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When decorating your house, you make sure that it is tidy and clean and that all details belong. Then, you add your favorite wall ornaments and paintings and choose comfortable furniture. All these elements eventually make up your home; without them, you would get just four bare walls to live in. Similarly, if you take all useful content, images, and contact details away from your website’s home page, you’ll end up with a plain, purposeless web page.

Of course, visual aesthetics are not the only factor influencing user conversion rates. However, it functions as a bridge that draws the clients to the website and makes them want to linger there. It is important to note that modern creative design should be simple and intuitive, with smartly located call-to-action images and wisely configured popups. People will not choose you unless you give them a chance to do so. In this article, we will discuss where to find examples of the best UI websites, UX web design, and best search interfaces.

Why should your website mockup be creative and up-to-date?

The template outlining the structure of a website is normally referred to as a mockup. It gives you direct guidelines on navigating your website and prompts you to locate the most important elements. The visitors will stay on your website if you choose a convenient mockup allowing them to find all the important information easily and intuitively. If the information on the home page is arranged illogically, the design is too loud or too bland, while the page takes too much time to load, the users are very likely to leave the resource immediately.

User behavior significantly depends on the website mockup. An elaborate and trendy design can attract users to your website and increase conversion rates. In this light, it would be wise to invest more time into developing a perfect mockup rather than losing potential clients that would not spend another minute on a badly designed website.

A well-thought-out home page is the face of your company. The design of the landing page really matters to your first-time visitors and makes them decide whether the website is worth staying on. So, the creative mockup is the ultimate bait for the users, encouraging them to get familiar with the website.

However, it’s not that easy to find the daily source of inspiration if you have to produce something new and captivating regularly. In this case, a web designer could get some insights from the most popular and effective websites which have become trendsetters and inspirational gurus in web design. As you might know, a good example is the best teacher, and in this article, we offer an overview of the 27 best websites for web design ideas.

Inspiration for UI UX Web Designer


web design inspiration 1

It is the best place for webdesign inspiration. AWWWARDS website has been designed to acknowledge the talent and efforts of the world’s best web designers, developers, and agencies. The resource offers a list of websites with strikingly beautiful UI, thus giving credit to the best players in the web design industry. Here you can find only website design of high quality. Moreover, the authors of the award-winning projects receive special prizes. Updates and new blog posts appear regularly on the website, so they will surely come in handy for all web designers who are constantly searching for inspiration.


web design inspiration 3

At Dribble, you can find the most imaginative website design you have ever seen. Dribbble – is a platform for exchanging experience, receiving feedback from other professionals, and getting inspiration. It has a wide collection of works contributed by web designers, photographers, and other authors. It is not easy to get one’s works published on the website because it requires an access code from designers whose portfolios are already presented there. Such an approach allows selecting only the quality works. The best examples for design inspiration are displayed right on the home page.


web design inspiration 5

This site is full of web design inspirations. Like many other designers, the founder of Mobbing was desperately searching for sources of inspiration among thousands of trite mockups. For this reason, he decided to create a website listing 170 applications and 1000 mockups from all over the world. Thus, in addition to finding a selection of the best design solutions, you will be able to get useful ideas for realizing your own goals. Agency website inspiration was never so accessible as with Mobbing.


web design inspiration 6

Flickr also helps to get design inspo. Flickr hosts various videos and images that would fit any taste and purpose.  Many UI designers use this resource to store and exchange photos. At the same time, the resource is growing and developing. The blog features the latest news from the world of web design and strikingly beautiful design insights, so it’s definitely worth subscribing to.


web design inspiration 8

SiteInspire – is a great platform for web designers and developers. Here you will find the best examples of UI, interactive design, website design creative, and so on. You can also use convenient filters to sort the content by style or type. All websites are carefully selected so that you could get only the best ones, but you can also suggest the resources you consider valuable. If you want to get new website layout ideas, use this website.

99designs’ Discover

web design inspiration 9

This is the right place to look for web design inspiration. 99designs ‘Discover website has gathered thousands of talented designers worldwide and even more examples of outstanding website design. That’s why this is a great platform both for beginners and advanced web designers. Moreover, it has a convenient search function, which will help you find exactly what you need to realize your design ideas. If you need examples of innovative website design, you need 99designs.


web design inspiration 10

Finding inspiration for realizing eCommerce projects is easier than ever before. Ecomm.design project, which has gathered around 2,500 best websites in this field, is at your service. They are sorted by platform, categories, traffic, and technologies. You will be able to find useful ideas as soon as you open the home page. Best website builder ideas for eCommerce are on Ecomm.design.


web design inspiration 15

CollectUI is an independent platform offering sources of inspiration for creating the most efficient UI. This resource is based on Dribbble and uses its images only to comment on a particular work or contact the author. Therefore, you will be redirected to that website. Nevertheless, the blog and collections of images on CollectUI are updated daily, and the website has an army of its own fans.

Smashing Magazine

web design inspiration 17

Smashing Magazine – is a cool resource for UX designers and those who want to upgrade their skills. It offers articles, ebooks, conference programs, and even vacancies for designers. это отличное место для UX-дизайнеров и тех, кто хочет расширить свои навыки. With its regularly updated news, a great selection of works, and sources of inspiration, you will be able to boost your design and development skills and find the right balance between beauty and efficiency.

Mockplus blog

web design inspiration 18

Mockplus blog aims to improve the tools helping to create mockups for UX/UI designers, web application developers, managers, and owners of online projects. A team of experienced professionals works on it, coming up with useful news and web design tools, which will turn your ideas into real and usable products.


web design inspiration 21

Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms for working with images and videos. Many users, including web designers, discover new ideas, look for inspiration, and develop their professional skills. The home page will immediately show you the topics you may be interested in, but you can always add or replace them. You can also interact with other users in comments and direct messages.


web design inspiration 24

This website is a multipurpose platform with a great gallery of UX design resources and other useful content. The news on Medium is updated several times a day, so you will always find something interesting to read. All articles in the blog are dedicated to web design and the latest tendencies in this field.

Best Website Gallery

web design inspiration 27

This website has been gathering the most beautiful websites since 2008. It was founded by a designer and developer named David, who decided to do the best visual works. The gallery of this website can become a source of inspiration for new projects or help you understand what makes the work of a web designer unique.


web design inspiration 30

Abduzeedo – is a community of professionals who write news articles about design, photography, and user experience. It started as a personal blog, but today it has gathered professionals from every corner of the planet who work independently from each other and deliver a great lot of useful content. This is definitely one of the most popular blogs about design.

Interaction Design Foundation

web design inspiration 31

IDF website is the entire organization dedicated to interactive design. Their motto tells the audience their intention to give everyone a chance to receive a high-quality education in web design. They have gathered a great collection of UX and interactive design works. Thus, this resource is invaluable for those who would like to study and develop their skills.

The Great Discontent

web design inspiration 32

TGD is an online journal and a printed source, which offers many interesting interviews with modern artists, photographers, designers, and other professionals. It’s focused on inspiration, creativity, and understanding of art. Apart from the blog, TGD also makes films and develops a range of other inspiring projects. This website is definitely worth a visit.

Template Monster

web design inspiration 34

Yes, this is an online store, which is a rather unusual resource for boosting your creativity. Nevertheless, this website showcases a really good structure and emphasizes the best practices. To get inspired, apply filters and study the content structure and design templates. This experience will definitely come in handy when you realize your own projects.

The Best Designs

web design inspiration 38

The Best Designs has become one of the most popular news sources for designers who want inspiration without any extra effort. A great function “Design of the Day” allows the subscribers to receive updates on the latest content and allows communicating with the leading designers. A perfect place for those who value clarity and simplicity.


web design inspiration 40

ResponsiveDesign.is – is a great source for web design inspiration, where you can also see how a certain website will be displayed on various devices, including tablets and smartphones. In the blog, you will find many useful recommendations on design and development and strategic content. Moreover, responsive design.is has its own podcast. Although the number of works presented on the website is comparatively low, it is worth visiting.

Mobile App UI UX Design Inspiration


web design inspiration 41

Snapseed – is an interesting mobile application for iOS and Android, which allows you to edit photos. If you like to take pictures with your phone, you will definitely like this app as it offers a wide range of features, being rather simple and intuitive at the same time. Moreover, its minimalistic design is also very attractive.


web design inspiration 51

It could seem that Lifesum is just another application dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, but it has a really outstanding design. All such applications ought to be like that. The colors on the screen are combined attractively. There are several simple and beautiful pages with a bright background, which looks balanced and user-friendly.  The app is available both for iOS and Android.


web design inspiration 52

Headspace is a mobile application specifically designed for more productive meditation. It can help you to relieve stress, relax, and concentrate. Owing to the beautiful design and useful features, this application has gained a great popularity. It UI design is very attractive and easy to navigate. The app is available both for iOS and Android.

iA Writer

web design inspiration 53

This mobile app designed to make notes in iOS and Android has made its way into our shortlist due to its popularity and aesthetically pleasing design. iA Writer is rather minimalistic, but the typography is outstanding. Among various web applications, one can hardly find one that would handle both tasks equally well as there is not enough space on the phone screen. Furthermore, you can choose between the light and dark color scheme, both of which are well balanced.


web design inspiration 55

With the application called HotelTonight you will be able to book a hotel room whenever you need.  We have added it to our list because of its sophisticated design, especially its dark theme with a great combo of black and purple. The product sells well, and it is really popular, and its design is one of the keys to success so that you can give you some valuable insights. The app is available both for iOS and Android.

Day One Journal

web design inspiration 48

Day One Journal – is a platform for your personal journal. This app for iOS and Android appeared several years ago, but it is constantly developing and becomes smarter and more useful. Its UX design is really outstanding. The user can identify their location and calculate the speed with which they move. One can also save a track that was playing at a particular moment. Such web resources can become excellent sources of inspiration for web designers.


web design inspiration 49

This mobile application is designed for payment operations. It can boast of its stunning UI design combining simplicity, elegance, clarity, and readable fonts. Monotonous colors and well-thought-out typography is a great solution for such applications. Please note that it is available both for iOS and Android.


web design inspiration 50

Keezy – is a mobile app for the iOS platform, which will help you have some fun with friends or kids. It is a musical game with an absolutely simple UI. This simplicity creates great UX as you do not need to get distracted by some random elements on the screen but play and have fun instead. It would be a great idea for designers to make more apps with such a simple interface.


We live in the digital world where a business can hardly live without a unique company website. It is the website design that can eventually become the main attraction for potential clients. For this, web designers are constantly learning and studying the user experience to develop the most effective solutions. Unfortunately, the knowledge itself is not enough, and web designers, developers, and marketing specialists may need some inspiration. We hope that with the help of our list, they will find it easily.

Websites included in our list can help you kick start your work on new ideas, considering the latest tendencies. All of them are different, so everyone will be able to find what they need.

Apart from that, we have offered a list of 10 mobile applications with the best UI, which can be used as examples for inspiration. As building an efficient and, at the same time, a beautiful web application is not an easy task, come up with a simple and functional solution, which will be available both for iOS and Android rather than trying to achieve the ultimate originality.


Where to get web design inspiration?

Inspiration for design could be found basically everywhere. Still, the most effective way to get inspired in web design is to discover unconventional ways of creating websites by just looking at top-level competitors.

What are the free web design inspiration sites?

As you might know, the best example is a good teacher, so in our article we offer an overview of 27 best websites for web design ideas.

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