What Report Indicates Where Users Start or Exit the Conversion Funnel?

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The Google Flow report in Google Analytics can help you research how users go through the conversion funnel. For example, by setting up goals, you can detect:

  • >Where users enter the conversion funnel. Use the Google Flow report to see whether users start navigating your website as you planned or jump in the middle of the conversion funnel.
  • Unexpected exits in the middle of the conversion funnel. See when users leave never to reach your goal.
  • Places where traffic loops back. Check out the Google Flow report to see where in the funnel users decide to go back.
  • The segment of traffic with unusual activity. Clarify why users act differently at a specific point to nudge them in the right direction if necessary.

These findings should help you understand whether the created conversion funnel steps are reasonable and well-connected. Based on user exits, you will also detect the weak spots and encourage users to reach the necessary goal in another way.

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