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All online stores need good traffic. If you have just started an active SEO, you need fast traffic that allows earning at once. Google Shopping allows reaching this goal and attracting customers from social media and marketplaces if you have a proper strategy. Products are demonstrated with the photo, description, and price in Google’s Merchant top search results.

In short, Google Shopping is one of the contemporary Merchant advertising methods where the ad appears on the top search results. The advantage of this Merchant advertising method is that it contains images and prices. This attracts users as they see the main conditions, compare the prices and choose the online store with the most suitable conditions.

Ample manual Google Merchant Center

GMC is a Merchant service that allows telling millions of users about products. If you sign up there, the information about goods will also be shown in product ads on various Google platforms.

This type of Merchant advertising allows showing banners informing prospects about products. Google Ads takes all necessary information from the data feed and shows products by keywords based on this feed.

Main advantages of Google Shopping campaigns:

  • in the ad the user sees the item name, price, and appearance;
  • data on the price and availability are updated all the time. This allows saving money on Merchant advertising.

For whom this Google Merchant advertising type is the most suitable one:

  • stores that regularly update their product range;
  • stores with a wide product range where it is difficult to create a description for every product;
  • stores often change prices for goods or organize regular promo campaigns and bargain-sales.

Sign up on Google Merchant

On the Merchant account sign-up page enter the name of company, country, and timezone.


In the “Company name” field, state the well-known store name you wish to advertise, not the legal name. These data will be used in the ad.

Accept the terms of use.


This article deals with sales ads, so select “Sales ads” for the Shopping campaign.


On the following steps, check whether you have entered the correct data and create the account.

Google Merchant service review

General information about your account

It is the Merchant service homepage. It contains the Merchant service news and notifications so as the information on the pending tasks, products, feeds and ad clicks;



The section contains information on product feeds and allows selecting the method of adding products on the initial setup stages:

  • add the products one-by-one manually;
  • upload the prepared product feed;


After loading the product feed the section shows the feed amount by three points:

  • Diagnostics: errors of products, the feed, and the account;
  • All products: list of products with details on every item + click stats for the last 30 days.



Here you can find:

  • API link
  • access to the account
  • related accounts including the tie with Google Ads and e-commerce platforms
  • automatic improvements
  • SFTP, FTP, and Google Cloud Storage: methods to send the data to the servers.


Further connection of Merchant Center with Google Ads should be set up

  • if the same e-mail is used for Google Ads and Merchant, the accounts will be tied automatically otherwise you will need to enter Google Ads interface and set up the integration manually;


Sign in to the existing Google Ads account and confirm the integration request.


Preparation and creation of the product data feed

A feed is a file with the information with the offered product. That is where the platform takes information about the products for publishing the ad;

This file includes information on products in special attributes. E.g., the product name is stated in the title attribute, the product description — in the description, the price in the price. Official documentation.

The feed for the Merchant Shopping campaign can have several formats:

  • TXT — text format;
  • XML — text document with .xml extension
  • GZ — Gnu zip, compressed text or XML format
  • BZ2 — Bzip2, compressed text or XML format

Feeds can be created in different ways: using Google Sheets, API from a file, or the CMS of the website.


For making advertising efficient and attract as many customers as possible, you need to create the data feed and set up the company shopping properly. Besides that, you need to check how the website does comply with the Google Merchant Center requirements.

Article by:
CEO Andrew Chornyy

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