course is for beginners, and they promise to make you a pro. There are four sections:

  1. Getting to know the tool.
  2. Getting started.
  3. Understanding traffic.
  4. Understanding results.

There are three tariffs; the prices start from $140. Chris Mercer is a lecturer. The reviews say the following:

Johann Lee: “Accessible and practical.”

Sebastian Clark: “I watched the entire course five times! It’s great!”

Top Free Google Analytics Courses

We have already looked at free courses from Google, but there are other options.

Course 10. Google Analytics YouTube Channel

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 010

There is a YouTube channel from Google where you can find many helpful materials on the topic. They are well-structured in playlists, so it is convenient to learn this way. There are different speakers.

Course 11. Tools – Google Analytics

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 011

With the help of this course, you will learn the following:

  • Google Analytics.
  • Segmentation.
  • Campaign tracking.
  • Analytics intelligence.
  • Website tracking.

It consists of eight lessons (7 hours). In the end, you get a completion certificate.

Course 12. MeasureSchool YouTube Channel

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 012

On the MeasureSchool channel, users can greatly deepen their knowledge of the topic. In addition, there is an impressive selection of thematic videos with different speakers. Both tutorials and helpful tips can be found there.

Course 13. Getting Started in Google Analytics

The lecturer of this course is Carma Baughman. Similar to the courses we have described, this one offers the following:

  • Setting up analytics.
  • Understanding how to tool organizes data.
  • Interpreting different report types.

This project lasts for an hour. Here are the opinions:

Luna Sanchez: “Very well designed and executed!”

Hugo Ramirez: “It is really helpful and knowledgeable for those who want to learn new things and skills in the field of Data Analytics.”

Course 14. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Essential Training

10 Best Google Analytics Course - 013

You can enjoy this training free of charge for a month. You will be taught the following:

  1. Setting up.
  2. Fundamentals.
  3. Intro to the interface and reports.
  4. Filtering and segmenting data and more.

Corey Koberg is the lecturer. Here are the reviews:

Michelle Carter: “It gives a good general view.”

Aria Smith: “It was an exceptional experience.”

Conclusion about Google Analytics Courses

As you can see, there are lots of solutions worth your attention. So choose one (or several) and boost your skills and knowledge!

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