13 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

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Each modern web developer should learn the crucial rules and conditions. Determination of the customer’s requirements and understanding website performance indicators are obligatory. Depending on the high popularity of CMS, such as WordPress, the use of various Google Analytics plugins for WordPress may simplify the development. They represent the following essential parameters:

  • Pageviews. Get detailed information about the number of pages looked through by the users.
  • Bounce rate. Detect if objective flaws influence the users leaving your website after making the first click.
  • Pages during the session. Such an indicator shows if internal links are necessary to represent more content.
  • Social overview. It shows the number of users with social networks involved.
  • Benchmarking. You can outline a website’s positive and negative characteristics compared with the others (depending on the chosen filters).

Such plugins help learn the essential facts about the performance. Therefore, when the problems appear, it is easily solved.

13 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Here, you can find the list of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress and learn the primary qualities that confirm their practicality. Each online instrument is unique and may help create different web products.


Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-01

The plugin’s founder is Syed Balkhi. He developed an efficient instrument that provides universal tracking, page-level statistics, SEO ranking reports, affiliate ads, link tracking, etc. There are more than 3,000,000 installs, making it a high-demanded and helpful product. The cost is $99/year for the Plus, $199/year for pro, and $399/year for the Agency package. The instrument suits the store owners, bloggers, developers, etc. The customers leave positive feedback about their experience.

“It is easy to insert the code of Google ID and keep it while choosing another theme” – Steve Gliebe.


Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-02

It is one more instrument created by Syed Balkhi. Exact metrics provide an appropriate setup of Google Analytics, informative insights of the targeted audience, and reveal new possibilities for marketing. The custom dimensions for categories, tags, and searches are an efficient function of the plugin. It can be bought at the same prices as the previous functional set for MonsterInsights.

“It is the best plugin to install on your WP site” – Daniel Monaghan, Founder of Experienced.


Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-03

Muhammad Adhan, CEO of WPBrigade, founded the Google Analytics WordPress plugin. The instrument is for multilanguage and can be used by developers worldwide. The primary functions of the plugin are the following:

  • Ecommerce tracking for digital downloads.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • SEO-friendly and helps improve the relevance.

The price is $59-299 yearly for different subscription variations. The users are generally satisfied with the result.

“The integrations with Google Analytics perform excellently” – Devin Walker.

The Plugin by Conversios.io

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-04

Conversios.io is the founder of an instrument that helps build up innovative websites. It provides the optimization of shopping behavior tracking, Google Ads linking, dynamic remarketing, etc. The starter pack can be downloaded for free, but several functions are downloaded with the paid version. The price for the more extended instruments is $19-49 annually.

Google Analytics by 10Web

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-05

10Web WordPress Google Analytics plugin is capable of the following optimization procedures:

  • Front-end reports and Ecommerce tracking.
  • Alerts and notifications.
  • CSV Export and Email.

The number of downloads is more than 350,000. The plugin costs $85-150 for different instrument and function bundles (the subscription is annual).

“Super hosting and a great tool for beginners” – Antonia C.

GA Google Analytics

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-06

It is the plugin created by Jeff Starr, CEO at Plugin Planet. The following features confirm the efficiency of the instrument:

  • Adding a Custom Markup.
  • The free tracking.
  • Keep the latest Google code safe.

These functions are available in the Google Analytics WordPress plugin for free, but the pro version has more of them (the subscription costs $15-120 yearly for different conditions).

WP Google Analytics Events

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-07

It is a product of WPFlow. It provides the necessary functions for creating an efficient website and optimizing it. They include:

  • Link tracking.
  • Bounce control.
  • Scroll and click search.
  • YouTube integration.

The price for the plugin is $79-199 yearly (you can add more websites and use an extended instrument package with a pro version.)

“Very quick and simple to use” – Kevin Barham.

Site Kit by Google

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-08

It is the official instrument of the company, which provides highly efficient functions. The primary of them are the following:

The plugin can be added for free and has more than 1,000,000 active users.

“This is the best way to connect GA” – James Osborne.

Lara’s Google Analytics

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-09

XtraOrbit developed a WordPress Google Analytics plugin, which helps improve various characteristics at the primary stages. The most objective is domain and hosting activation, proper network infrastructure, and personal account management. The plugin is optimized for WordPress, Joomla & Drupal. The price is $1.99/monthly for the basic plan and $3.99/monthly for the pro.

Analytics Cat

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-10

The plugin created by Fatcat Apps allows the implementation of crucial characteristics. It helps to keep the Google Analytics code secure from other users. It also helps to add the code to the WordPress site easily. You can add the plugin by pasting the script into your theme or the header/footer of the plugin. The price is $59-169 yearly.

“The products and customer services of Fatcat Apps are so stellar that I went ahead and bought everything” – Norianne Browder.

Better Google Analytics

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-11

Digital Point created the Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It has plenty of functions in its arsenal, and the most necessary of them are the following:

  • Link attribution.
  • File downloads.
  • Video engagement.
  • Anonymize IPs.

The plugin can be downloaded for free. The last update was provided in the previous year, adding a more extended functional set.

Google Analytics by Share This

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-12

ShareThis is the company that developed one of the best 100% free Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It represents the following parameters:

  • Visitor Trends.
  • Traffic sources.
  • Demographic information.

There is also round-the-clock support which may help if any inconveniences occur while using the tool.

Google Analyticator

Google Analytics WordPress Plugin-13

The plugin was created by SumoMe, which has plenty of tools to develop efficient websites. The plugin has more than 3 million users and provides the following functions:

  • Support universal and traditional analytics.
  • Event tracking with the outbound links.
  • Represent visitor statistics.

Google Analyticator can be added for free and includes all the necessary functions to optimize the website’s essential parameters.

To Sum Up

Overall, Google Analytics WordPress plugins can help develop the websites and introduce modern characteristics. You can choose the necessary plugins depending on the specificity of the industry and use them to improve your project.

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