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Website optimization is the action of doing stepwise and targeted modification relying on different strategies to strengthen the effectiveness of a website. This way, business representatives can bring into life their marketing strategies more efficiently and faster.

Website optimizer software facilitates the realization of SEO tactics. In addition, the special-purpose tools allow owners of e-commerce and other websites to undertake faster and more in-depth audits and research.

Plerdy is a combination of useful functions for the comprehensive growth of conversion and SEO analysis. This is the top-ranking website optimizer software focused on UX improvement, boosting conversions and higher SERPs.

Website Heatmap Software

Heatmaps of clicks are a group of web-based tools for monitoring users staying on a site. Skilled marketers, UX, and SEO specialists accent such tools to record clicks, mouse cursors, and other engagement with the website.

A heatmap helps:

  1. Identify reasons for low conversion.
  2. Find out design errors that cause low conversion.
  3. Prove content with a scrolling map.
  4. Define the efficient placement of hyperlinks.
  5. Investigate the effectiveness of pop-up windows.
  6. Reduce the rejection process.
  7. Review the chain of clicks.
  8. Evaluate cursor pointing to site objects to figure out the interest.

Around six months ago, Krebobank, the largest bank in Western Ukraine, enlisted the Plerdy website optimizer software for its SEO and marketing strategy. Usability check with heatmaps showed how suitable and modern the site is for clients. The recommendations for further website improvements are based on Plerdy’s insights (SPAs recorded data, clicks on the dynamic elements, etc.).

One more spectacular example is an Ukrposhta case study. The website optimizer tool analysis of heatmaps and cursor moves demonstrated that users poorly interact with some buttons (do not click some of them). For better user-friendliness and higher conversions, it was recommended to add highlight bars or other marking signs that the link is active.

Session Replay Software

User session recordings are a Plerdy function that allows website owners and web marketers to observe the real-time behavior of users.  You are looking at your website from the eyes of potential customers to appreciate its ease of use and quality.

The sessions’ analysis will help strengthen the user experience, encourage visitors to perform the target action, and stimulate conversion. The great advantage is that session recordings collect data from all site variations, both mobile and PC.

The significant detail of the website for users is the ease of use. Whenever a customer gets frustrated with links, complex shapes, or too many navigation elements, you will probably never see it again.

Andréas H considers Plerdy “a conversion suite with many tails.” In his review, he underlines that, instead of offering a niche software, a complete analysis based on SEO optimizer and UX analysis tools.

Conversion Funnel Analysis 

Funnel analysis presented in website optimizer software is essential for growing conversion and defining the unique purposes required for conversion growth. The audit shows all the weak spots, so-called drop-offs. Therefore, the conversion funnel analysis is the way to maximize traffic and profits.

Website optimizer software registers the interaction of leads with on-page elements and allows seeing where the clients get out of the site, what stages they ignore, and decide how to eliminate the negative factors. It is important to attract customers and raise e-commerce sales.

Event and Goal Monitoring

Event and goal monitoring is required to track certain user actions and interactions on a website. In contrast to other analytical software, Plerdy’s tool:

  • monitoring page views;
  • tracking events;
  • analyzing other on-page elements;
  • class or item ID configurations for the events;
  • synchronization of all registered events with Google Analytics.

IN HIS REVIEW, Alexandro L, Pharmaceutic, stresses that Plerdy is an amazing suite that can cover many aspects of searching for a perfect site. To his mind, this website optimizer software has many options to delve deeply into the interface analysis, whether people convert to links or not.

Alexandro finds repetition sessions and website heatmap software surprising, as they provide an opportunity to keep track of real users’ behavior on different pages and find design errors or well-prepared parts.

E-commerce Sales Performance

Sales performance reports will be useful for understanding which block, element, CTA on the website influenced sales most of all. Among the key features of Plerdy’s optimizer software in the context of sales performance are:

  • segmentation of users for sales funnel and website improvements;
  • detection of the low-selling and top-selling on-page elements;
  • analysis of the main e-commerce indicators according to the different periods.

Analyze your online store sales performance successfully with the help of the Sales Performance set of options.

Pop-Up Forms Software

Pop-up forms are the option to quickly set the display of pop-ups on the website pages without the help of programmers and designers. Intelligent pop-up forms can be effective in making website users into regular readers and faithful clients.

Pop-up windows are a robust method to support visitors in navigation through the pages and capture as many visitors as possible.

Cristian T, executive art director, started using Plerdy’s tools to improve the UX of an e-commerce site, improve conversions, and understand where users were finding difficulties.

SEO Checker

Following the search engine rules is an important factor in the achievement of a site. SEO Checker by Plerdy monitors the on-page options and gives recommendations about optimization for higher SERPs.

This website optimizer software scans any web page for technical errors and challenges that may affect ratings in search engines. After adding tracking code to the site, SEO Checker automatically collects data for analysis from pages with traffic. This is a keyword planner and UX auditing tool in the context of search engine optimization at once.

For example, the Plerdy SEO audit of the TemplateMonster online shop of the web templates showed that in less than 1 minute, it is possible to detect critical and minor SEO errors that affect the quality and efficiency of the website promotion in general.

John B, the founder, considers the SEO checker and Plerdy’s website optimizer software as a whole to be great tools and provide an instant overview of user devices over time.

Website SEO Checker

Website SEO Checker examines the quality of internal optimization of your and the competitor’s site. Ranking highly on search engine results pages is crucial to the success of your website. Search engine optimization focuses on achieving higher rankings organically.

You can monitor where your website is placed in SERPs with the help of the Plerdy website optimizer software. You will be able to make all the changes necessary for your website. Business representatives can count on accurate ranking forecasts and targeting keyword lists for the niche concerning the competitors.

Final Word

Optimizing your website for search engines is a powerful way to invite more targeted traffic to your site. The optimizer software is created to support website owners in their management and raise websites’ relevance, transparency, and effectiveness.

The all-in-one, Plerdy’s optimizer tool, guarantees more efficient time management and gets better indicators due to website funnel optimization, raises augmented average income per user, reduces percentage discontinuation ratio together with churn rate, and boosts client retention rate.

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